Everest 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Akash showing Pulva’s statement to Anjali. He says he is hiding something. He says things are stolen at night, it means yeti has sense that he waits for everyone to sleep, and goes to place where there is no one, and maybe he has someone. Anjali asks does he have partner. Akash says if I hide at night and record the base camp, and wait for Yeti, is it good plan. She says bad plan, if its really yeti and dangerous then. He says I will shout and everyone will come, we will catch it. She says don’t be silly, and you will freeze on cold. He says he has to solve yeti mystery, else Nasir’s sherpas will go back and can’t do summit, so he is worried, we have to do this for him.

Anjali says lets tell Abhiyankar or someone. He says no, its good if few people know. She says I will come along. He says no, you see from tent, its better. Akash records, and someone hits on his head. Anjali comes out of her tent and is shocked seeing Akash fallen on the ground. She calls everyone. They all come and ask what happened. They bring water and sprinkle on his face. Anjali asks him is he fine. Akash says yes. They take him to medical tent. Dr. Balan checks Akash and says wound is not deep, I will give some painkillers.

Arjun gives the camera and asks him to check. Akash says fine, and says sorry to everyone. Nasir asks is he fine. Akash says yes, thanks. Abhiyankar asks what was he doing outside at night, and even Anjali. Anjali says no. Akash says I made the plan to know yeti’s truth. Chand says what, you were catching yeti. Akash says I wanted to shoot by camera, as someone is acting, I wanted to show truth. Anjali says she was keeping eye from her tent and I slept. Akash says he heard some sound and someone hit him. Abhiyankar says how can he trap a devil. Akash says we are not sure. Abhiyankar asks why did he not tell him. Arjun says it was not a good plan.

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Abhiyankar says your life is my responsibility and I will not say yes, you both have disappointed me, what was the need to take this risk. Nasir says for saving my expedition. Abhiyankar asks them to sleep now. Anjali asks can I stay here till Akash sleeps. Dr. Balan says fine, I will be back in half an hour. Pulva scares everyone about yeti, and Nasir’s team says they will go back. Akash tells Anjali that if he turned early, he would have found. She says I m sorry, I fell asleep. Akash says I did not give up, I will find out. She says no, its risky. He says we are missing something, and they see the recording. She sees some jewelry fallen on the ground. Akash says you are genius and hugs her. He says he will go. She stops him.

He says this is the chance to catch that yeti, that’s our proof. She says do you realize if anything happens to you, Dr. Balan will come, he will tell Colonel. He says fine, I will wait, you call Arjun here. She asks why. He says its not easy to find anything. She says fine, take rest and leaves. Dr. Balan comes to Akash and asks not sleeping yet. Akash, Arjun and Anjali look for the clue. Anjali gets it. Akash says I saw this bracelet before. Arjun asks whats the problem, we will go and throw this on his face infront of everyone. Akash says no, he will say he lost it, we want solid proof. Arjun asks what solid proof.

He says he will beat him and this is the solution. Akash says we can find stolen things. Arjun says how will we find it, lets beat him, he will take us. Akash says we have to find it tonight, else Nasir will be going tomorrow morning. Akash falls and luckily finds the cave where he gets all the stolen things. He tells Arjun and Anjali. They see Raghu’s tent things and others.

Nasir and everyone question the culprit. Seema Maasi talks to Akash on phone and tells Akash that she hates him. Everyone hide and see someone. Rina comes in as broadcast expert and Arjun is stunned seeing her. Abhiyankar scolds Akash and Anjali.

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