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The Episode starts with everyone celebrating in a farewell party at NIM. Some students click a pic with Abhiyankar. Ramesh stops him and asks him to join for a drink. Abhiyankar says thanks, you carry on. Ramesh asks what will he have to change his decision. Abhiyankar says nothing. Ramesh asks him where is he going in his party. Abhiyankar says he wants to be alone, and if he stays here, the students can’t fully enjoy. He leaves. Anjali sees Abhiyankar leaving and goes to meet him. She tells the guard that she has to talk something important and waits. She meets Abhiyankar. He says reaching the Everest peak is extraordinary struggle and achievement, my answer is yes, you can do it. You are physically fit and mentally calm, you don’t lose control, I will do any help I can. She thanks him.

She says I don’t know what to say, I know I will need money, I have 5 lakhs from scholarship, but how to arrange rest. He says he knows some sponsors and they will fund her, he is sure she will get chance after few years. She says but… He says this things takes time, sponsors will meet you and make sure are you deserving or not, you are young, not out of time. She says she does not have time, her dad wants her to marry, and she did not tell him the complete truth. She says this is not her dream, this is her dad’s dream, which he could not fulfill, he thinks it can’t be fulfilled as he does not have a son, and a daughter can’t be equal to a son. She says her dad is army officer, and was wounded in Kargil war.

She says he will be always a hero for her, she always wanted to become like her dad and did everything to make him happy, she felt he loves her, but three months ago, she came to know her dad regards her the biggest mistake of his life, as she is a daughter. Abhiyankar is stunned. She says so she made this her dream to fulfill his dream, she does not want to go Everest, but go in her dad’s heart, she wants to write Brigadier Jagat Singh Rawat’s name on the highest peak of the world, as his daughter Anjali Singh Rawat, not as someone’s wife, she wants to be the reason of his happiness, I m sure when I will stand on Everest peak, he will be happy man. She says he will smile from heart when she raises the flag on Everest peak. She cries and says she does not have much time. She says its her small dream.

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Abhiyankar thinks about his wife Tara, who wanted to stand with him on Everest peak, as he is happy man on the Everest, she wants to become a part of his happiness. Anjali says maybe this dream will be just a dream. She thanks him for teaching her and she will never forget it. She leaves. Abhiyankar sees Tara’s pic and says if you were here, you would have made me help this girl. Anjali comes back in the party. Siraj asks where is Akash. He asks her to enjoy the party. She says no, you guys enjoy.

Abhiyankar calls Ramesh and thanks him for coming. He says something happened that he has to accept his offer. Ramesh says that’s great news and hugs him thankfully. Abhiyankar says he has a condition. Ramesh says anything you say, Mission Everest will be fulfilled now. Abhiyankar says its not easy, Everest teaches you to love life. Ramesh says wow and claps. He says now I know how you did the summit 6 times. Abhiyankar tells the factors and luck being one. Ramesh says luck is with me, so you are ready. He asks what is his condition. Abhiyankar says you will sponsor one more climber, and I guarantee about her. He says I know its big investment, but it will benefit you.

Ramesh says I m sure she is very talented, as he is ready to lead Everest expedition. Abhiyanker tells about Anjali. Ramesh thanks him and says Arjun will be happily mad knowing this. Abhiyankar asks Gopal to call Anjali. Gopal asks Anjali to go as Abhiyankar is calling her. She asks why. He says he did not say me, I will do and ask. She smiles and says she will miss him. Girish says even Arjun is called. Arjun asks why. Gopal says this is their problem, always questions. Arjun and Anjali go to meet Abhiyankar. Ramesh says I won’t have to worry with you on board. Ramesh gives good news to Arjun that Colonel Abhiyankar will lead the Everest expedition. Arjun thanks Abhiyankar and says its great news.

Abhiyankar says a great news for Anjali too, as she will be coming with us, Ramesh will sponsor her. She thanks him and Ramesh. She says she has no words. Ramesh says its fine, thank Abhiyankar as he did all this. He says he is ready on this condition that Anjali will be part of our team. Anjali cries. Abhiyankar asks is she ready. She says yes. Akash tells the doctor that he is not ready, he needs time to arrange money. The doctor says we don’t have much time, the delay will increase risk. Akash says he will arrange money and thinks about Shikha Maa. She asks the bus driver to stop and gets down.

Akash comes back to NIM and asks Gopal about Ramesh. Gopal says he went to hotel and will come in morning, and asks where did he go. Akash says I will tell later and asks about Anjali. He meets Anjali and tells about Shikha Maa. He says I need money for her operation. He says he used to be afraid to go home after his parents’ death, when Shikha Maa knew this, she used to send Gaurav and call me home, I have been with her for 8 years. He says he has to save her. She says Shikha Maa will be fine. They go to their rooms.

Akash tells Ramesh that he is ready, and Ramesh does not believe him. Anjali tells Abhiyankar that she will not break his trust. He says he is sure of it. Anjali comes home and hugs Sarita. Arjun asks Ramesh to hire Akash back as they need him.

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