Everest 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the team starting their journey from Lukla. Tu hai jahan aasmaan………….plays………….They all go the mountain route and walk together. The mountains are shown. Everyone has a motive to go Everest. Akash and Anjali get together. Akash thinks he is in Himalayas, the world’s highest and dangerous mountains, they look beautiful, they are proud and merciless, they don’t forgive and love anyone, don’t know will it accept me and forgive me weakness. He clicks the pics. He thinks my team does not know about my vertigo, maybe I m cheating them, but I can’t go back from my promise, Ramesh trusted me and saved Shikha Maa’s life, I have to do this for them.

Arjun thinks Everest here I m, get ready for Arjun Sabarwal. Everest is shown. He felt he came home when he climbed his first mountain, but this expedition is the biggest challenge of his life, he can’t lose now, he has to win. Ramesh thinks where is he caught, he did not work hard in his life, this route is not ending, everything is a problem, how will I spend 10 days and my team, I don’t even know them, but my future and success depends on them, my leader is such a man who is doing this being helpless, and my hero is a thief who was behind bars, I have to trust them, I don’t have any option, I won’t fail and listen my relatives’ taunt, I will get my dad’s company, century corp at any cost.

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Anjali thinks she can’t believe she is here. How did the ice mountains get formed, and who is the one ho went there first. She thinks I know today, why people climb mountains after danger, why my dad loves them, its for good, its beautiful, everything happens for good, dad hates me and I m here where I would have not gone even in my dreams and seeing this beauty. Akash jokes on Yeti lodge. He says no one saw yeti yet everything is named after yeti. She asks where is everyone. He tells her. She says she misses home. He asks her not to think much and get freshen up. They go to their respective rooms.

Anjali gets sad and cries seeing Jagat’s and Sarita’s pic. Arjun walks in and says I m sorry, I thought its my room. He sees her cying, and says manager gave me wrong room number, I will go. He stops seeing Jagat’s pic. Arjun asks is she missing her parents. She wipes her tears and says yes, I miss them a lot. She says I did not come so far till now for many days. Arjun says so what and sits to talk. He asks her to call them. She says its not easy, if I call mum, then I will miss her more, I will cry and make her cry too. She says then I will feel like going home, and my focus will go.

Arjun looks on and says Anjali…. How does it feel when someone is waiting for you, how it feels if someone worries whether you have food or not, did you sleep well or not. He asks how it feels to have a mum caring for you. Anjali asks how old were you when your parents …… Arjun says I was very small, I don’t even remember why and how it happened, no one has the answers. He says when I see a mum and child together, I ask the Lord why did he punish me. He cries and says what did I do that….. its tough to be in this world without parents, but you are very lucky, you have everything, your dream will be fulfilled, Everest, everything is perfect, mind blowing really.

She says whats seen is not always true. She says everyone has their own story. She says you feel I m lucky and I feel you are lucky, you have a good career, Roongta as sponsor, and world at your feet, what do you miss. Arjun says well said, stop crying, you should smile, as we are going to Mount Everest. She laughs. Akash comes and asks is everything fine. Arjun says Anjali is fine, and nothing to worry. He leaves. Arjun stands outside the door and cries having the pain to be an orphan.

Akash asks was Arjun troubling her. Anjali says no, I feel Arjun wants us to hate him, and be away, he is not like he is seen, he has much pain in him, which he hides, funny guy. Akash says you got friendly with him, but Arjun can’t be anyone’s friend and no one can become his friend. He says Abhiyankar has sent message to report at 6am. She says fine, and she is excited. She says imagine our first view of Mount Everest. He smiles and says good night and leaves. Akash talks to Lord and says save me please, why did Anjali’s dad has dream to go Everest, he might have said about diving in Goa beach.

The team reaches memorial stones area. Abhiyankar says its memorials, for who could not complete this journey and who has lost their life in fulfilling Everest dream. He says lets stay here for 5 mins. He sees Tara’s name on the board and touches it. He recalls Tara’s dream to stand at Everest peak with him.

Chand says no one can stop life and death. Abhiyankar gets sad. Anjali smiles and says imagine, I m at the base of Everest, I can see and touch it. Chand sings and they all click pics. Abhiyankar shows the base camp.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks

  2. I wish Arjun becomes sweet at heart

  3. Thank you for update.:-):-D

  4. I love this show wow everest is so beautiful ise dekhne ke baad mera man bhi everest par jane ka ho raha hai

  5. Love this show a lot.Sahil was just fab. I literally cried seeing him that way. Something would have made him so selfish but he is really guilty with what he has done to his frnd

    And the song was fabulous….feel like hearing again and again

  6. such kahe to ye shkw hi 1 fresh concept bai. aur wo bhi very beautifully aage badh raha hai aur i hope wo isi tarah beautifully time pe end bhi ho jayaga . i love to watch arjun anjali together

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