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The Episode starts with Akash trying to express his feelings to Anjali. He says if I was to die today, I mean that moment shows the life fast forward in one sec. He says he will explode if he does not tell now, he wants to tell her, she can slap him or push him in valley. He says you saved me and you have full right. She says stop, don’t say me that. He asks why, just hear it once, its one line. She says no, its not simple, if you say once, it will be out. He says I want it out. She says no, something is better if not said. She says will things change, we will go our ways after mission and get tied in our lives. If you say now, I will hear, but whats the use if its going to be incomplete, no one can change the fact that I m getting married. He says atleast hear me once. She says I heard it, no need to say, I have seen it in your eyes. Akash smiles and says now you have seen everything in my eyes, then I won’t say. She thanks him.

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Vikram asks Vidhaan how did he decide without asking him. Vidhaan says its about my life. Vikram says Jagat is my friend, I gave him my word. Vidhaan says I spoke to him. Vikram scolds him. They can’t ruin anyone’s respect like this. He says whats wrong to know someone before marriage, and new generation has problem with old one, this will go on. Vikram says people can know each other after marriage. Vijaya says yes. Vidhaan says Anjali and I are different, I met her and I strongly feel we don’t have any connection between us. Vidhaan says Anjali is nice and anyone would marry her, but we are not made for each other, this is wrong. My heart says this should not happen.

He says we are risking two lives by this, I have to end this here. The door bell rings. Vikram goes to see, and its Jagat. They have tea and talk. Vikram apologizes to him about Vidhaan. He says nothing will change and he can hear the same from Vidhaan. Jagat says I respect our friendship. I trust you completely, but I have a different reason to come here. Vidhaan greets Jagat and says forgive me, I did not think it will affect many lives, I spoke to my parents and they made me realize the commitment, and I can’t hurt your respect.

Jagat says but this will be wrong. Vidhaan says forget what I told before, and if Anjali does not have objection, I m ready to marry. Vikram smiles. Jagat says glad to hear this, but I don’t want our children to go through this. Vikram asks what. Jagat says I m saying whats right for Anjali, now I know whats in his heart and I can’t make my daughter marry him. Vikram says Vidhaan did mistake. Jagat says no, I respect him for letting this thoughts known to us, Vidhaan is a nice guy, I know him since childhood, there might be something that he refused to marry. Honesty way is tough and not everyone can walk on it, it needs courage to say no, I m happy that you heard your heart in time, else it would have been late.

Jagat says you would have ruined two lives. Sam says our rescue team is proceeding and he fears about the latest update they got. He says we have to stop him. Vijaya asks Jagat to see whats coming on tv. They see Rina telling about Anjali, who saved seven lives, in rescue mission, and Ramesh praises Anjali a lot. He says even I have a daughter, I want her to get all the chances a guy can get, if daughters can get a chance by this sponsorship, I will be happy, my company will support you in every way, it started with Anjali’s dream, her dream was to conquer Everest, I will do my best to support her dream. They see the people praising Anjali, and shows about the team members.

Few discussions happen on tv about Anjali, and everyone praise her, calling her an inspiration. They remove the baising between guys and girls, and says mental strength is imp than physical strength, Anjali Rawat is a true winner. Vikram says Jagat your daughter became a celebrating. Jagat feels glad. Abhiyankar recalls Tara. Tara was upset as she could not become a mum.

Abhiyankar says we can adopt kids. She says what if I could not give him love, and meets Chand, and loves him as her son. Abhiyankar says I can’t lose you Chand. Ramesh tells Arjun that he will tell the world about his real identity. Arjun gets worried.

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