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Radha went to her house when she arrives she saw krishn there and felt very angry. He sat on swinger and eating laddus.Β  She came near to her father and ask him what’s going hear. He said Radha first calm down my girl, he was just saying how he saved you. She says no dad he was lying he didn’t save me. he is a magician, trickster ( at the starting he behave like a gentleman, later he became naughty. Not only Radha every one will say that only. He said I will buy all this pots and not afraid of Kans later he broke all pots . Due to his sudden change of behaviour every one think, that he is a trickster, magician. Then what’s wrong in Radha saying these words) ( my dear radha….. krishn done all this things to grab your attention then what did he done wrong) vrishban says no dear, we can’t speak like this. This words indicate bad manners of yours. Krishn says I don’t mind kaka if she says me magician or trickster( definitely you don’t mind because you love her. Our loving persons gave any kind of name to us it will makes us more happy) vrishban says son you don’t told your name, can you tell us who you are…… I am that person, for whom you all are waiting, I am that person,at the first time when I arrived barsana your daughter opened her eyes. I amΒ  your dearest friend nandagopals son krishn. Radha says krishn in low tone. Krishn freezes time and slowly arrives Radha and had an eye lock.(Thum prem hoo…… Thum preeth hoo…… Plays) at the first time Radha takes his name. This moment he feels very special and very luckiest person and most happiest person in the whole world. After enjoying that moment he came to reality( if we love any person secretly…. That person takes our name or talk with us……. We felt like this only)Β  He asks Radha what did you say. She says what did I will say about you. You are a very big magician and trickster. Krishn says kaka I came hear to give this letter from my father’s side. He said ok kaka give me the permission to leave barsana. They all said my son complete dinner and go ( asking for dinner is basic manners to guests ) he said no kaka and kaki I want to leave because miyya don’t eat anything without me, so, I want to go. (How sweet still you are eating food with you miyya but now a days it’s totally changed. Every one leading their own life’s infact so many people leaving their parents in old age homes) after saying this he left the place.

Ok friends today’s episode is completed, please don’t mind it’s too short but I am busy today. I will make next one lengthy.

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