Everest 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Akash saying I m lucky that Shikha Maa haas forgiven me, because of whom her son died. Anjali says Akash and wills to hold his hand, and backs off. Shikha Maa asks Meera to see one more sweater from shelve. Seema asks what is she doing. Shikha says its Gaurav’s clothes and reminds her. She says I m thinking to send this to Akash, its very cold there. Seema sends Meera and argues with Shikha about Akash. She says he took away Gaurav, will he take away his memories too, can you forget Gaurav. Shikha says I have his memories in my heart and its not small that someone else can’t get place. Seema says but Akash is his murderer. Shikha says no, he is Gaurav’s friend and my son, he gave respect and love to me like his mum, after his parents died, don’t say anything, Akash is not my blood, but not less than my blood. She says I m not ready to hear anything against Akash from you.

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Rina says so we spoke to Arjun who shared his base camp experiences with us. They are asked to have food as its ready. Rina says lets leave setup here. Siddharth leaves. Rina tells Arjun that we will make some small bites about your training. Arjun says fine. Rina says you said it right, that we don’t know each other, as I don’t know this Arjun, I wanted to meet you to get some answers, how stupid was I, the old Arjun does not exist anymore. He says Rina… She says don’t take my name, I was 21 years old, loved you, trusted you that I believed your every lie, your love and promises were lie, I waited on train station for hours, and excitement, hope, prayers and then sadness, I even tried to bribe Lord to send you, then I got broken. She says I realized how it feels if heart breaks, that Rina died and even that Arjun whom I was finding.

She says that Arjun lived in my heart and died, and that Arjun was thief and criminal, but he has honesty, this Arjun is rich and you are liar. She says I have a dream, that you die. Arjun cries. Rina leaves. Sam sees some systems and says this is impossible. Lisa asks is everything fine. Sam says its strange, I noted some readings and its changed, how can weather patterns change so soon. She asks what does this mean. Sam talks to Abhiyankar and says climbing season will end in two weeks. Abhiyankar says it means we have to cancel schedule. Sam says not really, the next seven days are clear, you can prepone. Abhiyankar says it will be tough. Sam says if you wait, it will be more tough to move faster. Abhiyankar asks about weather changes, is he sure. Sam says you have to be sure, with whom will you take second opinion. Abhiyankar asks when should we leave according to you. Sam says very soon.

Abhiyankar calls for Chand. Ramesh looks on and smiles. The holy people pray for the team’s success and everyone take blessings from them. The man tells Arjun that they never say wrong, ask them to go to Everest or not. Arjun says lets see, and they all greet them. Arjun asks them to go or not. The holy man asks him not to go, which makes Arjun tensed. Ramesh asks Arjun to come back, its fine. Ramesh asks are they serious, we have best team, this is science and tech times, and is this 18th century, these are stories. Tashi says everyone believes in Lama, and he is always right.

Ramesh says can’t we replace Tashi and his team. Abhiyankar says its not Tashi, Sherpas has their beliefs, we have to decide whether to do expedition or not. Ramesh says if the thing is possible in mind, then everything is possible, I m sure they believe Lama, but I trust more on my team, tell me am I wrong. Arjun says no, you are right. Anjali says we have to do Everest summit. Abhiyankar asks Chand. Chand agrees. Abhiyankar says we will not stop, and get alert, work as perfect team, no risk and carelessness. They cheer to Mission Everest. Sherpas are worried, and they have to go with them as its their duty.

Jagat sees the news and Rina’s update from Everest base camp. Rina says Arjun and his team are leaving in two days, its decided by weather changes. Sarita smiles. Anjali says I will summit Everest, I will die trying, but till you accept me, I won’t accept failure. Sherpas are worried by unlucky things.

Jagat requests Abhiyankar not to take Anjali with him. Shikha sees Gaurav smiling. Ramesh tells Arjun that he wrote his name on serpage. Arjun says if he comes back, he will wait for Rina to forgive him.

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