I am really sorry for not posting the update for two weeks but I had a valid reason, I am not feeling good to write the ff, with out interest how could,I will write a FF. If I wrote it then it doesn’t contain any emotion and am feeling low and I am broken from inside, it’s one of the reason. I will update twice or once a week for sometime please try to understand.

Episode starts with :-Β 

Daar sae nidaar

After the completion of the pooja, everyone leaves to their homes.Β 

Next morning:-

Vridhaavan vasi came to barsan, everyone greet eachother. They were discussing about something. Then aagasur attacks the village, he created havoc and attacking innocent people. He attacked vrishbaan and he get hurted, he tried to kill him but he was stopped by everyone request. Aagasur said, if he will want to leave this place, not harm anyone then I had one condition, if you all will agree to it then I don’t kill or harm anyone otherwise I will each and every barsana vasi. They all request him to not kill anyone and asked him to tell the condition, he said….. You want to give me so much of food. They all agreed. But he said, first listen to me, I want so much of food and Radha. They all get shocked and start begging him to leave her. He said, no I am not gonna listen to anyone if you don’t agree to then ok I will do my work. Radha was so terrified but she spoke. Ok then, I will get you the food but promise me, you don’t harm anyone. He said, ok! Tomorrow night, you get my food at the jungle. She said, yes I will.

Aagasur left the barsana.

Everyone was crying…… Kiriti Devi came near to Radha and ask her, why did you said yes. If he will harm you then, mom! Don’t worry, if I don’t agree to him, then he will kill all innocent people. He kill dad. Only because of me, how could I risk all members life maa, it’s not fair. Mom you don’t worry, if our intention is good then God will help us. Just leave everything on god and believe in God. She said it with very confidence but inside she was feeling very fear. Everyone left.

Radha start crying then krishn came to her and said, radhae…….. She turn around and said, know what krishn, I think you will be happy now. He gonna kill me, after my death, you will be very happy. Am I right? You came here, to irritate me. This time, I will not scold you because it’s the last time in our life’s. He said, no radhae, I am not came here, to irritate you. I just came here, as your friend. To give you a suggestion. Radha said, suggestion! What suggestion? He said, radhae, until you overcome your fear, you can’t fight with him nor anything in your life, just try to fight with your problems don’t get scared, don’t run away. If you don’t keep your efforts then how will god help you. First, we want to keep all our efforts then we will want to leave it on god, with our efforts even god will not help us. She said, you mean I want to fight with that aagasur to save my life. Krishn, how could you think like this. If I refuse to him then he will harm every innocent people, only because of my sake, I can’t risk others life krishn and you was saying, you are my friend right then come with me, because…… you were treating me as your friend, then if your friend life is in danger, you should help her right? If you really treat me, as your friend, then come with me and help me, to fight him. After saying this she left to her room. “He said, my friend’s wish is order for me.”

Balram ask krishn, kaana….. Why you are not doing anything, if you left this situation like this, he will kill Radha. Krishn said, dauv this test is for Radha, she want to get rid of this fear. Not only this dauv, she is in now human form…… We came here, to teach, what is true love. If we want to do that, she want to became pure, she want to get rid off her fear, anger, pride, selfishness etc….., I can’t help her dauv but I will show the path she want to travel.

Next night:-

Radha went to jungle as aagasur said, she enter into a cave, after she travel some distance, the cave get closed……. Then she realise, it’s not a cave it’s aagasur stomach. She get scared and start tensed. She saw krishn and get shocked. She asks him, what are you doing here? He said, you ask me, to came here, then why did you get so shocked. She said, are you mad? Radhae….. “My friend’s wish is order for me” then how can I refuse her wish”. Oh god! Krishn just see what happened now, we both get struck here. she said, krishn I was unable to take breathe, krishn press him feet slightly, aagasur opens his mouth. Cool breeze hits her. She remembers krishn words and said he was right, first I want to keep my efforts. She asks krishn flute, he gave it to her. She said, I will use your flute and hit him then he will open his mouth, we both jump from here. He said ok! She insert that flute into his skin. He opens his mouth, Radha ask krishn to run with her, and they both start running. Radha jump out. But, kirshn don’t jump from their. In mind voice, radhae….. You conquer your fear. Am really happy for you. After this incident, you never get afraid. That’s means, you will fight with your problems never step back. She hits the ground and she doesn’t found krishn, she thought, oh no! Krishn get stuck their, I want to help him. She took dry sticks, grass everything, that she founds near to her and using the stones, she creat fire on four sides of jungle, to not escape that aagasur from their. Krishn was seeing everything from inside and feeling happy and proud for his Radha. Without any fear she was doing all these things. Krishn kills aagasur in that smoke. Aagasur get moksh.

Radha find krishn unconscious. She wakes him up. They both went to home. Everyone felt happy. They ask, how did these magic happens. Krishn explains everything to everyone, how Radha save him. Everyone praise radha. She felt with out krishn I can’t do anything. I want to thank him. I will thank him and ask him to become my friend.

Ok friends…… Today’s update is completed. I hope you all will enjoy this one.

We all want to fight with our problems, we want to conquer our fears, otherwise, we can’t move forward in our life. And one more, everyone will say, fear is a bad thing but in my perspective, it’s not a bad one. It’s a good thing. if anyone or our mind suggest to do bad thing,Β  then we want to get fear if we will do bad then our parents or teachers will scold us. We want to get fear, in our exams time, if we don’t read anything. We will get failed. Like this, in our lives we want to turn negatives into positive.

JAI SHRI RADHAKRISHN………. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

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