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The doors are opened……

After the doors opened, sridama and naradh maharshi were able to see the golok. Sridama was enjoying the place and he is very excited to see his lord “Shri krishn”……. He notice all gopis were running and they are very excited…. Sridama didn’t understand what’s going on. He asks naradh maharshi, why all gopis were running. He said Shri krishn was getting ready by Shri radha. (Sridam expression changes suddenly.) He listens silently without uttering a word. He went to see his lord but unfortunately all gopis are running around Shri radhakrishn by singing song and dancing. Shri Radha and krishn lost in their dance and enjoying it without noticing sridama’s presence……..

Sridama get very angry on Radha….. he thought only because of her, his lord is not even able to see him.But he controlled his anger, without saying anything he left that dancing place……

Shri krishn notices Sri dama’s anger and he told to naradh marshi, inform sridama to meet at waterfall.

Naradhmaharshi went to sridama and told him Shri krishn want to meet you….. After listening naradhmaharshi words, sridama felt very very very happy infact he had no boundaries to stop his happiness…… He asks where did my Prabhu want to meet me. Naradh maharshi says near Radha….( Once again his expression changes) he syas what ????? I mean near the waterfalls.

Sridama sees his Prabhu Shri Krishn was waiting for him. He can’t control his emotions any more at that time. Happy tears were flowing in his eyes…. He touches Shri krishn feet and saying, oh my lord….. I never ever imagine, I was able to see you and touch your feet. It’s the great achievement in my life…. If I will die in this moment, I will be the most luckiest and happiest person in this world. Shri krishn wakes him up and asks him….. Sri dama……., tell me what’s running in your mind. He says Prabhu i came her to convey brahamadev message…… Shri krishn interrupts him and says, I was asking you what are the doubts were you having in your mind. He says…..Prabhu i don’t know which magic did Shri radhae had done on you, in that magic you were not noticing your devote…… Then krishn cuts his words once again, he told “IF LIFE IS  KRISHN, SOUL IS RADHA” …… ( Krishn was trying  to explain sridama about his feelings and greatness of radha but he was not understanding it )……  (After listening this words from his lord he get more anger on Shri Radha) he says Prabhu if their is no life then what is the use of soul. Just give me one chance i will prove her wrong then the bell rings…. Shri krishn said i think you get the chance this time…. They both went from their…..

Radhakrishn sit on swinger…… All gopis were giving food to them, they both touch the food and returning to gopis. All gopis were very very happy.

Sridama gives the butter pot to Shri krishn instead Shri radha…… Shri krishn takes the pot from sridama and gave that pot to Shri radhae….( He get hurted and at the same time very angry on radhae.) Radha took that pot, he taste that buuter and feed Krishna.

Sridama was seeing all this, he get more and more angry, at this time he can’t control his anger and he shouts very loudly  “JUST STOP ALL THIS”,……… In very angry tone.

He started insulting Shri radhae ( you had done some magic, you insist to take your name first, you will eat everything first,……… Like this……) He ask his lord…. Prabhu  just give me one chance to prove her wrong, I definitely gonna prove this “More than love…. Devotion is more powerful”……..

Shri krishn says ok…….

Shri Dama says ….know take my Prabhu name only then all gopis says  “JAI SHRI KRISHN” the climate changes into more adorable….. All get very happy.

He asks now take only Radha name….

They all said radhae…. Radhae… Radhae…. 2 times

First time the caterpillar get burnes and became ashes….. Second time the butterfly ……. All gopis get shocked……

Sridama said Prabhu I proved her wrong know the decision is yours…..

He said I need some time to take decision…..  You all wait for me until I came….. He left that place….. Sridama follows Shri krishn…..

He says Sri Dama don’t allow anyone into the room until i  came. He said ok…


All gopis are shocked but suddenly a small girl came their and ask them to say Radhe Radhe once again…..

On other hand …..

Shri krishn says Radha names ( only he can hear what he says )

Radha told Shri krishn calling me I need to go…….. then she started running towards the room ……

At the time all gopis realised and they thought oh! No! We all did a very big mistake we want to stop Radha or we want to inform Sridama……… Otherwise big mistake will happen….. All gopis ran from their.

At the door….. Sridama asks Radha to stop but she said I need to go inside because Shri krishn calling me….. He said what ???? I was standing hear but I don’t hear your name or any sound but how can you hear that …..once again Shri krishn calls Radha…… She said listen your Prabhu calling me, I need to go.he told are you trying to make me fool, she said if we love a person truely we can hear them when they are far away from us…… Through this word once again he get angry and said don’t try to use your magic on me. Then Radha said….. LOOK SRI DAMA I AM RESPECTING YOUR DEVOTION…….. SO, DON’T INSULT MY LOVE …….. She walks towards to the room. He warns her but she didn’t listen his words.

Shri Dama says,  I am…. Shri krishn devote Sri dama cursing you….. You forgot  my Prabhu’s love for 100 years…. and you left this golok and you gonna live on earth by taking human form…. After cursing radha…. The doors get opened Shri krishn was standing Thier in teary eyes and Shri Radha also crying…..All gopis were shocked and asked you had done a very big mistake Sri dama….. Why you cursed Radha ……

They all pointing a small girl and ask him while they were taking Radha name what did happen…. Then he realise he did a very big mistake and he asks appolige to Shri radhae….. She accepts his appology…….

Sridama says Prabhu I had done a very big mistake I can’t forgive myself….. Then Shri krishn says Sri dama just remember what’s the purpose did you came here .he said Prabhu brahamadev told me….. You want to take your avatar on earth…… Know you understand this is one of the reason of you cursed Radha….

He said I tried very hard to tell the truth by my words but you understand it…… Not only you…. No one can understand anything by saying that’s y we were going on to earth, to teach them and to show them what’s the meaning of true love…….

Sri dama said  JAI SHRI RSDHAEKRISHN………..

All were left…… After sometime krishn said farewell to radha……

The episode is completed at the same time the golok part also completed….

Guys let me clear you  something….

Sri dama relasise while they were taking Radha name the caterpillar get burned and changes into a  butterfly and that butterfly changes into a small girl…….

Friends….. I think we want to praise Sri Dama, only because of his curse we were able to know what the true love mean…..and we able to see Shri Radhakrishn on earth ……..

I hope you all enjoy this part, if you any complaints in this episode please drop a comment in below comment box.

Lots of love for you …….🥰


  1. Really beautiful.yes because of Shri dama Radha and Shri Krishn came to earth and showed us True Love

  2. Radhakrishn

    Very lovely chapter,update the next ch soon.

  3. Shesha485

    Beautiful chapter. I haven’t seen the show and don’t know there is a reason for Vishnu reincarnation…

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