Entwined to you Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Broken Collar Bone

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Let’s begin…

Twinkle’s POV

Here I am in my clinic again. I just don’t like this place at all. I know I am a doctor and I need to take care of my patients but in all these duties, I cannot fulfil my own desires. I’ve met more than a thousand people till date but saw no one whom I can lay my eyes upon. Okay, yes, I do have a boyfriend, but he is too orthodox, he’d only have s*x with me when we get married.

Aah, I don’t like this job at all, I just want to quit. Not that I don’t like this profession but I just want to quit now.

But hey, I am not supposed to say this. I really should stop this rant, as this is my profession and that’s what I earn from. But being a doctor sucks, I never wanted to be one. Not because I don’t like this profession. I don’t know why, but I never wanted to be called a doctor.

I sat on my chair, pleasuring myself. Oh, I want this so much. The last time I had properly climaxed was when I was 19. I mean I had lost my virginity at the age of 16 with my boyfriend from school, but then when I was 19, we broke up. And since then I’ve been craving to have it, but I never met a man who’d want to do that to me. My boyfriend sucks.
I was deep in my thoughts and then motioned my other hand to my bust. Is there no one who’d fall for such big and round ones of mine? Is there no one who would like to fondle them and make me feel special?

Poor luck Twinkle, you have to please yourself on your own for now.

My chain of thoughts broke when my assistant knocked on the door.
Oh shit, why did he have to do that now!?

“Yes?” I shouted while I composed myself, still dripping wet.
“Ma’am there’s a patient, he thinks he has broken his collarbone.” He said after he opened the door.
“Yeah, fine let him in.” I nodded.
Did you even see this man properly Twinkle?
Oh my God, I’m getting really wet now. He makes me go weak on my knees.

“Yes, Mr?” I asked, “Kunj Sarna.” was the answer. “So, Mr Sarna, how do you feel now, and why do you think your collarbone broke?”
“Actually, I was playing football with my friends and then, you know, while playing I fell and felt something crack, and my collar bone started hurting really bad, so I thought to visit you.”

Ohh, you should have come to me earlier.

“Okay, let me check.”
I motioned towards him and his incredibly handsome face relaxes as he looks away. Every inch of my skin prickles into goosebumps as I stare at his lips. How good will I feel when he uses his lips on my neck and then on my back…

Okay okay, distractions aren’t allowed. But I want this man with me in my bed, and this is final.

I leaned over him making my bust visible to him. I heard him gulp. I touched his collar bone in a very seductive way and I could see him sweat.

“Mr Sarna, we’ll require an X Ray and then I’d tell you if you’re fine. I’d give some pain killers too, if it hurts a lot. Okay?” I whispered in his ears.

“Ye.. yes.” He fumbled and I chuckled to myself.

“I’d need that asap, I don’t want to see you in pain.” I moved my fingers to his face and then caressed his cheek with my hand.

“Doc.. Doct.. Doctor, I’ll provide you with the X-rays today evening.” He said, beads of sweat on his face.

“Very good.” I smiled and stood straight.

Kunj too stood up and thanked me, he was fumbling while he spoke and I took an advantage. I purposely dropped a pen and then bent over to pick it up while I made sure my hips touched his manly stuff. Gosh, he was hard. Maybe he too wanted me to get naughty with him, just like I wanted him. I rubbed my hips for a few seconds and he let out a seductive groan.

I stood up, moved closer to him and said that I wanted to meet him soon. He smiled at me and left.

I was dripping wet after what happened today. I’m sorry that I cursed my profession so much, if I were not a doctor, I’d never have met this man.


My whole day went waiting for Kunj and finally, the most awaited time arrived. I got to see him again on the same day.

“Oh Kunj, you came?” I said smiling. “Yes.” he replied, quite sheepishly.

I studied the X-ray and told him it was just a shoulder sprain and he replied that the painkillers worked and now he’s fine. But whenever he touches the bone it hurts. I went to him and started massaging where he was in pain, when suddenly the door opened.

“What the hell?” I heard, and got glued to my position.

“It’s not what you think it is.” I protested, “That’s my job and I was doing exactly what was needed.”

“No, you were trying to have this man, isn’t it Twinkle? You have a boyfriend who is loyal to you but you don’t deserve that, you whore.”

“Watch your mouth before you speak!” opened up Kunj, a look of red hot anger on his face.

“Let him speak what he thinks, Kunj. Arjun, shut up, NOW.” I said as my eyes turned glassy.
“Leave, and yes I wanted to have this man with me in my bed, I’d make love to him and would surely send you pictures while I do that. It’s over arsehole, now leave!” I glared at him and as soon as he left, I started to cry.

“Twinkle, it’s fine, he doesn’t deserve your tears, please don’t cry. I’m here na?” he said, caressing my hair, and I hugged him, tightly.
“Kunj, can we spend some time together, tonight, please? I don’t feel good at all.” I requested, weeping and he smiled.

Kunj drove us to his farmhouse and made me sit on the couch. He made coffee for me and asked me to change into comfortable clothes.

“You know, I really loved him. The only thing that I didn’t like about him was that he never understood what my needs were, and even if I tried to tell him, he never really made me feel loved. He never truly understood me.”
I started to cry again. “Kunj, I don’t know what you are going to think about me after what I do, but please, have me, tonight.”

“Twinkle, that’s not my intention…” Before he could complete I captured his lips in mine and sat on his lap. He resisted and tried to pull away “Please, Kunj, please.” He melted at my request, and gave in…

Warning– NSFW content ahead, small children will read after ——-

I sat on his lap properly and put my legs on either side of him. His hands were caressing my back
He allowed his tongue to enter my mouth, and it turned into a very hot and steamy French kiss.

The next thing he did was remove my shirt and throw it away. He slid down one of the straps of my bra, put me on the couch, and began kissing my neck and shoulders.

“Do you want to know, where it hurts, Twinkle?” He asked me while he kissed my collar bone “Ye..Aah. Yes Kunj, please do tell me.” He bit the skin near my collar bone and I dug my nails deep into his back, feeling immense pleasure.

“Liked it love? Want more of this?”
I nodded.

As soon as I answered, he took me in his arms.


It was a great evening. I had never felt so free, so happy for quite a long time. It had been so long since I had actually smiled properly without any thought nagging at the back of my head.
He made me realise how starved I was of affection, how much I missed being in the arms of a gentleman.

I eyed him lovingly and he said we should have our dinner.

He took me to the table in his own arms and put me down on the chair. I didn’t know what was happening. All I could do was stare at his handsome face, and feel his soft hands.

The table was set. Two sets of plates, knives, forks and spoons. It was set in a perfect manner. Not one thing was improper. For a while, I wondered who this man was, I could not understand how everything he had was so… perfect.
“Wha… who are you?” I asked him.
“Kunj Sarna of course. You forgot me already? Really?”
“No no I mean, how is everything so perfect here?”
“That, I will tell you, later. Tell me about that guy… Arjun?”
“Let’s not go to my past now. It’s quite harsh… dark. I don’t want to go there. Please.” And tears started flowing from my eyes.
“Okay okay, calm down. I’m not forcing you. Just… stay with me.”
I continued to cry, remembering all the things which had happened in my past…
He came to me and hugged me tight, put my head on his sturdy chest. I could feel his heart beating.
Was this a man I could depend on? Was this a man I could trust? Was this a man I could consider… close? Closer than anyone?
Though I did not want to eat anything, he made me eat food. Told me it was important to be healthy. I don’t know. I could not comprehend anything.
He took me up to the roof. Rather, he carried me. It was night now. Thousands upon thousands of stars glowing across the beautiful night sky.
He pointed at the brightest one. “See that? That’s you. Twinkle.”
I was touched. I felt something change in my heart. Something… free up.

Kunj’s POV

It was a starry night. The entire night sky spanned across our eyes. It was a beautiful feeling, her head across my lap, looking at the starry sky, and me looking at her beautiful face. Every inch of it, beautiful, ravishing, bewitching my senses. We didn’t speak anything, but words were nothing compared to what was flowing inside me. Slowly caressing her, she looked at me. Something happened. She sat up, and inched her face towards me, slowly. I tried to speak, but she put her finger on my mouth. It was as if the entire world was closing around us. I didn’t know what was happening. She kept closing the gap between our faces, our lips. She inclined her head slightly, and they touched. It was something different. Something out of this world.

Something I had never felt before. The warmth of her soft lips on mine, the sweet smell of her chocolate brown hair, her mild hands caressing my back, it was something I had never experienced before. It was more than a kiss to me, it was an emotion. I returned it passionately, savouring every moment. I don’t know if we broke apart a minute later, a day later, a week later, or lifetimes later. But when we did, I saw her blazing face, flaming red cheeks, a slight smile on her soft lips, and eyes which told me only one thing…


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