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The Episode starts with Jagat and Sarita shopping for Anjali’s marriage. She asks him to see sarees. He says you know I don’t know these things. Maithili comes there. She sees Jagat and is tensed. Jagat sees her and she hides in a fraction of second. He says Sarita, I just saw Maithili. Sarita is shocked. He says yes, even she saw me maybe. She says how can she be here, she will be busy in her marriage preparations in Delhi, you know it. He says yes, but I think it was Mathili. She says she is not there and maybe he has seen anyone else, why will she come here. She shows the sarees. Jagat doubts. Maithili covers up and hides. Her mum comes and sees her hiding. She asks what is she doing here. Maithili says lets leave, we will buy from somewhere else. She says the one who marries you get mad. She says I will buy bangles and sees Sarita.

She says I will greet Sarita and come. Maithili stops her and says we can’t talk to her. She asks why, you both are best friends. Maithili cooks up and says Anjali and I fought, we will not meet now. She takes her and leaves. The team leaves for Kala Pathar. Chand says we will reach in one hour. Abhiyankar says we will practice to walk on crampons and they will do good on ice if they do well now. They all wear crampons. Chand asks them to hurry up. Anjali falls. Abhiyankar asks her to get up. Anjali lags behind. She says she can’t do this, this is tough. Akash says its easy, don’t worry.

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She says you are walking as if its skates. Akash says I will help you, try again. Arjun asks Akash to shoot his. Akash goes. Abhiyankar sees Anjali sitting and says you can do it Anjali, come on. He comes to her. She says I m unable to balance, Akash and Arjun are doing easily, I don’t know why, I can’t. He says as they are guys and walk differently with legs apart, you make balance that way, become guy for some time. She says you said as my dad. He says your dad will know it soon, that lucky people get daughters. She asks if he had a daughter, would he make her a mountaineer. He says I would have made her what she wanted. He says mountains teach us everything, guy and girls, there should be no biasing, I would have become supporting mountain for my daughter,

H gives her hand and makes her walk. She walks like guys and easily does it. He looks on. She says I m walking Sir. Abhiyankar says yes, as you are a girl. She falls and they laugh. They walk many more miles and finally see the Everest peak. Chand says I saw this hundred times and even then my breath stops seeing it, its so beautiful. Arjun asks Akash to click his pic. Akash shoots the Everest. Anjali says we still have to go long. Akash says yes. They all resume walking. Abhiyankar gets nostalgic seeing it and stands alone. Chand says I m very hungry now and says he has have a horse now. They all do black horses sound and laughs. Chand is puzzled.

Arjun asks does he have torch. Akash says its still bright. Arjub says it gets dark here in minutes. It gets dark. Arjun says I know mountains very well, its addiction, it feels like winning a war. Abhiyankar tells about someone who went back to Delhi for his wife’s premature delivery. Ramesh asks why. Abhiyankar says it means we don’t have weather expert and we can’t do this expedition. Ramesh says what do you mean, we can’t go back after coming so far. Abhiyankar says it can’t happen without weatherman’s guidance.

Ramesh says fine, get anyone else, we all are educated people, I will do it, show me systems. Abhiyankar says its specialized job, everyone can’t do it, weather is imp as we can’t control it, weather expert understands it and guides us, Arjun will know this and if weatherman gets mistakes, the mountaineer can lose life, will you take the responsibility. Ramesh says fine, I get it, but we can call anyone else. Abhiyankar says we don’t have time, it will take two weeks, is dangerous for us to stay here. Arjun says you mean we should go back now. Abhiyankar says there is no other way. Anjali gets upset.

Dr. Balan says he has a way, he has a friend, he is leaving for Lukla tomorrow, I will stop him and the problem will be solved. He says he is weather expert. Anjali says this is perfect. Abhiyankar asks his name. Dr. Balan says Sam, he is my old friend since 100 years, I look young though. They laugh. Dr. Balan says he is very good, I will ask him to join us. Ramesh asks him to talk to him. Abhiyankar says I will come along. Ramesh says ask him not to worry for money, we will give what he asks for, I will also come along. Arjun says even I will come, he might have heard about me, it will help. Ramesh asks Akash, Anjali and Chand to come, as he will feel its important for us.

Anjali says Akash that she did not see such a big moon before, isn’t it beautiful. Dr. Balan says Sam knows Abhiyankar. Ramesh asks what did he say. Dr. Balan says he said he is ready to join our team. Ramesh says great news. He says he is coming to meet us, there he is. Abhiyankar says you said Sam. Dr. Balan says yes, Sameer Khanna. Abhiyankar turns.

Dr. Balan introduces Ramesh to Sam. Sarita says no need to do anything, Jagat is calling Anjali back. Maithili is shocked. Sam shouts on Abhiyankar and says he is doing a favor on him by joining his team.

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