Everest 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with the team continuing its journey, while in parallel we are shown Anjali reaching the place where Neema’s accident occurred. Arjun asks Aakaash that whether he shot the sequence of the accident…Aakaash asks him that a life is lost and all that matters to him is that footage? Aakaash and Arjun have a heated argument over this. Aakaash leaves by saying that he would have never come here if he knew that there would be tagging of price even for humanity. Arjun feels irritated and kicks some snow.

Khanna gets a call, where his son, Vishal informs him that he has hacked all the network of the base camp. Khanna gets shocked and advises him about the consequences. Vishal assures him that hacking can be ethical and criminal too and he would use it for good only. He says that his system has been hacked with another IP address whose location has been found out in the Mumbai office of Century Cop. He further informs that he had removed that hack code. Khanna then gets to a conclusion after recollecting the series of his encounters with Roongta that the culprit is none other than Roongta himself. He gets furious and goes to Roongta to enquire about the same. Roongta and Khanna have a heated arguement and Roongta trickily escapes from there making some lame excuses and stories. Khanna feels disgusted.

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Shikha Maa is tensely watching the TV and we see that Reena is reporting about the incident. Seema maasi comes and repeats the same dialogues, with full of negativity for Aakaash. Shikha says that Aakaash is like her son. The sisters argue and Seema switches off the TV and leaves. Shikha again switches on the TV.

Anjali just throws her ice axe which is tied to a rope … After two unsuccessful attempts, she successfully brings the ladder and then fixes it. She feels sad for Neema and then starts crossing. While crossing the ladder starts coming off and becomes wobbly. Anjali slips and falls catching the ladder. She shouts loudly. Aakaash hears her voice and says stop. He informs his team the same. They say that didn’t hear anything and start moving again. She gets afraid but slowly she crosses by hanging onto the ladder and at last she throws her ice axe and successfully comes to the other end.

Lisa comes and informs that she had seen every corner of the base camp but Anjali is nowhere seen. She says that is this true that Roongta had seen her? Khanna says that this Roongta is quite tricky and who knows whether he is saying truth or lies. He thinks of reporting this issue to Col. He says that Anjali is a wise girl. If she goes back home, she would surely inform them otherwise if she is here , she may need some time to accept the reality .Lisa says that we can’t rely on because Anjali is quite ambitious. They show Anjali’s photograph.

Khanna is recording the weather and is much tensed. He notices the patterns and records them. He contacts Col. and informs that at Camp 3 there is a cyclone and a heavy snow is also moving with it. Anjali continues her journey and the conversation between the duo is also being heard by her. Khanna says that it is quite dangerous. Col. asks his advice and the time up to which the condition prevails. Khanna says that it is difficult to estimate the lifespan of such cyclones, they can be of few hours or of few days .He advises to not to go forward. Col. says that he would decide something.

Col. once again discusses with the team for the decision whether to move forward or not. Chand says that he is always with him. Jagat asks Vidhaan about the date for in next week for the marriage.

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