Eternal Love Story (Part-2) #Our Riansh (Chapter-7)


Author’s POV:-

Riddhima: Oh Mr. Aryan, we are divorced. Back to your di.

She ordered him and felt a pat on her shoulder turning around she looked at Vansh raising her eyebrows.

Vansh: Go back to flashback, just now we got married.

Riddhima looked at him and passed him a wide smile.

Riddhima: Ask Angre, all the hymns were wrong. Right Angre?

Riddhima said looking at Angre who was standing on the door silently. Hearing her he passed her a nod. Riddhima looked at Vansh, with a succeeding look.

Vansh: Riddhima, if you can bribe him for saying wrong mantra, why can’t I bribe for saying the right one?

Vansh said and Riddhima again looked at him with a smile.

Riddhima: Vansh, if you bribe him through I can also give him some more money to say wrong. Right?

Riddhima looked back somewhere else.

Aryan: Were you guys playing with it? Ask that pandit ji, whether he said right one or wrong?

Aryan said gaining everyone’s attention. Angre nodded at this and was about to leave when Kabir’s voice stopped them.

Kabir: That won’t change the fact that they are still married.

Kabir said and all looked at him asking its meaning.

Kabir: Who submitted the divorce papers in the court? I didn’t neither Riddhima did as we both had left for Spain. Angre and Aryan wasn’t completely aware and papers are still in the office. Must be in my cabin. So when you both got divorced?

He asked sarcastically and all looked at him shocked.

Riddhima: Are you serious? Then why you were behaving as if we were divorced?

Riddhima asked not able to digest what he just said.

Kabir: I thought to go with the flow.

Kabir said shrugging as if nothing happened.

Riddhima: Are you mad or what?

Riddhima shouted on top of her voice and felt Vansh’s cupping her mouth.

Vansh: Are you mad or what? If Sejal saw us like this then our planning of 5 years will go in vain.

He said making her sit back.

Angre: So now what? As per plan or we are going to change?

Angre asked calming the atmosphere around them.

Ishani: Btw Plan was too good.

Ishani said gaining everyone’s attention.

Riddhima: After all it was my plan.

Riddhima said flipping her hair and passed them a smile.

Kabir: I was the one who implemented it.

Kabir said still looking somewhere else.

Angre: I booked the tickets for you both and prepared that fake proofs.

Angre said interrupting the ongoing drama.

Vansh: I had to spend 5 year in jail just because of that fake proofs and Sejal.

Vansh said and Riddhima looked at him sadly.

Aryan: That means I’m innocent.

Aryan said in an innocent tone.

Ishani: No, just now you helped me outside.

Aryan looked at her confused.

Flashback starts:-

Ishani felt her legs on smooth material while standing in front of the table, looking down she found nothing but then her legs tripped and she fell down on the floor.

Hearing her scream, Vansh and Kabir got up and was about to move to her when they felt being tied to the knot. Kabir untied his knot which was tied with Sejal’s and moved to Riddhima and sat there beside her without tying the knot.

On the other side, Vansh moved to Sejal and was tying it when Sejal got up and removed the veil. She looked at Ishani in Aryan’s arms, who was talking to her. Looking back to Vansh, she found him opening the knot. She looked at him as he handed it over to her and moved from there. She turned around and saw Riddhima still sitting under the veil while Kabir was beside her.

Flashback ends-:

Aryan heard her and caressed his face.

Aryan: Why didn’t I noticed all this?

Aryan asked and looked at everyone’s face.

Ishani: It happened so fast that even I wasn’t able to see anything. But thanks to Angre who had kept that rug over there.

Ishani told him.

Vansh: Now let Sejal imagine the way we had planned for her.

Vansh said smirking.

Riddhima: But why do I feel she is hiding something?

Riddhima said making all looked at her face while she is in her own thoughts.

Angre: Or maybe she is planning something, whose result even she don’t know about.

Riddhima nodded hearing Angre. They heard someone footsteps, coming from the corridor.

Angre: Who can come here at this time?

Angre asked them in a low tone.

Kabir: Sejal?

He said making them scared. Switching off the lights, they hid themselves in every corner of the room. Hiding at their places, they heard a knock coming.

Aryan: If everyone is going to hide who will open the door?

Aryan asked in a confused tone.

Kabir: Exactly, according to her I and Riddhima are married. So, we should be the one to open the door.

Kabir said coming out from the curtain, opening the lights he saw as Riddhima came out of the cupboard and moving to the door, opened it. She looked as Siya came in all alone.

Siya: Riddhima, actually Arjun is sleeping. So are you to sleep with him tonight and if no then I can go.

She said and Riddhima after hearing her moved to the door, opening it she looked around to find none.

Riddhima: You’re alone?

She asked confirming from her after closing the door.

Siya: Was someone supposed to come?

She asked and Riddhima exhaled a deep breath and sat on the couch. Siya looked as everyone came out from there hiding place.

Siya: What are you all doing over here?

Siya asked confused looking at their tired faces.

Angre: Nothing…

Angre said and caressed his face looking at her.

Siya: Everyone was doing nothing here.

She asked and saw everyone eyeing her as if she is looking mad.

Aryan: We’ll talk tomorrow.

Saying so he slipped out of the room. Ishani looked at him and silently left after him.

Angre: Good night.

He said and eyeing Kabir left from there.

Siya: Bhabhi, woah Arjun?

She asked looking at Riddhima still in her bridal attire.

Riddhima: You can go to him.

Riddhima said and Siya nodded and left from there. Kabir looked at Vansh and Riddhima standing there silently folding their arms across their chests. Vansh looked up at him.

Kabir: I should also leave.

He said and looking at them left from there. Riddhima looked at Vansh.

Riddhima: When are you going to leave?

She asked and looked at him as he was standing there silently without showing any movement.

Vansh: Do I need to leave?

He asked and she blinked her eyes giving him a questioning gaze.

Riddhima: Of course, if you’ll stay over here. Won’t your wife think that you are cheating on her?

She asked and looked at him as he was thinking. Vansh came close to her.

Vansh: I don’t think so, she is my ex-wife. We are di-vo-rced right?

He asked stressing on the word divorce and looked at her.

Riddhima: Still, I think you should leave or my husband will kill you.

She said and looked at him with a wide smile. He snaking his arms around her waist pulled her to him.

Vansh: Who will tell him?

He asked tracing his index finger on her cheeks.

Riddhima: I will do that. Now leave.

He pulled her closer and joined their foreheads.

Vansh: Why you think I would listen you?

He looked at her closed eyes.

Riddhima: I know you won’t.

Vansh placed a kiss on her forehead.

Vansh: I missed you.

Vansh looked into her eyes as she opened them.

Riddhima: I missed you too.

Saying so she kept her hand on his and looked at him.

Riddhima: Where you had left my friend all alone?

Riddhima asked and he looked at her shocked.

Vansh: Seriously Riddhima, she is the one because of whom we were separated.

Vansh said and turning her around pulled her closer, keeping his chin on her shoulder.

Riddhima: Still I don’t believe.

Vansh kissed on her cheeks drifting her out of her thoughts.

Vansh: Go and change.

She nodded looking at him and moving to the vanity started removing her jewelries.

Riddhima: You didn’t told where is she?

Riddhima asked and looked at him through the mirror.

Vansh: In our room.

He said nonchalantly. Riddhima turned and looked at him shocked.

Riddhima: What? Why?

Riddhima asked and saw his face as if he understood her insecurity moving to her he again turned her around.

Vansh: Riddhima, according to her I and she are married. So obviously and don’t worry I’m only yours.

He said and kissed on her neck where the red lines were formed due to heavy jewelries.

Riddhima: No, I didn’t mean like that.

She said trying to reason out her inner feelings.

Vansh: No need to explain.

He said and moving back unclasp the chain of her necklace. Keeping it in front of her. Moving to her earrings he removed them and planted a kiss on her earlobes. She looked at him as he moved more close to her and snaking his arms around her waist, removed her waist-chain.

She kept her hand on his and removed his hold from her and turning around passed her a wide smile.

Riddhima: I can change now.

Saying so she moved from there. Vansh tries to hold her hand to stop her, but instead he pulls her blouse’s string. Her breath hitched and she moving back pasted her back with his front.

Riddhima: Are you mad?

She asked and craning her neck glared at him.

Vansh: How was I supposed to know that this will happen? I was just trying to stop you.

He said and held her arms.

Riddhima: Why so?

She asked and felt her blouse’s sleeves getting down.

Vansh: Just like that.

She didn’t heard him and was looking at her front wall. She eyed her blouse going more down showing her deep neck cleavage. She wanted to tell him but felt hesitated. Taking a deep breath, she turned around and hugged him making him shocked.

Vansh: Riddhima, what happened?

He asked and she didn’t know what to answer, she knew they both are married since long and even had this type of situation before too but still she felt nervous.

Riddhima: Vansh, woah blouse.

She said and Vansh pulled her closer and setting her blouse correctly tied them but in loose string so that it shouldn’t hurt her. He didn’t broke the hug.

Vansh: What was the issue in telling me this?

She looked up at him while being in the hug.

Vansh: Why were you so nervous?

He asked very well knowing the answer but wished to listen from her.

Riddhima: I don’t know.

She said and kept her head on his chest listening to his heartbeats. He broke the hug after a while and made her look up at him.

Vansh: Go.

She nodded and left from there.


Sejal clutched the bed sheet into her fists as tears came out of her eyes. She looked at the floor and feel on her knees and hugging them close to her chest looked at the moon outside the window. She looked at her broken phone whose parts were spread across the room and then ignored it closing her eyes.

After a while, Kabir who was passing-by heard her weeping sound. He felt sad seeing his wife in that condition and was about to move from there, when he saw her not showing any movements.

He slowly came in and moving to her patted her shoulder. She didn’t showed any movements. Keeping his hands near her nose, he felt her taking deep breath. Thinking her to be in deep slumber, he picked her up gently and laid her down on the bed.

Covering her short form with the duvet, he was about to leave when she clutched his hand. His heart felt warm but mind ask him to feel disgusted about her. He removed her hand and bending down closed the lights.

In the moonlight, he saw her broken phone. Looking back at her face a smirk crept on his left. Picking up its memory card, he thought to take out every information. Closing the door tightly, he moved to his room

Entering his room, he connected its data to his laptop but to his dismay he saw everything to be blank as if someone had already deleted the history. He looked at the memory card and sim.

Kabir: Now Vansh will only tell what to do.

He said and kept them in front of him.


Next Morning, Arjun was sleeping on his bed with Siya hugging him so that he don’t fell down from the bed. Arjun opens his eyes due to sunlight falling on his face. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at Siya and removed her hold from his body and laid on the other side covering his face with the pillow to stop the sunlight from falling.

Arjun: Mumma.

He mumbled and remembering of Riddhima got down from the bed. Rubbing his eyes, he started walking carefully. Passing through the corridor, he saw Riddhima’s room door to be locked from inside. He smiled and was moving when he felt a tug on his hand and was pulled on.

He felt a big hand on his mouth cupping them, he got shocked and saw Sejal. He was about to shout.

Sejal: Shush, don’t you dare to say a word.

She said in a scary voice and he felt a shiver ran down his spine. She removed her hold from his mouth.

Arjun:, you do..doing?

He asked stammering on each word.

Sejal: What am I doing? What are you doing? Just because of you, we are in this situation. Last night Riddhima betrayed me, she married Vansh and made me marry that Kabir. Now you will pay for that.

She said and he looked around and bit on her hands to stop her and ran from there. She held her hand tightly and pulled him to her. He eyed her to leave him but she smirked and showed him the knife.

He looked at the tip of the knife and closed his eyes tightly getting scared.

Sejal: Open your eyes, right now.

She ordered and he looked up at her, panting. He saw as she was about to hit her with the knife. He closed his eyes again and shouted on top of his voice.

Arjun: Mummmaaaaaaaaa……..




Riddhima: Arjunnnn….

Riddhima shouted from bottom of her lungs sat back straight and looking around found herself in her room and it was early morning only. Vansh heard her scream and getting up looked at her sweaty face. She looked at him and he hugged her.

Vansh: It was just a dream…Don’t worry I’m here and our Arjun is safe.

He mumbled and caressed her back. She was still panting and he broke the hug cupping her face.

Riddhima: Vansh…Arjun…

She said and throwing the duvet, got down from the bed. Vansh came down and looked at her as she moved out from the room. Vansh followed her and saw her running through the corridor. He ran behind her.

Riddhima opened Arjun’s room door with a sudden jerk. Entering she saw Siya sleeping with Arjun on the bed while Angre was sleeping on the couch. She ran to Arjun and in his sleep only pulled him in for a bone crushing hug breaking his sleep.

Vansh entered and saw as everyone got up with the sudden slamming of the door. They looked at Riddhima who was panting being scared. She broke the hug and kissed on his forehead.

Riddhima: Are you okay?

She asked him and he nodded in the hug.

Arjun: Mumma, I’m completely fine. I’m brave boy right. But you broke my sleep.

She looked at Siya who passed her a smile. She broke the hug and felt Arjun’s small hand on her cheeks.

Arjun: Why were you crying?

He asked and she shook her head. Vansh came forward and kissed on Arjun’s hand.

Vansh: Nothing serious, you go back to sleep.

Arjun nodded hearing him and laid back covering himself with the duvet.

Siya: Bhabhi, are you okay?

Vansh nodded and helped Riddhima to get up. He looked at Siya and then Angre.

Angre: Last night, they were sleeping alone here. So I just came here.

Vansh nodded and holding Riddhima’s hand pulled her with him. Riddhima was walking in the corridor silently. Her face was dull, he felt a pang in his heart.

He stopped in his way and let her move. He saw her not even looking around and moving to her picked her up. She looked at him as he brought her to their room.

Keeping her on the bed, he kneeled down in front of her and held her hand.

Vansh: I know you are scared about Arjun. But don’t worry I’m here with you both always.

He said and cupped her face. She passed him a smile and hugged him tightly.

Vansh: You rest now. I’m coming.

He said and she held his hand.

Riddhima: Where are you going?

Riddhima asked and saw him.

Vansh: Last night, Kabir gave me Sejal’s phone’s sim and memory card. I need to check them.

She nodded and laid back as she saw him coming to the other side of the bed with the laptop. He sat and she crawled to him and held his left hand while he was working. He saw her and smiled at her face.


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