Everest 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vidhaan praising Anjali. Anjali walks ahead. Ramesh contacts Arjun. Arjun says the weather is very bad, you might know. Ramesh asks is team going ahead. Arjun says yes, to save people. Ramesh says yes, you can summit Everest. Ramesh says you have to do it. Arjun argues and says you won’t care. Abhiyankar talks to Ramesh, and says its rescue mission. You have changed Sam’s systems, I can file criminal case on you. Ramesh says how can you accuse me like that, do you have any proof, why will I do this. Abhiyankar says don’t come in my away ever. Ramesh scolds him and says I invested money. Jagat is stunned and recalls Vidhaan’s words.

A car is about to hit him, and asks is he blind. Jagat walks recalling the words and comes home. Sarita asks where is Vidhaan. She asks what happened, what did he say. Jagat sits silent. Shikha Maa gets restless and recalls Gaurav’s death. She recalls how Seema has beaten Akash and blamed him. Shikha has beaten Akash and hugged him crying. She wakes up and calls Seema. Seema asks what happened, why are you shaking. Shikha asks about Akash. She says she is afraid, switch on the tv. They see Rina’s news bits that rescue team has gone ahead and trying to reach Nasir and his team.

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The team proceeds. Abhiyankar says we should do roping and they move staying connected with each other by ropes. He asks Arjun where is he going. Arjun stands on thin ice and it starts breaking. Chand says don’t move Arjun. Arjun asks then what. Abhiyankar says don’t move, maintain balance, Akash hold the rope. Chand says come slowly. Chand says hold my hand. Arjun falls in the cold waters. They all fall iunsiude, as they are connected. Abhiyankar stands outside, and shouts to protect them. Chand says you can’t pull six people Colonel. They all panic.

Chand takes a cutter and recalls his life given by Abhiyanakar. He was a little child and recalls Abhiyankar and Tara adopting him. She names him Chand and asks him to keep smiling. She says army people can do anything, they will find your family. Chand says my family is dead. He says he lost his family. Tara hugs him and pacifies his tears. He says Tara I m not afraid of death and starts cutting his connecting rope. Arjun asks what is he doing, and informs Colonel that Chand is cutting the rope. Chand says if one gets less, maybe you all can survive. Arjun and Abhiyankar stop Chand. Chand cuts the rope and cries. Everyone ask him not to do so. Anjali comes and says stop Chand, don’t cut it. Chand stops hearing her. Anjali and Abhiyankar try pulling them up. Anjali says I will do something.

Anjali asks Chand to catch the rope and come up. Chand is saved and thanks Anjali for saving all of them. She says if I came late, I would have not forgiven myself. Abhiyankar asks why did she come without asking them. She says you would have not permitted me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow anjali always rockz and my akash so swt

  2. i love you akash .you looking so handsome

  3. Everest is the best serial…. very inspiring.. for girls especially .. there is nothing that cant cant be achieved . All what is required is hard work and some support .

  4. i feel arjun is the son of roongta

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