Me and You epi.16 by Sukor

recap: Imli’s comeback
“When’s your marriage?”Imli asks.
“Mom and dad haven’t accepted me yet” Suraj says without a disappointed face.
“OMG and you’re already on that level” Imli exclaims.
Chakor and Suraj look down in embarrassment.
“Anyway, I’m planning your guys wedding” Imli says and goes to her room.
“That was weird conversation” Chakor says.
“Yup” Suraj says and they sit there in deep silence.
“I’m going to make dinner” Chakor says and goes to the kitchen with imli.
“Imlu, do you think mom will accept Suraj?”
“Yah, pretty sure” Imli says super confidently.
“Hope that’s true” Chakor mutters.

Chakor is lying in her bedroom alone, deep in thoughts. Her dad went to his friend’s house for the night and her mom went to hers so there was only Imli, Chakor and Suraj in the house. The door slowly opens and Suraj creeps in. Chakor didn’t notice. Suraj slowly lies down and covers himself with Chakor’s blanket and hugs her.
“Suraj, you here” Chakor says finally out of her thoughts.
“Yah, what were you thinking of?”Suraj says.
Suraj comes closer to Chakor and started tracing his hand on her bare thighs as she is wearing shorts.
“Suraj, stop” Chakor says.
Suraj still keeps making swirls on her legs to tease her.
“Suraj!!!” Chakor whisper-shouts.
Suraj pulls Chakor closer to him and puts his hands under her shirt still teasing Chakor.
“Suraj, imli!!!” Chakor says and runs from the bed.
“Suraj out you go” Chakor says in anger.
“Fine, I’m not marrying you” Chakor says crossing her arms.
“Ok, I’m going!!!” Suraj says leaving muttering something.
Chakor laughs and sleeps.

Chakor wakes up to the sunrise and dresses up and goes downstairs to have breakfast.
“Mom, hi” she says
“Hi, I have something important to tell you and Suraj?” Kaustari says
“Oh, ok” Chakor and Suraj sits down.
“Suraj and Chakor, I have decided that you too can get married” Kaustari says happily.
Chakor and Suraj look at each other and smile.
“I have the love and care between you too and I know that Suraj is nothing like KN but I am worried that KN might hurt Chakor because of the past” Kaustari says.
“She’s my responsibility. I will not let her be harm in any way. If something happens to her then I will not survive either” Suraj says taking Chakor’s hand in his.
Hi guys. When I updated Sukor’s twilight all of you were wishing me a good journey. Why???? You’re in such a rush to get rid of me???{I’M CRYING} Just joking. I’m going to India on Jun.14 so I still have a lot of updates to give you guys and you guys want to get rid of me???? Just kidding about the rid part.
Keep loving and commenting. I love you all very much!!!!

Precap: School day and engagement preparations.

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  1. Loved today’s episode finally kaustri agrees and cant wait for more updates

  2. Sukorlover

    Amazing episode. Finally kasturi agreed. Waiting for next

  3. Awsm dear.lov u next asa u can.

  4. ShanayaKhan

    A very naughty one. Update next part asap.

  5. Nice update. Waiting for the next. And also for the My Heart is with you.

  6. Awesome,so happy kasturi agreed to their marriage. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  7. You made me worried there. Loved d sukor part. keep going. Cant wait for d engagement.
    Try and update twilight soon.

  8. Bidisha Karar

    Cute epi

  9. Sukorian

    nice n naughty

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