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The Episode starts with Abhiyankar asking Akash and Anjali to increase their stamina, focus on breathing, oxygen is less here. Arjun does well. Arjun asks Chand how did he do. Chand says really good, its your third day and you are doing great, I did not see anyone doing this, you made a record. Arjun says I was thinking to talk to Abhiyankar, I want to go without oxygen cylinders. Ramesh hears this. Chand asks how will you do this. Arjun says I will do this. Ramesh talks to Abhiyankar and says Arjun is really good, he is overconfident, he is saying he will do summit without oxygen cylinders, he is insane, I don’t want any risk, Arjun is mad to think this, this can’t happen, do anything, talk to him. Abhiyankar says I won’t let him do this. Ramesh thanks him. Abhiyankar says not for your mission,

but I don’t think he is ready to climb without oxygen. Ramesh says all I want is he refuses.

Arjun asks Abhiyankar to ask Chand about him. Abhiyankar says I know you are ready, but you need different training for it. He says its not a game, mission is successful when team members come back alive and safe. I can’t permit you to do this, I can’t put your life in risk, that’s an order. Arjun reminds him that he is India’s best mountaineer, and he needs a bigger challenge. Abhiyankar says Everest summit in a big challenge. Arjun says now I k now why Sam hates you, you can’t see anyone going ahead of you, I will take my career decisions, I won’t give this right to you. He leaves.

Akash talks to Anjali and says he wants to say something, I….. Anjali says when Papa saw the news on tv, he shouted on mum, and Vidhaan called him, when he said I told him before, he got quiet. Akash asks who is Vidhaan. She says Vikram uncle’s son, Papa likes him a lot, he has fixed my marriage with Vidhaan. Akash is shocked. She says Vidhaan postponed the engagement date and helped me, he is very nice person. Akash says he will be good, as he likes you. He starts moving back and says Vidhaan is lucky as you like him. He says all the best and turns to leave. He goes to his tent. Anjali gets upset.

Maithili is with her friends. She gets two ice teas and says she ordered just one. The guy says I ordered one. He says no, I can’t take it back. She asks why will I have two. Vidhaan meets her at the café and I will have it. Maithili introduces Vidhaan and her friends leave. He asks is she missing Anjali. She says yes, I miss her, so I see her on tv at home. He says yes, she is doing great. She says she inspired me and I started training to wake up early. He laughs. She says its tough for me, I go park and jog in morning. He says hats off to you. She says thanks. They have the ice tea and say so good. They laugh. She says whenever I come here, I have this ice tea else… he says kulfi house matki kulfi. She says yes. He says if we go for dinner, we won’t have problem to order. She smiles.

Maithili and Vidhaan try to know each other. She tells about Anjali and her bunking school to watch a movie. She asks him about his training. Ramesh recalls his cousin’s words that he will fail in his mission. He goes to Arjun and asks why is he sitting alone in cold. He says I know you are feeling bad, but Abhiyankar is not saying wrong. Arjun says I have always taken my decisions myself, no one told me anything, no one stopped me, I don’t like it. Ramesh asks is he upset. Arjun says yes, I m tired of living alone and lying, I m tired of hiding the truth, I feel I m running directionless and no one is letting me do what I want.

Ramesh says my work is to make you succeed, that’s all. If you get ruined, it will be my big loss, you can get ruined, fine, do it, but go back and get out of this mission. Arjun says don’t worry, so many things are happening, yeti and all, I was distracted, Nasir comes to them. Ramesh sees him and says blo*dy hell. Arjun says one more lie, one more secret. Ramesh asks him to leave. Nasir greets Ramesh and says he still feels he saw him before. Ramesh says I will take a leave. Nasir recalls. Ramesh jokes and says good night. He leaves. He stops hearing a sound and looks at the mountains. He goes to his tent.

Raghu calls everyone. Abhiyankar hears people shouting to help Raghu, as someone has stolen things from his shop. Everyone come outside and run to Raghu’s shop. Its all broken and messed up. Raghu says he was sleeping in his tent and heard some noises of falling items, I then saw this mess. He says I think yeti did this. Abhiyankar says we can’t say this. Raghu asks then whats it, why will yeti do this. Pulva says yeti will do this. Abhiyankar says we don’t know, don’t spread rumors. They see the footprints again.

Anjali sleeps in her tent. She dreams someone is at her tent. She wakes up and comes out. She says sorry, I saw bad dream. She gets informed that she got a call from Jagat Singh Rawat, Anjali’s dad. She goes to talk to him. Jagat talks to her. She says I m sorry, I wanted to give you surprise and wanted to tell you when I do the summit. Jagat says come back Anjali, I don’t want to talk anything, I will forgive for what you did.

Sarita asks Jagat to give Anjali one chance. Anjali says Akash that they will be friends. Anjali says Jagat that its her dream not to do Everest summit. Akash says if anyone knows you, its not possible if anyone doesn’t love you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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