Everest 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar telling he can’t go ahead, as he has some internal injuries, he should have gone with Arjun, but he had to come here. He says he will not go ahead. Anjali says its fine, we will go back. Abhiyankar says you are not going back, I m making Chand the leader, he will take you the summit. He says the weather is fine, I will go camp 4 and be in touch. He says I can call for help. Anjali hugs him and cries. He says I m sorry, I could keep up my promise. He says I could not support you till the peak, forgive me, but your dad is the most lucky dad of the world, I know he has known this now.

He tells Akash that fear is in mind, kick it out. He says he will contact Ramesh, he won’t be happy. Ramesh asks Sam how can Abhiyankar come back. Sam says he has internal bleeding,

he can’t go ahead. He says Chand is incharge now, he will make Akash and Anjali do the summit. Ramesh says whats this, what if Chand comes back. Sam says Sherpas are more smart than expedition leaders. Ramesh says then I would have taken any Sherpa than Abhiyankar. Sam says you don’t have any choice now.

Chand says we will still do it, and asks them to focus on goal. Akash asks about Ramesh’s reaction. Chand says he would have shouted. Anjali laughs. Chand asks them to have water as they are leaving in 5mins. Ramesh recalls Arjun, his uncle, Sam and his mission to get the sarpech. He goes to tell Sam and says he will decide what will Colonel do, connect to him. Rina says she wants to talk to him. Sam leaves.

Rina says about Colonel, if he chose Chand, then they can trust him. This mission is not just his, but Colonel’s reputation is also at stake. She says you want the sarpech, no matter who makes Akash reach it, they will reach in sometime. He thinks he should tell Akash about the sarpech and thanks her. Chand takes Akash and Anjali ahead. Chand asks Akash not to see down as the depth is of 11000 feet. Akash says lets rest before climbing.

Ramesh talks to Akash and says he wants to talk to him in private. He takes the updates and says about the sarpech. She says the king and queen’s story, and the kind having the sarpech in his turban and he was lost in his queen’s love, when he died, then queen kept the sarpech close to king’s heart, at everest peak. He says I want you to bring it for me, this is your mission. He says I m giving money to you for this, I want my sarpech, all the best. Akash says that sarpech is someone else’s, souvenir of someone’s love, its not yours. Ramesh says they have left it, if anyone take it, how does it matter.

Akash says the queen wanted the sarpech to be on everest peak. Ramesh says let me tell you, I sponsored this mission for sarpech, it its robbery, I m the thief, you are just doing the work, and offers him 5 crores. He says about Shikha’s heart surgery and he paid the bills, money makes everything simple, think about it.

Akash and Anjali move ahead towards the peak. Akash falls and Anjali shouts Akash.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Just 6 more episodes and the serial gets over. Sad about it.

  2. It wil b difficult for them to wrap up d story in just 6 days!
    I wil mis the show!

  3. thankz for the update.

  4. I am realy going to miss the show. thanx for the update.

  5. Seriously… I miss Anjali and Akash a lot… she is been my biggest inspiration… Thanks to EVEREST team…

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