Eternal Love Story (Part-2) #Our Riansh (Chapter-11)

“Danger is around…”

Author’s POV:-

Ishani closed her mouth. Holding her head she rubbed her temples sweating badly.

Ishani: Veer bhai is alive.

She mumbled and removing the ear pods threw it in a corner of the room. Ruffling her hands through her already messed hairs, she looked around. Getting up, she tried to move when Aryan’s hands which was entangled with her dress got stuck making her fall back upon him. He opened his eyes looked down and saw Ishani under him.

He got up with a jerk when he saw her in tears, he wiped them and made her sit her.

Aryan: Did I do anything? I’m sorry Ishani.

He said while she was trying to digest what all she heard. She looked at him and holding his head brought her to the place where she threw the ear pods. Picking them up, she put on in her ear and other in his. He raised her eyebrows at her while she asked him to wait.

They waited for a while till no one said. Getting irritated by her behavior Aryan was about to remove them when he heard Sejal’s voice.

Sejal: I got, I got their marriage certificate. What do I do with this?

She asked and Aryan looked at Ishani shocked. Everyone waited for him to say something.

Voice: Good, bring them to me tomorrow.

He said and Aryan got confused hearing that voice after a while when he recognized, he felt his ground slipping. He sat on the chair with a thud.

Sejal: But why you need them now, they are divorced. Even now Vansh and I are married. So?

Aryan looked up at Ishani who was in tears by now. Getting up he hugged her and caressed her back to control her.

Voice: You will get to know that very soon.

They heard him and after that call was disconnected. Aryan removed there ear pods and keeping it on the table brought Ishani to the bed. Making her sit properly, he gave her water. Gulping it down, she looked at him.

Ishani: Aryan, Vee…Veer bhai is alive. I heard him. But why is he destroying our lives now. Even he said to kill Arjun, how can he do that?

She said with mixed emotions and he held her hand.

Aryan: Ishani, relax we need to discuss about this with bhai and bhabhi. We will talk to them tomorrow let them rest for now.

She nodded and holding his hand laid on the bed while he cuddled up with her to calm down her emotions.


Riddhima looked at Vansh as he was coming close to her with a smirk on his lips. She moved back and before he could cage her between his arms she got aside.

Vansh: Riddhima, what are you doing?

Vansh said irritated by her behavior. Since half an hour, she is making him run behind her.

Riddhima: Vansh, see just keep trying and I won’t let you win. What was the dare remember, you will have to catch me and make me agree.

She smiled and looked at him. He smirked and again moved close to her. She was about to ran away when he turned off the lights making her angry.

Riddhima: That’s cheating. Switch it on, Vansh.

She said irritated and after a while, felt his breath fanning on her neck.

Vansh: Sweetheart, nothing like this was in the dare.

She felt blush rush to her cheeks, when he started planting wet kisses on her shoulder down to her off-shoulder dress. With his other hand he switched on the lights and turned her around and coming close to her face smelt her scent.

Vansh: Your punishment is still left.

He asked waiting for her to do something.

Riddhima: Even time is still left, Vansh. Don’t worry.

Saying so she kissed him near to his lips and removed his hold. Vansh frowned at her. He held her hand and brought her to the table where their cake was kept.

Holding her hand, he kissed the back of her palm and smiled at her. Gently picking up the knife and making patterns on her waist while holding her hand, they cut the cake together. Vansh fed her and before she could take another piece for him, he kept his lips on her and sucked the cake which was left on her lips. Holding her hand, he pulled her and tightened his grips on her waist. He left her lips after he removed the leftover cake from her lips.

With her hand, he picked up another piece of the cake and made himself have it. Slowly having it while making her fingers touch his lips, he looked at her flushed cheeks. Making his hands go down to her abdomen he started making different patterns on them while his lips were perfectly licking her fingers. His tongue rolling all around her fingers in a seductive way.

Riddhima: Vansh….

She moaned when he pinched on her waist. Gently picking her up by her waist, he made her sit on the table. She felt her body getting heated up reminiscing their last make out. She wanted to feel him but his ways were killing her suspense. She missed the shivering sensation when he felt her fingers with a smirk.

Vansh: So sweetheart, what else do you want me to do?

He asked and she looked around knowing exactly what he meant.

Riddhima: Make something for me.

He smirked and moved closer to her only to be pushed.

Riddhima: Di-nn-er.

She said breaking the sentence feeling embarrassed by his thoughts. He lifted her up in a bridal style making her shocked. Coming to the kitchen, he kept her on the slab and looked at her.

Vansh: Which dish you want to have?

He said and she pulled him by his collar close to her.

Riddhima: Vansh.

She said and he widened his eyes.

Riddhima: Let me complete, continental dish.

She said and saw an evil smirk on his face.

Vansh: Continental dish…

He said whispering in her ears in seductive way. She pushed him away as blood gushed to her cheeks. He started making while she was looking at him continuously making it difficult for him to work, every gaze of her on his body was making it hard for him to control himself.

After half-an-hour, he was done with it and he started feeding her. But that didn’t ended up easily obviously she had to show some of her emotions.

Vansh: Why are you doing all this?

He said as soon as they entered back to their room. She looked at him while being in his arms.

Riddhima: It’s your punishment.

She said and got down from his arms and clutching his collar joined their forehead.

Vansh: Punishment and for what?

He asked and closed his eyes feeling her scent near him.

Riddhima: For sending me away from you, I know it was my plan but couldn’t you just refuse to it. We could have thought something different.

She said and a lone tear escaped from her eyes. He bending down kissed on her cheeks.

Riddhima: I love you Vansh.

She said looking at his closed eyes.

Vansh: I love you too.

He said and she removed their joined foreheads and kept her lips on his. Slowly sucking them she brought him out of his emotions by placing her hand on her waist. He after giving her the initiative converted a soft kiss into a passionate one. Moving his hands on her waist, he made her go weak on her knees.


Next morning, Aryan and Ishani looked at each other sitting in the car.

Aryan: Are you sure, she will go now? Early morning?

He asked and peeped inside the mansion to see no one.

Ishani: Definitely, remember yesterday also she had went out in morning so that none of us can see her.

He nodded and moving his hands on the steering waited.

Aryan: I can’t believe, Veer bhai…no…they are hiding something from us.

She looked at him confused, keeping her hand on his she tried to give him support.

Ishani: Don’t worry Aryan, we will have to find out.

She said with a smile. Turning back, she moved out of the car.

Aryan: Where are you going?

He asked and showing her palm, she moved towards mansion’s door. Slowly peeping inside and looks at the staircase to see if she is coming or not.

After waiting for a while, she saw her coming out while looking around to see if someone is awake or not. Rushing back to Aryan, she sat in the car. As soon as she started driving her car, they snakingly followed her trying the ways so that she can’t see them.


As the sun rays peeped in the room through the windows and falls on a couple, both sleeping in each other embrace. Riddhima’s hands was wrapped around his torso while her face was hidden in his chest whereas Vansh’s hand was on her waist securing her. A smile crept on their faces telling that they were getting the most peaceful sleep of their life.

Vansh opened his eyes to see her sleeping beside him in his shirts. Bringing his hands to her face he traced his finger on her cheeks, looking at her frowning in her sleep. He covers their heads with the duvet closing the path of light to fall on her faces.

Moving close to her face, he plants a kiss on her forehead and flipped her around in her sleep while she didn’t waked up. Hugging her from her back, he moved his hands on her waist roaming it all around her sending shivers down her spine. Feeling his warm hands on her waist, she opens her eyes and craning her necks looks into his eyes. He smiled and nuzzles his nose in her neck kissing her cheeks.

Vansh: Good morning.

She turned back and he joined their foreheads under the duvet caressing her hairs.

Riddhima: Good morning Vansh.

She said and looks at him smiling.

Riddhima: Vansh, my punishment is done. So now what is my surprise that was good but not that. I want something best from my husband.

She said and he frowned remembering how she managed to do it without letting him know.

Vansh: Oo…really let’s see.

He said and removed the duvet from their heads. She got up when she saw him leaving the room.

Riddhima: Where are you going?

She asked and he turns back.

Vansh: Surprise for you. Get ready I’m coming.

He said and smiling moved from there. She smiles and looks at his shirt in which she was covered looking like it was a dress on her bare body. Looking at her hands, she feels heat gushing over to her cheeks. She moved to the washroom with her dress in her hands.

On the other side, Vansh moves to the kitchen and starts cooking after a while he saw Kabir coming in.

Kabir: Vansh, have you seen Aryan and Ishani? They are missing since morning.

Kabir asked and stood in front of the gas stove peeping into the pan.

Vansh: They must have went somewhere, what’s the issue?

He said and turned off the knob.

Kabir: No even Sejal is not here. So I thought to….

He said but was interrupted by Vansh.

Vansh: Sejal is not here.

Kabir nodded in negative.

Vansh: That’s good, come. We’ll try to search for that person in her room.

Vansh said and moved from there while Kabir followed him.

Entering the room, they looked around and saw no one was there. Taking a deep breath, they started searching in the cupboards and drawers.

But even after searching for so much time, they just got an envelope.

Kabir: Vansh, this envelope.

He said and closed the drawer, moving towards Vansh.

Vansh: Let’s go out from here and then see. If Sejal came then it will be a huge issue.

He said and they moved out from the room. Coming out Vansh felt a weird smell hitting his nose.

Vansh: This smell.

He said and they heard a shout. Remembering Vansh, rushed back to the kitchen.

He was shocked to see Riddhima standing in front of the fire which was caught because he forgot to turn of the knob and due to air the flame got extinguished. Moving to her he turned off the knob and hugged her tightly.

Vansh: Are you okay?

She nodded being in his arms and looking at the gas stove.

Vansh: I’m sorry I just forgot to turn off the knob but you were here so close. Didn’t you smell?

She shook her head and he tightened his grip on her. Kabir looking at them gave a smile, thanking god that she got saved from it.


Ishani held Aryan’s hand and moved behind the pillar taking a deep breath.

Aryan: What is she doing in RV Mansion? Veer bhai is staying here?

He whispered and Ishani passed him a glare.

Ishani: Aryan just shut up and follow me.

She said and he silently moved behind her holding her hand so that she don’t do anything. Entering in, they saw the mansion to be looking dull. Rolling her eyes around, she remembered of their moments. Aryan held her hand firmly and they started following Sejal. As they saw her entering in the library area. Ishani frowns and removing Aryan’s hold sneaked in while he stood there looking around. Ishani peeps from behind the book shelf.

Ishani: No way, how can this happen?


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