Friends i just want to tell you something. I am going to write this story what I was trying to explain that’s it. Not each and every single episode of the serial.

Radha’s fake friendship with krishn :-

Radha explains the situation to aayan. He tells he will handle everything.ayan confront krishn and ask him to tell the truth. They had a little conversation about this. Then finally  Krishn said he is in love with Radha. Aayan said he was loving her since his childhood. And warns him to not come between. Krishn said but he loves her from the beginning of the world. And he said if we love some one we want to gave freedom to them, to do whatever they want and we don’t want to make them prisons in cage. So please don’t come between me and Radha. The argument get heated and very angrily  Ayan challenges krishn, he will make Radha fall in love with her. Krishn make him more furious and Aayan promise him he will be not going to tell to anyone that you are loving Radha.

Next day they all heard a news that radha’s friend (also a cousin) marriage is fixed. Radha decides that she want to arrange a dance show for her friend and surprise her.

She calls everyone and explains her idea. Balram and krishn also visit their. Aayan insults balram and krishn. Balaram furiously start dancing. When balram start dancing krishn left that place. All are laughing and going near to balaram and making fun of him. All are flying in air (now you all understand why they are laughing, it is not dance it look like he is showing some poses in fighting while rotating roundly) Radha asks him to stop but he doesn’t. Radha get worried and go to meet krishn because he is the only one to stop balram. She went to krishn and ask him to help her. He said ok! But on one condition, she said ok without listening. He said first listen to me. You want to accept me as your friend. After listening this she was in shock and suddenly she said ok! ( In her mind, she think if I will act as his friend then it will be easy to know that girl. After knowing that girl name I will tell him that i am just acting as a friend (fake friendship). This is a good apportunity I don’t wanna lose this) krishn was very happy and he went with Radha and stop balaram.

Next day :- Kans soldiers arrive barsana  and asks them to handover krishn only. Yashodha cries and request them. Krishn came their and asks her to not cry. He agrees to go with them. Suddenly he act he is ill and fell unconscious on the ground. All members take krishn into the house and make him sleep. All were praying for him and Radha also believe in krishn act. After sometime Krishn get conscious (in every one’s view but the fact is he is perfectly alright) krishn ask kiriti Devi to give him permission to talk with Radha. She said yes. Every one leave except dauv, Aayan. Balaram manages to take Aayan outside. Radhakrishn are alone in room. He said Radha I think these are last days in my life I just want to say thank you for becoming my friend. Radha start  crying and she realise that she was playing with someone emotions. She realises that how much krishn trust her and her friend ship, she regret about her idea and decided to tell the truth to krishn. Krishn recovers after this night. Next day Radha visit krishn and says sorry and explain him, how she make a plan. Krishn act broken and left from thier without uttering a word.

Ok friends today’s update is completed.

What I had learnt from this episode is……. We don’t want to play with other emotions because it will be a act for us but it’s an emotion for others. So please don’t play with other emotions.

If you want to help someone it will be a good idea but just think one thing the way which you was choosing is good or bad. So please think before you choose.


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