Everest 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ramesh threatening Arjun and asking him to do anything, choice is his. Arjun gets teary eyed. The team calls him and he goes ahead. Ramesh gets Sakshi’s call and says what a surprise, I was thinking about you, how are you and kids. She says same, who are you. He says fine, are you at dad’s place. She says yes, you know my dad can take care of me and my kids, he does not need you, but you committed that you will send money to me, and its more than two months, whats going on. He says what, I gave clear instructions to bank to send you money every month, I will talk to them. She says I will call later. He asks about kids. She says your son doesn’t want to be related to you, but your daughter asks a lot about you. He gets lad and asks really, can I talk to her.

She gives the phone to her daughter, and Ramesh talks to her. She asks does she like the dress he has sent her. She says no, I don’t like it now, I have grown up. He says yes, I have habit to forget. She says so silly Papa. He says yes, I m a silly Papa, I miss you. She asks why don’t you stay with us like before. He says we will be together, I promise, I m out for some work, I will take you all to old home once I come back.

A man comes from hospital to meet Shikha and talks to Seema. Seema says she is resting. The man says the cheque bounced. Seema says you check again, you can’t blame us. Shikha comes out of the room and asks is everything fine. Seema tells everything about cheque bounce. The man says sorry to trouble you. Shikha asks how can this happen. Seema says they are saying the account does not have money. Shikha says but company gave that cheque to Akash. The man says Century corp is the company, and they have some issues, all the cheques bounced given by them. Shikha asks what to do now. The man says the amount is big, sorry to say, but If you don’t pay soon, we will do legal proceedings. The team proceeds having a talk. Anjali laughs on Akash’s joke. Abhiyankar tries connecting to Nasir.

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Nasir asks Abhiyankar can he listen to him, he needs help. Nasir gives hope to his team and tries to keep them well giving them oxygen and water. Chris loses hope and goes out of the small cave, while Nasir calls him. Akash and Anjali have a talk about her marriage. He says your dad made next week’s plan and you can’t do anything against him. She says I hope Papa understand why did this.

The media comes to take interview of Jagat. Sarita argues with him and asks why did he not tell her that Vidhaan has broken the marriage. He says its over. She says don’t treat me and Anjali like army men, we are your family. Sarita cries and says she got habitual to him, but she won’t let this happen with Anjali, she has hopes from us, you are her father, whom she loves the most, change your ways before her eyes opens and she knows you don’t deserve her love. She says you will be much hurt and it will be very late.

Maithili sees Anjali’s news and smiles. She gets Vidhaan’s call and asks did he see the news about Anjali. He says Anjali is just amazing. She says yes, I think your engagement is postponed again. He asks shall we meet. She says I can’t meet, you are marrying Anjali. He says I m not marrying Anjali, I told Jagat uncle that I can’t do this. She is shocked.

Abhiyankar shouts seeing the avalanche. The team runs and get under the stormy snow. Anjali calls for help.

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