Everest 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar pacifying Tara that its fine if they can’t have children. He makes her smile, and says he has accepted it. He says we can adopt a child. She says what when I can’t give him love as my own child. He says you will be best mother, we will make that child our child. He holds her hand and smiles. He talks to Chand, and asks does Tara and I don’t love you. Chand says you and Tara Di has given me lot which even parents can’t give, you got me to your home from orphan kids camp, else don’t know where would I be, you came in my life when I needed you. Chand recalls Tara who as more tan is on mum.

Tara teaches him Maths and asks him to study by heart. Chand says my mum died. Tara says I know I m not your mum, I don’t have a child, you become my son and I will become your mum, we will live for each other. She hugs him promising and calling him son. Chand says her death will be wound for me forever, you and Tara are my family. Abhiyankar asks did you think about me, I lost her and how could I live losing you. Chand says sorry, I could not think anything, everyone’s lives were at stake, you would also have done this. Sam contacts Abhiyankar and gives the bad weather report, a storm is there at Geneva spur, its deadly.

Abhiyankar says its fine. He tells the team what Sam told. He says we have to go very fast, the risk is much more. He says we should trust ourselves and team, If we fail, its death. Seema asks Shikha why did she not tell her that she called lawyer to make will. The lawyer comes and says he made all the papers, whose name to put. Shikha says Akash Joshi.

She says whatever I have, I want to make it on Akash’s name. Seema asks her to think. Shikha says no need to tell me, I know what and why am I doing this, make the papers on Akash’s name. Seema says I won’t let this happen, don’t know what magic he did, please give us more time to think. He says fine, tell me the decision on phone. He leaves. Seema says I know you miss Gaurav a lot, but you can’t fill his place with Akash, he can’t take his place, don’t get emotional, be strong. Shikha cries. Abhiyankar sees the foggy mountains. Rina takes interview of Lisa, who tells about experienced climbers who crossed Khumbu, what Anjali did is a great thing, as she did not have experience, she has created a record.

She says she left after rescue team, and she met the team in less time, her speed matches the best ones. She says it proves what a girl can do. Rina ends the recording, and says they made Arjun superhero image. Lisa says yes, he feels he can trap any girl. Rina says we can’t tell this about all males. She says Arjun is nice, he is not so bad, as people think. Lisa asks why is she defending Arjun, does she know him. Siddharth smiles.

The team proceeds. Arjun contacts Ramesh. He says everyone heard you. Ramesh says you ruined my image, century corp has decided to cover Anjali’s bravery, she crossed Khumbu alone and saves rescue team. Arjun says she was lucky. Ramesh says she is more famous than you now. Ramesh says if you want media focus to come back on you, there is one way to reach Everest peak. Arjun says nothing can happen no, this mission is over, lets do this next year, I will get the serpage for you. Ramesh says no, it will happen in this year, anyone else can reach the serpage. Arjun says the weather is bad, if I can’t reach, I can die, what will you do. Ramesh threatens him that he will tell media about his real identity. He says I will tell the whole world on tv about your real image.

Ramesh threatens Arjun. Sarita argues with Jagat. Anjali says I hope Papa will understand whatever I did and why.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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