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After 16 years………..

Krishn plays basuri (flute) for Radha, (radha…. radha….radha….radha…. krishn…. krishn…..krishn…. radhakrishn……. Radhakrishn….) suddenly balaram(elder brother of krishn and also sheshnag avatar) Β snatches his flute and asks, Khana,in this 16 years, each and every second you were Β remembering Radha but in these years at least one time, she doesn’t remember you then why you were remembering her. He said it’s the affect of curse but let me tell you something Radha and krishn are not two, Radhakrishn are one. If krishn remembering her, it means she also remembering me. Balaram said ok! But how you will meet radha. She is in barsana, you are in Gokul then how is it possible then krishn smiles.

In Mathura :-

Kans was doing a havan to find out devaki’s 8th son. He pic a pot and passing it to pandit ji, suddenly the pot get broke into pieces, the water spilled into the fire and the havan became unsuccessful, Kans fumes in anger. He ordered his soldiers to bring the pot solders to mathura, only because of them my havan get spoiled. The solider went to barsana and they prisoned all the potter’s in barsana and they bring the potter’s to Mathura. He ordered to kill them but they all requested him let them go. Kans is so big hearted that’s why he doesn’t kill them, he gave them the punishment which is equal to death infact more than death. He ordered barsana members(mukhya) to not buy their pots and not to sell anything to them who were working for the sake of barsana village.

In barsana :-

Vrishban explains the situation to everyone. all were saying, if we help them, then we all want to die without food. So, it will be good if we not help them. Interrupting all their words, suddenly radha came and said you all were mukhya to barsan, so….. You can’t help them but I am not. So, I can help them right? Vrishban and other says beta it was very dangerous to help them, if kans know it, you were helping them. He not gonna leave you. It’s better to stay away from this matter. She said baba….. Kaka…… In that situation, if our families are thier, then you leave your family to die without food. They all became silent. Once again she speaks. I will help them by selling their pots without knowing Kans soilders. I will sell their pots as mine who will find it. We all are not going to tell anyone then how could they find it. Vrishban agress to Radha……… She went to market and start selling their pots.

In Gokul :-

Krishn asks yashoda miyya to give the permission, to go to the market with his brother balaram. Yashodha asks but why, i asked you so many times to go the market but you always said….. Miyya I am a little kid then how could I go to market. But today you were asking me the permission to go the market, that to….. you were asking me, you want to go to barsana with balaram. Khana tell me what’s the matter. He said miyya i just want to help you because I can’t see while my miyya was working hard. If Β you don’t have trust on my words then it’s ok i don’t go to barsana. ( He said all this things by making puppy, cute, innocent face ) she said Khana if i don’t trust your words then whom I will trust. Balaram speaks maa don’t come into khana’s words, Thier is something more. Krishna make innocent puppy face and says i just wanna help you. If you don’t like to take me with you, it’s ok I will help miyya hear. Yashodha maa says balaram you should take Khana with you, it’s an order. Then krishn smiles. Balram said ok maa.

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