Everest 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ramesh praising Anjali on tv interview with Rina and tells about Anjali going on rescue mission and she is one of the best climbers, he just sees the best, he does not differentiate between boy and girl. Sarita and Jagat are shocked. Jagat says I told Sam to send her home, call him right now. She says I m trying. Sam calls Jagat and Jagat scolds him for sending Anjali there. Sam says listen to me once. Jagat says I m her father, how did you send her. Sam says e are not responsible for this, she went without informing anyone, it was her decision, what could we do, she left before, else we would have stopped her knowing it, we tried contacting her, and she did not reply.

Jagat says its much wrong. Sam says it saved 7 people’s lives. Jagat asks what. Sam says I spoke to Colonel, he told if Anjali did not come, the rescue team would have died. She has saved all of them without anyone’s help, even I m a father and I understand you are hurt, but you should be proud knowing this. Jagat is stunned. Akash asks Anjali why did she not answer to base camp. Anjali says I did not want anyone to change my decision. Akash says if anything happened to you. Anjali says if anything happened to you. I m feeling sad for Nima, I did not think we can lose anyone from the team. He says we were hurt to leave him there, this is his home.

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Anjali says when I saw him for the last time, his face was peaceful. She tells him about her marriage once she returns home. She says Vidhaan knows I m here. Arjun looks at them. Tashi says we felt you are good climber and you have shown extraordinary courage today, you crossed Khumbu alone, you are climbing for the first time. Akash says its her army blood and takes her pics. Arjun says the result would have been anything, you could have died. Akash says whatever you did, we all are alive today, and more three lives will be added tomorrow. They salute her.

Anjali laughs and says lets go now. Ramesh tries to make Anjali’s success go to Century corp. He says Anjali can forget her dream, but we won’t let her forget it. He says make people emotional. He says everyone should have our company and Anjali’s names, use the funds we have. Rina records the news bits and says about Anjali saving the rescue team. Shikha sees the news. Seema also takes interest. Shikha smiles seeing her. Shikha says Anjali has saved my Akash’s life, and prays for their safety.

Jagat says Anjali was supposed to come back, but she went against everyone, its your mistake, she does not respect elders. Sarita says you don’t see what she wants, her dreams, whats right for her, and the truth is you did not understand your daughter, you don’t know her, if you knew, then you would have understood her that she has a heart of gold, she can’t hurt anyone, especially her father. She cries. Abhiyankar talks to Sam and says he has to save Nasir and reach there on time. They can lose hope if we get late. He tries contacting Nasir.

Anjali says I m sorry, I did not intend to disrespect you, I did what I was taught. He says I know, a teacher is known by his student. She asks did he not select her in rescue team as she is girl. He says your dad ordered me to send you back home. She says sorry. He says I also felt you are girl, and this does not exist in today’s world. She says my dad is also such, he says something and has other meaning, my friends tell me to talk to my dad, and no one understands him, I know he is good by heart, I did this so that I don’t regret in life, imagine, after 20 years, if I think I could have done this… Abhiyankar says yes, Tara used to say this, she used to convince me for everything saying this, she is gone now.

Akash asks where did he meet her. Abhiyankar says we were in college and tells about their love story. He says she used to say why to regret for anything in life. Akash looks at Anjali. He thinks about talking to Shikha Maa. Shikha missed Gaurav and regrets for losing a son, and her second son is far from her, she can’t stay like this. Akash says we are not going anywhere. She says I know, but life does not have guarantee. She cries and talks about Anjali. She says if we could not meet, atleast I can be happy that I spoke to you. Abhiyankar says come. Akash stops Anjali and says he has to tell her something. She asks about what. He says about us

Vikram scolds Vidhaan. Vidhaan agrees to marry if Anjali does not have objection. They hear Ramesh’s interview about Anjali. Jagat says he will not let Anjali marry Vidhaan. Anjali stops Akash from saying anything.

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