Everest 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Jagat asking Anjali to come back and he will forgive her. She asks why, for completing your dream. He says for lying to me, and making fun of you and me. He says I don’t know how you reached there, but I know what will happen next. He scolds her. She asks you think I can’t do anything. He says you can’t do this, its not easy to do Everest summit. She says no, I m a girl and don’t have any sense. He says I did not say this, don’t argue, you are coming back, right now. He ends the call. Anjali cries. Jagat tells Sarita that Anjali can’t do this. Sarita says give her one chance to prove you wrong. Anjali comes in dining mess tent, recalls everyone’s words and throws the chair in anger. She says its my life Papa, I will live it my way.

She calls Jagat while he is leaving for office. He asks who is this. She says Papa, Anjali. He says I was waiting for your call, did you get your senses right, when are you coming back. She says yes, I got my senses right, I have to talk to you and you have to listen, I came here to win your love and fulfill your incomplete dream, but I changed walking this way, my thinking changed, I fell in love with this journey and Everest is now my dream, not yours. She says she has to find herself and know her abilities, she wants to prove she can do anything if she wants, Mount Everest is now my dream, I will not come back without doing it. I will be happy and proud of myself, I will not come from midway, no matter what anyone do anything. She says thanks for everything, and ends the call. Jagat gets angry.

Akash sees Anjali upset and goes to talk to her. He asks is everything fine. She says yes. He says whats wrong with me, I talked to you directly. She says its ok. He says no, its not ok, you have become my friend and its very imp to me, which I can’t lose. She says nothing will happen to our friendship, its imp for me too. He says so can you forget everything. She asks what happened yesterday, and smiles. He says if anyone knows you, it can’t happen that the person don’t love you, but its not your ,mistake its my problem and I will deal with it. He says Gaurav said there are two hearts, one to love and one to break, we should use both.

He asks her to come and talk to Nasir. She says I saw Yeti’s dream. He jokes and they smile. Nasir talks to everyone about Yeti. Pulva talks about yeti and Anjali questions him. Akash records his statements. He asks Akash to shut the camera. Akash asks him to see him, and not camera. He asks what did he see that night. Pulva says he saw Yeti and was scared to see him. Akash says but you said you saw it from far. Pulva says I don’t lie, I saw it was yeti. Akash says I m not saying I don’t trust you, I m just trying to know. He asks did he see his face. Pulva says yes, I saw it. Akash says you mean yeti is real. No one is trying to joke or scare us. Pulva says he is real, he is not scaring us, we are scaring him, he is saving his home.

Nasir says he won’t tell us more, but we should solve this soon, as my team wants to go back, someone is saying yeti is bad luck. I can’t believe it. He leaves. Akash tells Anjali that he feels something is fishy here, or maybe I m doubting everyone. She says even my dad does not trust anyone so easily. He asks is she missing them. She says not now, Papa called me asking me to come back home, he does not think I m do Everest summit, I will surely fail. She says I will become his failure again. He says if he was not your dad, I would have used such language that he would be included in yeti, you are the only one who can do this, you are honest and good, that even Everest will love you. She looks at him.

Akash tells Anjali that they have to solve yeti mystery. Akash records it. Someone hits n his head and he faints. Anjali gets some clue and they see someone in a dark cave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Love u anjali n akash

  2. Good episode

  3. oh again yeti? i think anjali will find out the real truth behind yeti.

  4. next episode surely will be mysterious

  5. it was agreat episode I loved the way how Anjali said to her father about her dream to climb

  6. I could not watch yesterday’s episode can someone pls tell me that what is aakash asking anjali to forget…y is he sorry??

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