Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-12)


In RV Mansion:-

Sejal- Riddhu, let’s drop a message to Dad and let’s leave for shopping we will come till pooja gets over

Siya- Dad, Won’t he scold us….. For leaving without bodyguards

Riddhima- I had an idea

Sejal- What

Riddhima- So listen, we need to drop a message to dad because this time we can’t struck it over Bhai….. So let’s drop a message to him while we will be on half way….. Then he won’t ask us to return back…..ok?

All (unison) – Ok

Ishani- Let’s go!!!

They left

In Boys Car:-

As they saw them leaving but as says luck plays it card on correct time, same goes her it all went as per their plan they were all alone without any bodyguard

Aryan- Bhai, it’s all according to our plan they are all alone

Kabir- Yaa….. We can easily kidnap them

Angre- Without any issue

Vansh- Issue will be there Angre, but first of all did you all remember the plan perfectly, especially Aryan we can’t make any mistake again

Kabir- Yaa…. Please Aryan if you had any doubt ask us now

Vansh- Kya ask us now, Are you teacher Kabir, that if any student had any doubt in a question you will teach him again and again

Kabir- No way……….. I had a secret profession

Angre- Kabir, A secret is a secret when no one knows it but here we three know it…. So Mr. Duffer…. How you can call it a secret… (Mimicking) I had a secret profession

Kabir- Ok…. Ok… Angre…. Got it…. I was just asking him

Aryan- Kabir…. Do you think I’m mad?

Kabir- Of course you are that’s why just confirming

Aryan- Shut up!!! I know everything but let me revise it again

Angre- You are not going to give a test that you need to revise it… Its simple plan

Aryan- Gosh Angre… I was just chilling the moment yr.…

Vansh- Shut up Guys…. Aryan do you remember the plan because you were sleeping at that time

Aryan- Of course bro……… I do remember

Vansh- That’s great

Angre- Vansh They are leaving

Kabir- Follow them

They started following their car.

In Girls Car:

As per their plan Ishani dropped a message to Sooraj about their shopping from Riddhima’s phone but as said by them when a problem comes it brings many companion with it

Even same went here in a rush of inviting guest and functions Sooraj hadn’t read the message and send ok to them…. First of all it was easy for their digestive system to digest this fact but somehow they ignored it and was heading towards the entrance of hell

Riddhima- Sejal, Don’t know why but I’m not getting good vibes

Sejal- Even I don’t…..

Ishani- Chill guys…. May be you guys got tired after preparing a lot

Siya- Yaa… Riddhu even I and Ishani knows to drive come and sit at backside one of us will drive the car

Ishani- Yaa…. Riddhu come and sit I will drive….

After a moment she stopped the car beside a small shop and asked Ishani to accompany her as she want to take something to drink because she is feeling weak and dizzy…. Ishani nodded and they moved out

In Boys Car:-

All three got jerked so high because of the sudden break which was applied by Vansh

Aryan- Bhai…. Are you ok? … I’m are you feeling dizzy

Vansh- Am I a girl that I’ll feel dizzy

Aryan- Bhai…. Haww… How you know this much about girls

Kabir- Shut up Aryan…. Vansh why applied brakes

Angre- Because even they did …. See

Vansh (pouting and mumbling) – Sab mere dialogue le lete hai… phele Kabir now Angre bhi (Everyone stole my dialogue… first Kabir Now Angre)

Aryan- Did you say something bhai?

Vansh- No… but why they stopped the car

After a while they saw Riddhima and Ishani getting out of the car and heading towards the nearby small shop and they saw them buying a cold drink

Aryan- May be she was thirsty?

After that they saw Riddhima was moving at back seat while Ishani went to driver seat

Kabir- I don’t feel that everything is ok?

Angre- Even I do….

Vansh- May be we are taking it too high…. See they are moving forward…. Let’s follow them

They all agreed and followed them after a while they saw them entering the same mall where they were before

Vansh- Aryan and Angre, you guys do remember the plan know?

Aryan & Angre- Yup bro/Vansh, we do remember it

Flashback starts:-

Vansh- No In fact today there will be no security with them…..

Angre- How??

Vansh- ok…. So there will be a slight change we will do tell them that we are kidnapping them so that they cannot run away easily

Aryan- Vansh bhai, Are you ok?

Kabir- Even I think you had mind fever….. Take rest first

Vansh- I’m serious

Angre- but Vansh, Dad strictly told us not to tell them then how could we do that….. If they got scared they’ll surely try to run away

Vansh- Who said that they will believe us and get scared….. they won’t especially Riddhima…. Rest I’’ll tell you guys at that place

Btw…. Today we will leave for the mall and then we will bring two cars and in one car Angre and I with Ishani and Sejal would be there and other Aryan and Kabir with Riddhima and Siya ….

Aryan- but bhai why aren’t we going with the pairs were made

Vansh- What? Who made the pairs?

Aryan- Aray… U with Riddhima, I with Ishani, Angre with Siya and Kabir with Sejal

Vansh- Aryan, last night it was just a coincidence that these pairs were made….nothing is like that which you’re taking

Kabir- but Vansh, what the issue

Vansh- That they shouldn’t know something which we don’t want

He smirked

Vansh- And yeah, after her family will get to know they will surely put a check post for them at every point so at that time we will tell them as our respective wife and we are going on a honeymoon ok?

Aryan- Vansh Bro, this plan is amazing…… But where we will take them because they shouldn’t feel like they are kidnapped so we need to take them somewhere where no one could even think

Vansh- We will take them to Darjeeling…… there we had another VR Mansion but that’s out of reach for anyone even police and about this plan I only told this to Dad and he informed it to Tara

Flashback ends-:

Aryan- But bro won’t they don’t we all four going on a honeymoon together

Angre- Yaa… I really sound weird a bit

Aryan- Only a bit for you, for me much more then that

Vansh- Just tell them that we had a mansion and would be living there as per our so called wives wish ok?? Clear you’re doubt Aryan baby….. Aryan sometime use your common sense And Angre, stop being with him… Otherwise I would lose a friend

Kabir- Am I not your friend

Vansh- Kabir, Are you a small kid because you’re complaining like a child……..

Kabir (diverting the topic) – See they’re going inside

Vansh- Angre & Aryan, Go and bring those car and hide your face because as they’ll come we will kidnap them

All agreed and both went to bring those cars

Meanwhile Inside the Mall:-

Riddhima was feeling dizzy, she somehow brought a necklace for her bhabhi a watch for her bhai and beautiful for their would be child, she was excited to see her nephew or niece but who knows what is in store for them

Precap- Riddhima faints outside mall

Do comments and tell me your guesses about precap

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