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Hi ? guys I am back with the next part sorry for the delay and please there is a request don’t kill me after the revelation but please stay calm I won’t screw the storyline. Soon everything will be revealed just give it some time.

@PART 19…


Everybody settles down and Ragini comes with Pinky. Ragini’s face is quite dull. By now MehBeer & Sahil also join them
Ragini: Shivaay.
Shivaay ignoring Ragini: Dadi I think so we should start.
Ragini: I know Shivaay you are upset with me but please don’t ignore me like this it hurts.
Shivaay curtly: I think so we are here for lunch and please let me eat in peace. I don’t want any other drama to begin.
Ragini: But Shivu…
Shivaay: Anika please pass the salad.
Anika nods and does as asked.
Pinky: Ragini you too start eating we can talk after lunch.
Ragini: Okay Pinky mom.
Krish whispers to Aditi: Didi why isn’t mom talking to us and why is she calling Pinky aunty mom. I am not able to understand anything.
Aditi: Krish first eat we will talk later.
Krish nods gloomily and starts eating.
Krish: Ma please pass dal.
Anika nods and passes it to him but by mistake the bowl fumbles from Krish’s hand and dal spills on Ragini’s dress.
Krish’s eyes tear up, while the rest get shocked and irritated.
Anika sternly and angrily: It was just a mistake Ragini. You need not to shout on Krish.
Ragini: You need not to teach me how to talk and what too. You low middle class X.













Lands one by one on Ragini as a gift from four lovely kids of Anika. And the first one to burst into fits of laughter is none other than THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI followed by the rest.

Sukanya: Zaroori nahi hai ki aagar tumhari shakal chuse hue aam jaise hai toh tum batain bhi waisi hi karoogi.
(It’s not important that if your face isn’t good then you will talk ill only.)

Ragini: You… How dear you?
Sukanya: Koi doubt nahi hai bohaat Dearing hun bacpna se hi.
(No doubt at all I am really brave since my childhood.)
And stop wasting your time here your designer dress needs water more then anger.
Ragini stares her angrily and then begins to march.
Sukanya: Ary wait Nagini.
Ragini looks back and Sukanya splashes an entire jar of water on her.
Sukanya: Now leave.
Manik to Suk: Why the last one.
Sukanya: Had to settle some scores.
Manik nods.
Krish walks away crying silently everybody looks at him.
Meher: What happened to him?
Aditi tells him everything about Ragini being their mother and her denial and rude behaviour that has hurt Krish.
Anika: Pehle hi itni mushkil se iska mood thik kiya tha ab fir se ye dukhi ho Gaya hai.
(Already we had convinced him with so much of difficulty now again.)
Shivaay: I will go and talk to him.
Abeer: No, wait Shivaay.
Shivaay looks him questioningly.
Sukanya: What’s cooking?
Abeer with a smirk: Wait I will show you.

Abeer goes to Krish who is sitting in hall tears rolling down his eyes.
Abeer bends on his knees: Krish what happened?
Krish rubbing his tears of gloomily: Nothing.
Abeer: Really.
Krish nods.
Abeer stands up and starts humming a tune, Krish looks at him while rest of the family to comes and sees what Abeer is doing. While Anika, Meher, Adi, Suk and Manik smile understanding what Abeer is upto. Manik runs and brings a guitar and gives to Abeer.

Abeer raising Krish’s chin starts singing:

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum

He says the last line showing him everyone who was standing at a corner. But Krish turns his face back being all gloomy. Abeer gives a look to Manik and Suk who nod understandingly.

Sukanya goes to Krish and presents a teddy bear with word “SMILE” written on it, by kneeling down in front of him and sings while Manik throws flower petals from above:

Haske To Dekh Tu Ek Baar
Khudh Hi Aa Jaayegi Phir Bahaar
Haske To Dekh Tu Ek Baar
Khudh Hi Aa Jaayegi Phir Bahaar

But Krish’s mood doesn’t improves so Anika comes to him and holding his hand starts swinging along while singing:

Gaa Le Nayi Sargam
Geet Ek Naya Gaa

The clouds outside begin to thunder loudly so everybody walks out while Anika takes Krish along:

Aaya Naya Mausam
Aaya Din Naya

Shivaay comes and pats Krish’s back who turns to him and ShivOmRuRiYa starts dancing and singing to cheer him up:

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum

On other hand as the rain’s first drop hits Suk she spreads her hand with her face turning into an incomparable smile. Everybody forms a circle around Krish and start dancing, singing:

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum

Abeer strums the guitar and hands the guitar to Krish and himself sits to make Krish hold it properly and they together strum it which finally brings a smile on Krish’s face and everybody sings along:

Chehd De Dhun Woh Aaj Cha Jaaye Mastiya
Chod De Khulke Aaj Lehron Mein Khashtiya

While Sukanya, Aditi, Amanat and Anya put water boats in the water that got collected near by and Sahil sings while helping them:

Chehd De Dhun Woh Aaj Cha Jaaye Mastiya
Chod De Khulke Aaj Lehron Mein Khashtiya

Sukanya: Come on chote papa let’s dance.
Om: No Suk not at all, I don’t know how to dance.
Sukanya: Ary so what just come please.
Atharv comes to them: Suk are you mad.
Suk: Yes.
Atharv glares her: Idiot don’t ask chote papa to dance.
Suk: Why?
Atharv: Do as I say (Suk nods) Hold chote papa’s hand (both hold Om’s hand) now drag him.
Suk giggles while Om glares Atharv but it was too late as Suk had already dragged him and now she makes him dance while the song continues and Suk makes Om dance along:

Tokhar Mein Masti Ho
Dang Kar Bhi Joomein
Mann Bhi Dirakh Jaaye
Badal Ko Chumein

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum

Shivaay sings the next lines to Krish and then starts dancing along with him waving his hand in a way to represent moving air:

Yeh Hawa Tere Paas Aake Hai Beh Rahi
jhum Le Mere Sang Khaano Mein Keh Rahi

Anika pats Atharv and Sukanya and sings the following lines while the duo drag her to dance along:

Yeh Hawa Tere Paas Aake Hai Beh Rahi
jhum Le Mere Sang Khaano Mein Keh Rahi

Lehrake Balkhake Muskarake Jee Le
Peele Hawaon Ko Ghunganake Dheele

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum

Om twirls Aditi and from one hand holds Aditi’s hand while with other he holds Anya’s hand and sing further dancing along with both of them although he isn’t able to dance well making the girls giggle but they help him to dance properly as Aditi instructs few steps to him:

Sach Hai Yeh Bas Ek Baar Milti Hai Zindagi
Karwatein Badal Thi Hai Pal Pal Yeh Zindagi

Atharv and Sukanya are dancing together when Manik comes from behind and keeps his hand on the shoulder of the duo and trio sing together dancing with each other mostly the footwork as with hands they hold each others hand:

Sach Hai Yeh Bas Ek Baar Milti Hai Zindagi
Karwatein Badal Thi Hai Pal Pal Yeh Zindagi

Shivaay bending in front of Krish sings and then hugs him and Krish reciprocates with same affection and kisses Shivaay’s cheek who smiles at his gesture:

Har Pal Ko Ghale Se Haske Laga Le
Pal Pal Mein Chupi Jo Khushiya Chura Le

Everybody dances together:

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum

Gauri goes to Anika and while twirling with her sings:

Haske To Dekh Tu Ek Baar
Khudh Hi Aa Jayegi Phir Bahaar

Bhavya comes and separates the duo and then three of them together sing while dancing:

Gaa Le Nayi Sargam
Geet Ek Naya Gaa

Meher joins the trio and holds Gauri and Bhavya’s hand and while singing they twirl together enjoying the rain:

Aaya Naya Mausam
Aaya Din Naya

In the following line everybody holds each others hand and they twirl together getting Janvi, Shakti and dadi along although they were reluctant.
Sukanya holds Pinky’s hand and asks her to come only to receive a shocking look from Pinky.
Sukanya: Relax aunty it’s family time maybe you aren’t my family but for rest you are, so just come.
Amanat: Bade dadu you too come please.
Tej: No dear you carry on.
Amanat holds his arm and drags him: Come on dadu please.
All of them hold each others hand and dancing together sing the further lines while clouds thunder showing it’s enthusiasm and zeal on the beautiful family union. While the kids jump in puddles all the hygiene gyan of Shivaay going in same roadside drains in which the rain water is going? ?:

Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Chak De Saare Gham
Chak De Chak De Chak De
Tere Sang Hai Hum
Chak De

Finally all start going inside the house but two super adamant heads refuse to go as they want to enjoy the rain.

Anika: Suk you are spoiling Atharv as well.
Suk makes a puppy face and looks at Shivaay. Shivaay holds Anika by her shoulder and drags her in.

Shivaay: Anika, Atharv is already spoilt no need to blame my angel for that.
Anika: You are spoiling both of them.
Saying so she marches away from him while he makes an innocent face.

Both Sukanya and Atharv keep dancing and enjoying the rain whilst talking to each other.
Atharv: Doll I really missed this time remember how much we use to enjoy when it use to rain during our workshops.
Suk nods frantically like a child: I remember that bhai and after that our ice cream treat.
Atharv nods. Then both look at each other and smile mischievously.
Atharv: Shall we.
Suk nods.
Atharv holds her hand and both run out of the house.
Om: Where are you two going?
Atharv looks back and smilingly says: Chote papa please we are just going near by and will be back soon.
Om: Okay but be together and come back soon.
Both nod on getting the permission and kissing his cheeks from either side run out of the house, while he nods his head in disbelief.

Atharv: Doll do you know any ice cream shop near by.
Suk nods in no: Don’t tell me you also don’t know.
Atharv giving a cheeky smile nods.
Suk: Okay then begin the search ice cream, mission.
Atharv nods and both run as the down pour increase finally they reach and find an ice cream stall.
Atharv: Uncle one choco chip ice cream and one butterscotch.
Suk: Bhai it’s chilling cold.
Atharv nods and rests his back on the side wall. Soon both have ice creams in their hands and they are relishing it.
Suk drowning in the yummy taste: There is no more fun then eating ice cream in super cool weather.
Atharv: True. Fool are those who think that ice cream is for summers it is made for winters or when weather is this cold.
Sukanya nods: Bhai one more.
Atharv: No doll one is enough.
Suk making puppy face: Please bhai we will share it.
Atharv nods in no.
Suk: Bhai one for road. Itna toh Banta hai please.
She says making a super cute face and being left with no option Atharv agrees and taking one choco chip ice cream both walk back to home while they are shivering in this chilling weather.
Suk: Bhai will you have it.
Atharv: No doll you can have it all by yourself.
Suk nods and relishes her ice cream forgetting her surroundings while Atharv didn’t leave her hand even for a while although it was raining heavily still there was alot of traffic on the roads. They reach near the house by then Suk’s ice cream was over.

Meow… Meow…

They hear a cat meowing.
Suk: Bhai why the cat is so loud.
Atharv: No idea.
Soon they hear the cat wailing and both look at each other curiously and make their way towards the sound they bend near the bushes and find a small kitten wailing their.
Atharv: Doll what happened to her?
Suk without answering him holds the cat protectively and brings it close to herself she finds the kitten injured.
Suk: Bhai do you have a handkerchief.
Atharv: Ya but it’s wet.
Suk looks at him disappointed.
Atharv pulls few leaves from the bushes and ties them together, very carefully. Suk smiles at his gesture and he is glad seeing his sister’s smile back.
A person who is in near by cottage comes there.
P: What are you two doing?
Suk: Uncle this baby kitten is hurt where is his mother?
P: She died few days back since then this cat is crying.
Suk: So nobody made it quite.
P: It’s an animal how can anybody make it quite.
Suk makes an annoying face but to their shock the kitten is silent in her arms.
Atharv: But see right now this kitten is silent.
Suk: Let it be bhai. Uncle will you have any problem if I take this kitten along.
Person nods in no.
Sukanya smiles and takes the kitten along.
Atharv: Doll are you sure you want to take it along.
Suk: Ya bhai. Why are you asking?
Atharv: You know right that papa hates animals. And you are taking a cat home his face will be worth a watch.
Suk chuckles: Aww… My baby brother relax I will make billu ji agree after all this cutie belongs to his and yours clan only.
She says swinging her arms a little. While Atharv shakes his head in disapproval.

Anika: Has anybody seen Sukanya and Atharv.
Om: Bhabhi don’t worry they have just gone outside will be back in a while.
Anika: Oh god! It’s raining so heavily and these two are still outside they may get down with fever.
Om: Ary Bhabhi relax nothing will happen both will be back soon.
Anika just nods.
Rudra: Bhabhi you don’t take tension both will come.
Anika: Okay.
After few minutes Sukanya and Atharv enter with the kitten in their arms while everybody is sitting in the hall after getting freshen up.
The meowing sound distracts everyone and they look at the door only to find the trio together. The first one to jump on seeing the cat is none other than Mr. Cat (Billu ji/Shivaay) himself.
Shivaay: What the hell is this angel?
Suk: Kitten billu ji.
Shivaay: But what is it doing here?
Suk chirpily: It will stay with us from now on.
Shivaay shouts: NNNOOO.
Suk making a sad pout: Why?
Shivaay: Because I don’t like animals.
Suk: Animals also don’t like you still they share this planet with you.
Shivaay looks at her baffled by her answer: Sukanya…
Suk: Please billu ji look it is soooooo cccccuuuutttteee.
Rudra: Bhai keep him he is of your species only.
Shivaay gives Rudra a stern look: Shut up Rudy.
Om: Ary why are you scolding him for the first time he is saying something right.
Both OmRu share a hi-fi and everybody chuckles.
Shivaay: Atharv you know I don’t like animals then also you got it home.
Atharv while sitting tries speaking but before that Anika interupts.
Anika: No Atharv first go and freshen up then sit here. You will spoil the sofa.
Atharv sighs: Okay I will go and change.
Anika: Good. Suk you too go.
Suk: No until and unless my catty doesn’t gets a permanent residence proof of this house I am not going to change so what if I get ill.
Everybody nod their head in disbelief seeing her antics.
Dadi: Don’t worry we will make your cats Adhaar card, passport, driving license everything of this house only.
Suk giggles and nods.
Suk: Pakka.
Anika: Pakka no one will do anything to it.
Shivaay murmurs: I will leave her out.
Suk tightens her hold on her cat and glares Shivaay.
Suk: Don’t you dear touch it. Why are you being so rude look at it.
Shivaay: No.
Suk: Ary look once.
Rudra: See bhaiya the cat has eyes just like yours.
Shivaay: Keep quite duffer.
Om: No look at the cat it genuinely has similar eyes.
Shivaay looks at the cat and so does the rest.
Anika: Ary haan iski toh bilkul aapki tarhan kanji ankhrin hain.
(It also has similar eyes just like yours.)
Shivaay: A… S… So what. But it will go out of the house right now.
Suk: No.
Om: Stop it Shivaay what’s the big deal in this.
Gauri: Yes bade Bhaiya it is such a cute animal.
Shivaay: No ways.
Suk with a sad pout: Billu ji you know his mother died a few days back it has been crying since then now only it got silenced above that it is injured. Please where will my catty go if you throw her out. And what will she take of yours if she stays here she won’t eat food of entire house try to understand.
Shivaay: I understand angel that’s why we will send her to some good care taker who can take good care of your catty but it won’t stay here and that’s final.
Suk looks at everybody for help but they give her “he won’t agree look” but finally Anya signals Suk to cry, Suk asks for assurance via signal only and Anya nods.
Suk smiles sheepishly and then looking at Shivaay’s angry face turns her back towards him and starts her fake wailing. Shivaay gets worried and rushes to her.
Shivaay: What happened Suk? Why are you crying?
Suk doesn’t answers but cries even louder.
Om: Shivaay you aren’t keeping the cat that’s why she is upset.
Rudra comes from other side: Bhaiya please agree.
Suk nods frantically hiding her face with one hand.
Shivaay looks at her: Suk I will give you ice cream I promise but please not this cat.
Suk nods her head in no being in same position but wails even louder.
Finally Shivaay sighs and in a completely pissed off voice says: Okay you can keep it.
Suk raising her head with a huge smile: So sweet of you.
Shivaay looks at her shocked: So you weren’t crying.
Anika: Apki beti rone walon me Sa nahi rolane waloon me se hai.
(Your daughter isn’t the one who cries but the one who make others cry.)
Shivaay nods his head in disbelief while Suk quickly pecks ShivOmRu’s cheek showing her happiness and then hugs Anya thanking her.
Shivaay: This is cheating.
Rudra: Bhaiya everything is fair in love and war.
Om takes the cat in his arms as Anika asks Suk to leave while Shivaay is making all ugly faces looking at his new competitor who meows loudly as if saying “Game begins” to which Shivaay huffs.

Advik: Not fair bade papa when five months back I asked you to get Rono (a dog’s name) home you declined now today when somebody has come of your species you agreed.

He says making everyone burst into fits of laughter while Shivaay frowns indicating the start of the tom & jerry race. Soon Shivaay catches Advik.

Shivaay: What did you say my boy?
Advik in between his laughter: Nothing bade papa. I didn’t say a word. Ask anybody.
All nod agreeing to him.
Krish: No he called cat of your species although it’s true but still.
He says being all innocent for which he receives a deadly glare from Atharv but Krish shoos the look and chuckles at Advik’s expenses.
Shivaay holds Advik’s ear: Come on start your sit ups.
Advik making a puppy face: Whom are you believing bade papa he is ghaar ka bhaidi in our Lanka ( he is misleading you about me.)
Shivaay sternly: Start.
Advik with puppy face super lazily starts his journey of bending downwards while his ear is still in Shivaay’s hand.
Shivaay: If you will do like this Advik then you will take one full year to complete 10 sit ups.
Advik: Kar raha hun na patience rakho.
(I am doing it, keep patience.)
Shivaay nods his head in disbelief while Advik continues his slow motion and after two sit ups he sits on the floor itself receiving a slap on his head and Shivaay walks back to his seat while Advik runs and sits beside Shivaay, huffing almost throwing himself over him as if he has done 100 push ups in a go.
Amanat comments: Lazy head.
Advik shows her his tongue to which in return she too shows her tongue and both start their stupid tongue fight sometimes by keeping their hands on their head making different faces.
Om: Have you two gone mad.

After getting freshen up Sukanya comes out and finds Anika’s saree placed neatly on the bed. She takes the saree and stands in front of the mirror she opens the saree and wraps it around her waist and remembering how Anika wears it she starts wearing it in the same way. But the only thing that she gets entangled in are the pleats she isn’t able to set it properly and all her tries go in wain. Suddenly somebody holds the saree and starts making the pleats.
Suk: Choti ma… Vo…
Gauri: Relax Suk I will make them.
Suk: No I was just trying it like that only.
Gauri smiles: It’s okay I can understand. You know in my childhood also I use to copy my ma for many things.
(Koi baat nahi hum samajh saktain hain hum bhi apne bachpan me apni ma ko copy karte the.)
Suk smiles in few minutes Gauri tucks the saree properly and Suk wears a chain of Anika she looks a complete replica of her mother in that saree.
Om from door: Oh beautiful ladies what’s going on.
Gauri: Look she is looking so beautiful.
Om comes in and looks at Suk who raises her eyebrows.
Ok: You are looking beautiful Suk.
Suk: Thank you chote papa.
Om: Come let’s show it to everyone.
Suk: No. No. No. Mumma won’t leave me.
Gauri: Why?
Suk: I am wearing it without her permission and I am not showing it to anyone.
Om: Ary come stop feeling shy.
Suk: I am not feel shy and all but please I am not going wearing this anywhere and that’s final. I am removing it.
Gauri: No ways I have tucked it with so much of efforts now you will have to show it to everyone.
Suk: No please.
RiKara drag Sukanya with them who is busy cursing the moment when she even thought of wearing the saree.

RiKara come while Sukanya is at their back she has held both of them together.
Rudra: O this isn’t your room why are you sticking to Gauri Bhabhi like fevicol ka mazbut jod.
Om: Shut up Rudy.
Gauri whispers: Bhar aa ja chiraiya.
(Come out you girl.)
Suk: Nope.
Shivaay: Gauri yeh kya khusar pusar chal rahi hai tum dono ke beeck.
(What’s cooking between you two?)
Om: Shivaay nothing like that.
Anika: Then why are you two behaving so awkwardly.
Gauri gets aside: Because of her.
But Suk quickly hides behind Om clenching to his clothes tightly.
Anika: Wait a minute. That is my saree.
She says as the end /palu of the saree is seen. And soon it hits her head what the matter maybe.
Anika: Sukanya.
Sukanya makes a sad puppy face, while RiKara chuckle. Suk peeps from above Om’s shoulder and gives a cheeky smile to Anika who narrows her eyes.
Anika: Come out.
Suk nods in no.
Anika sternly: Sukanya.
Suk taking baby step comes out from behind Om giving all nervous look to Anika being afraid of her anger.
Anika smiles looking at her so do the rest but Manik bursts out into fits of laughter that enrages Suk.
Abeer poking Manik: Shut up you idiot you will have it from her.
But Manik keeps laughing like there is no tomorrow.
Suk: What’s there to laugh Mr. Manik Malhotra.
Manik: Sorry Suk but tell me one thing what will you do after seeing a lizard is climbing on the tree.
(Sorry Suk par tujhe dekh kar aisa lag raha hai jaise chipkali paed par chad rahi ho.)

All glare Manik while Suk takes a deep breath to control herself. Don’t think she is gone spear that idiot but she has her own ways and then the one who teases her has to pay a heavy penalty and same is going to happen with Manik now. Suk moves towards Manik and gives him a smile. The smile stops his laughter and secondly he looks at her suspiciously.

Suk: Mani do you remember Khorana sir gave us an assignment before leaving and day after tomorrow we have to submit it on his email id.
Manik’s eyes become wide remembering about the assignment and Suk smirks as the arrow hits the target.
Meher sternly and angrily: Manik don’t tell me you forgot about that assignment.
Manik trying his best to defend himself: No no no mom. I remember it’s the assignment of Mohenjodaro civilisation.
Suk corrects him: Hitler.
Manik confusingly: When did Hitler come to Mohenjodaro?
Sukanya gives him are you nuts reaction: Hitler in Mohenjodaro hain??? You fool the assignment was about Hitler not Mohenjodaro.
Meher angrily: Manik when will you change this is nothing new. Can’t you be a bit responsible. Sukanya give him the question paper he will do the assignment tonight and I will see how does he sleeps without doing the assignment.
Sukanya nods obediently while Manik’s eyes are wide open and rest chuckle.

Same pre recap. Most probably I will show it in next update.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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