Everest 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sam saying Abhiyankar did not trust him 10 years before and even today, I don’t care, and I m leaving. Ramesh and Dr. Balan ask him to stop. Sam says people respect me, trust me, I have a status, why should I work where I m not trusted by anyone. He says the man who ruined me once, why will I give him chance to ruin me again. He says I wanted to help you Ramesh/Mr Roongta but I can’t get insulted, I m sorry. Ramesh asks Abhiyankar to apologize to Sam, they have to stop him, I don’t know what happened, but my mission should not fail, just make sure. Arjun asks Chand about Colonel and Khanna’s rivalry. Sam asks Ramesh to ask Abhiyankar everything. Chand says Abhiyankar was better and Sam had to work below him. Sam says we both were mountaineers and Everest was the ultimate dream, we joined same expedition, and Abhiyankar has more experience so he was made the leader.

Chand says Sam was not happy to work under Abhiyankar, he got hurt and doctor treated him, Colonel said its not good to take him further. Sam says then he ordered me to stay back at camp 3, he did not permit to do the summit, I begged him, I shouted, I m fine, its small wound, its no big deal, I was ready to take the risk, but he did not let me go ahead. Chand says nothing is imp than life, Abhiyankar always believed that we can try again if we are alive. Sam says I tried next year and thrice, but I could not do, weather did not support me, then oxygen ended and third time I collapsed, and then I got severe asthma. Anjali says still? Chand says so he could not do Everest summit. Anjali says why does he come here then.

Chand says the people who come near Everest once, can’t go away from it. Sam says I loved Everest, always have, Everest rejected me always and still I love this devil. He says I had interest in meteorology and I became weather expert, specializing in Everest, I could not fulfill my dream, but I started helping others to fulfill their dreams. Chand says Sam still blames Colonel. Sam says I will always blame him, and will never forgive him, not in this life. Ramesh says if you want to win, why are you preparing to lose, whats gone is gone, you can’t change it, but you have the future in hand, you are country’s one of the best weather expert, I know it.

He says you have to decide are you doing this for you or Abhiyankar, as this is not his loss, it will be just my loss, and three young climbers. He asks him to fulfill their dreams, this is your chance. Sam says I understand, but no. Arjun asks Chand what if Ramesh does not convince Sam. Chand says then we have to pack bags and leave. Arjun says great. Chand says we don’t have time to wait for any other weather expert. Arjun asks him to talk to Nasir, if his weather expert can help us. Chand says no, Nasir’s team will go up before us, his weather expert will guide them, he won’t have time. Anjali asks what about us.

Chand comes to know Abhiyankar went to talk to communication tent. They all go there. Sam says I know the way to go back Abhiyankar. He says we won’t look good to shake hands and say bye. Abhiyankar says I did not come to stop you, but I have to tell something, I should have told you this before, I know this is not real reason for you to go back, the real reason is what happened 15 years before, and you still are mistaken. I have never doubted your capabilities, and you know you are perfect in your work, but if you go today, it will be our loss more than you, but Everest is very huge, and our ego is very small, a single man can’t get it, its team efforts, you said yes to become a part of our team, but maybe could not accept it.

He says if you stay today, then don’t stay that Ramesh and I want you to stay, stay if you want to stay yourself by your wish. Ramesh thanks Abhiyankar. Anjali says lets hope for the best. Abhiyankar says we are doing it. They all get glad. Nasir comes to them and says I heard a lot about Abhiyankar. He introduces himself. Arjun says we heard a lot about your five star tent, almost as we heard about Everest. Anjali asks can we see it. Nasir says sure, come on, its my pleasure. Nasir shows the tent. Everyone like it. Arjun says this is actually mindblowing. Nasir asks for a round of pool. Akash says he won’t play. Nasir says its fun to lose again and again and come back in game.

He says Chand knows I failed many times to do Everest summit and still I came here. Arjun says capability is needed more than fate, a well trained and fit mountaineer can win the war with any mountain, I m saying this by my experience. Nasir says experience is what happened before, what did not happen is not experience, if you regard it war, you feel you can win Everest. Nasir talks to Anjali. Chand says I won’t play, Nasir is very clever. Nasir says no, trust me, lets play it simple, we will play 2 ball game, everyone will get a shot. He gets the cues and gives them. Akash wishes all the best to Anjali. They all play the game. Anjali does not play well. Arjun pockets the ball and says Anjali can’t win everytime, who is next. Chand plays average. Arjun aims again.

Anjali says Akash’s problem is he does not know what he can do. He says I m afraid. Jagat says when I give Anjali’s hand to Vidhaan, I can freely breath. Everyone see huge footprints. Chand says its not animal’s sign. Jagat is shocked to see the news that Anjali is part of Everest expedition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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