Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 17


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Now let’s start…
So episode starts with

Vansh want to go out precisely to that address where dr Malhotra had gone as he has gut feeling that he will get some information about masked their. Dadi emotional Blackmail him and at last vansh give up and cancel the thought of going and leaves from the temple area…

Riddhima thought to take her mobile from Sia. From yesterday her mobile is with Sia… In morning also she didn’t give back to Riddhima. She going to ask Sia just then she see her mobile near temple. She is about to take it. Sia see this and almost shouted

S : Noooooooooooooo

Riddhima flinched. Dadi turned and ask why she shouted. Sia noded in nothing. Riddhima asked

R : then why you shouted

S : ab… Vo… My work is not done yet. When my work will compete I will give your mobile back

R : ok

Riddhima is thinking if she get her phone she can get to know the about date which Angre and Dadi talking. Dadi called her. She goes to dadi and started to help her. Sia take a deap breath in relief.

Riddhima started doing prepration of puja. She is decorating upper side of temple. Her stool stumble. She is about to fall but when she found herself in air she open her eyes. She see vansh is holding her or to be precise carrying her.

They see Riddhima’s pendent stuck in Vansh’s shirt button. Vansh make stand Riddhima and Riddhima tries to free her Pendent. Then vansh help her. He is going to open the pendent. Riddhima don’t want, he see the pick inside the pendent. So she snatches and said

R: it has some old memory. As I said you before don’t interfere in my personal matter. Just like you don’t want me to interfere in your matters I am expecting the same from you.

This is not go well with vansh. He leaves from there angrily. Riddhima looks at his going figure. Then again start doing her work.

Almost all prepration of puja is done so she thought to connect Kabir and finish that as soon as possible. She goes to her room and come back with transmitter and move toward vansh study. She connect to kabir..

R : Kabir are you there.

Kabir is doing some work in his laptop when he received signal from transmitter. He replied

K : Riddhima…. Riddhima…

R : Kabir I think vansh is busy in his room and now I am in his studies. Tell me what exactly I have to find

K : Riddhima search the record of his transaction. Or some file or pendrive in which he can store information but his dealing.

R : ok

Riddhima started finding. She is searching and trying to get the things which Kabir said to her

Other side vansh come downstairs as he has a confrence to attend. As dadi is not allowing him to go outside he has to attend that online. So he is coming toward study with Angre.

He reaches their and see Riddhima

V : What are you doing here

Riddhima become still. Riddhima doesn’t say anything. This is not go well with vansh. in shouting way he said

V : what are you doing in my study

Saying this vansh is coming near her. Just then she turned and show him book

R : I am reading this. I hope you don’t have any problem atleast in this.

V : next don’t come here without my permission.

Saying this Vansh goes toward his chair as confrence is about to start. He recived a call and go from there. Riddhima take a breath. She is going to inform Kabir about this just then vansh again come back

V : You are here till now go from here

R : Vo Mr Raisinghnia

V : what are hiding behind show me

Saying this take step toward. Riddhima become tensed. She hurriedly disabled the transmitter and throw it outside the window… Kabir lost the connection. And here showing her hand she said

R : nothing Mr Raisinghnia… See….

But Riddhima is nervous. Vansh sense this but didn’t said anything only noded. Riddhima leaves from there.

Riddhima is in garden area searching for transmitter. Vansh come outside talking on phone. He notice some movement. He comes toward that side and see Riddhima.

V : what are you doing here

R : can’t you see I am plucking the flower.

V : in whole garden you find only this place for plucking πŸ§πŸ€¨πŸ€”

Riddhima become nervous. Vansh sense this again

R : vo… vo.. Mr Raisinghnia I want this particular flower for bappa that’s why I came here

And before vansh says anything she hurriedly leaves from there. Vansh think of something then goes to his study. Angre is already present there as confrence is still on.

V : Angre Riddhima is searching something in garden area find about it. Search the area just below the window of study

A : Ji boss


Everyone gathers at temple for puja. Vansh also comes. Angre is searching outside in garden.

Pandit ji comes and start puja. Pandit ji chant many mantra. And there outside Angre find out the transmitter disabled. He mistaken it to a simple makeup kit.

He come inside to show it to vansh. But as puja is going on he prefers to wait till puja end. So he stand there

In an hour puja is done. Pandit ji sayes

Pa : someone come forward for aatri

Dadi said Riddhima to do Aarti. Sia become happy but this is not go well with some people offcourse they are Ishani , chachi and Anupriya. Ishani again started badmouthing about Riddhima in whispering way to chachi but vansh Sia nad Riddhima listen her. one glare from vansh they become quite. Ishani rolls her eyes.

Pandit ji sings and Riddhima start doing aarti. After aarti Riddhima sings a sholk

Vakratunda mahakay
Suryakoti samaprabha
Nirvighnam kuru me Deva
Sarvakaaryesu sarvadaa”


( No offense.. kindly forgive me if I did mistake in sholk.)

Vansh mesmerized by her voice but didn’t show in his face

Then Riddhima first give aarti to pandit ji then to everyone.

Then she goes to vansh to give aarti. Vansh said looking in her eyes.

V : I don’t believe in your god

R : that’s why you didn’t get peace in your life
Anyway I will pray on your behalf

She give him aarti with her own hand . And take his hand and put prasad on it. And goes from there. Vansh looks on. Siya down her head and press her lips not to laugh. Dadi smile.

Riddhima take aarti and give Aarti ki Thal to pandit ji. Pandit ji puts thal in front of idol of bappa. Then give parsad to everyone.

After that dadi said Vansh to give dakshina to Panditji. Vansh give him. Then panditiji leaves. Dadi praises Ridhdhima

That’s it for today chapter


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