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@PART 18…

Sukanya is sitting near the pool and her legs are roaming in the pool water while her face is pale as she is really upset, last night argument with Pinky, then fight with Atharv, fight with her mamu and again fight with Atharv. A day can never be worse then this for her she curses her fate and her tongue for speaking too much in front of Sahil. Although she accepts her mistake in fight with Sahil but Atharv and Pinky she isn’t even thinking about the duo. She hates to fight with her brother but at times he is too adamant.
Shivaay comes there and sits with her putting his feet in the pool.
Shivaay: Don’t shake your feet much.
Sukanya looks at him and then vigorously shakes her feet showing her disagreement as well as anger and Shivaay understands that so he himself stops the movement of her feet with his hand.
Sukanya with a sad face: Why?
Shivaay: Aare you will hurt yourself.
Sukanya: Doesn’t matter.
Shivaay a little strictly: Maybe not to you but it matters to me.
Sukanya: Fine.
Shivaay: Now what’s disturbing you.
Sukanya: Let it be.

Shivaay nods and sits there silently smiling all the while being very well aware of the habit of saying”let it be” and then telling the entire story and It happens as expected the story begins from part one.

Sukanya: I shouldn’t have fought with Sahil mamu.
Shivaay being shocked: When did this happen?
Sukanya: What do you mean?
Shivaay: Weren’t you upset because of your fight with Atharv.
Sukanya: No ways in that case it’s Atharv’s mistake.
Shivaay: When did you fight with Sahil?
Sukanya: In morning.
Shivaay: Great.
Sukanya being irritated: Now you don’t show me tantrums.
Shivaay nods: Continue.
Sukanya: I spoke wrong to him, I have upset him.
Shivaay: Feeling bad.
Sukanya nods.
Shivaay standing up: Come on get up.
Sukanya: Why?
Shivaay: I said come.
Sukanya gets up and both walk to Sahil’s room.
Sukanya: What are we doing here?
Shivaay: Go and apologize.
Sukanya: He won’t forgive me and I don’t have guts to face him.
Shivaay: Look Baccha you should go and apologise to Sahil I know him he is innocent and sweet and he loves you a lot if you ask forgiveness from pure heart then he will agree with in a second and he can never be upset from you for long and I am sure about that. Now go.
Sukanya: Are you sure.
Shivaay nods.

Sukanya goes in the room, Sahil is sitting on the couch reading a book when Sukanya goes to him and pokes him on his shoulder, he looks up to find her making puppy face but then ignoring her he gets back to his book. Sukanya makes an irritated face seeing which Sahil smiles but hides it quickly. Sukanya takes his book and keeps it on the table and kneels down in front of Sahil, who looks everywhere but her.
Sukanya: Mamu.
Sahil doesn’t looks at her, Suk pulls his face towards herself and making a puppy face continues.
Sukanya: Sorry mamu I was very rude I shouldn’t have questioned your brotherhood I know you love mumma the most in this world and me too. You have always considered me as your daughter. I was too angry but trust me I never mean that. Please forgive me.
She says last line holding her ears. Sahil makes her remove her hand from ears and holding her shoulder makes her sit on the couch.
Sahil: I know Suk you want to unite di and SSO but there are something’s that I can’t tell you please don’t ask those.
Sukanya nods: I am sorry mamu.
Sahil hugs her: It’s okay. But…
Sukanya releasing the hug: But???
Sahil: You will share everything with me I don’t want you to be in any trouble. Promise me.
Sukanya smilingly: Pinki promise.
Sahil smiles at her.
Sukanya: So you forgive me.
Sahil: Of course and who can be angry with you for long.
Sukanya flaunting her smile and throwing her hair back: No one.
Sahil nods in agreement.
Sukanya: Okay I will talk to you later mamu.
Sahil nods.

Sukanya goes out of the room but doesn’t find Shivaay so she walks back to the pool side. Shivaay is sitting there with his legs in the pool. Sukanya runs to him and back hugs him.
Sukanya: Thank you thank you thank you billu ji.
Shivaay: Oh Ho relax Junior Jhansi Ki Rani.
Sukanya: You are the best.
Shivaay raising his collar: That’s me.
Sukanya biting her lower lip in a low tone: Billu ji will you ever leave me again.
Shivaay looks at her and pulls her ahead: No never I can’t live without you angel.
Sukanya smiles and hugs him: Pinki promise.
Shivaay smiles and hugging her back says: Pinki promise.
Okay now last work is left come with me.
Sukanya: Now where?
Shivaay: Aare come baba.
Sukanya: But where?
Shivaay: You are just like Anika, can you just come without asking another question.
Sukanya making faces and follows him.

Anika and Atharv are talking to each other while Atharv’s head is still in Anika’s lap. He has been waiting for long to talk to her and today both share their part of heart to each other, refreshing old memories, talking about few new things and lots more. It’s then they fell somebody swinging the swing. Both look behind only to find a smiling Shivaay swinging the swing, with an angry Sukanya behind him.

Anika: Shivaay. Come sit.
Shivaay sits in front and drags a super reluctant Sukanya along with him.
Shivaay caring Atharv’s hair: So what is the secret talk going on between mother and son.
Both Anika and Atharv smile and Sukanya smiles seeing three of them happy.
Atharv: She is making me count all your flaws.
Saying so he winks at Anika who playfully slaps him.
Shivaay dramatically: Haaw Anika how can you do this to me?
Anika: Shivaay you too.
Shivaay chuckles.
Anika: What happened to you Suk?
Suk dramatically: Nothing what will happen to me, just my mother has forgotten me after coming here but what will happen to me, just I have an extra arrogant brother but what will happen to me I am all good.
Anika: Nautanki. (Drama queen.)
Atharv: That’s all she knows only one thing.

Sukanya being hell irritated: Tun na mera bhai hai meri saas nahi Jo mujhe tanne maar raha hai.
(You are my brother and not my mother in law that you are throwing tantrums at me.)
Atharv: You could have given a better punch.
Sukanya punches him on the stomach, Shivika’s eyes widen.
Sukanya: How was this one my darling brother?
Atharv slapping her head: Just like this one.
Sukanya frowns at him and before she gives him another punch Shivaay pulls her on his lap as there were no other seats and Anika pulls Atharv back to the swing.
Anika: Animals are better then two of you.
Shivaay: Here we are trying to sort out your fight and you both are hitting each other only.
Sukanya and Atharv bow there heads like innocent kids hearing their parents scolding’s.
Anika: Now I don’t want any other fight from you both. Both of you apologize right now.
Sukanya: No never.
Atharv: So who is dying to listen your apology.
Sukanya: Who is going to apologise to an idiot like you.
Shivaay sternly: Both of you are saying sorry right now.
Both together without looking at each other: Sorry.
Shivaay: Not to the air but each other.
Both looking at each other: Sorry.
Anika: Whom are you two doing a favour at, can’t you both be a bit polite.
Atharv rudely: Sorry.
Sukanya making faces: Sorry.
Atharv: Now see how is she saying.
Anika: Sukanya…
Sukanya: Mom don’t say to me he was rude.
Both ShivIka hit their heads.
Shivaay: Fine leave it. Sukanya go get ready you have a competition.
Sukanya: No I am not wiling to more over there is time.
Shivaay nods and Sukanya making a cute sad face looks at Atharv and then cuddles to Shivaay showing that she is highly upset.

Atharv looking at her antics smiles: Fine. I am sorry.
Sukanya: What sorry?
Atharv: Okay baba my mistake please forgive me.
Sukanya nods no and hides her face in Shivaay’s shoulder.
Atharv murmurs: Here dramas will never end.
Sukanya: I heard it.
Shivaay: Now you have messed my angel’s mood now convince her you idiot.
Atharv frowns: Papa not fair you have changed your side.
Shivaay: I have always been in my angel’s side. Who are you?
Atharv: Your son. If you forgot by chance.
(back to Sukanya) Suk listen.
Sukanya nods in no.
Atharv sighs and leaves.
Sukanya: How mean?
But soon he returns with an ice cream tub and passes it to Sukanya.
Sukanya: How sweet.
Atharv nods his head in disbelief and mentally thanks the one who invented chocolate and ice cream as that’s the only way at the end of the day to make up with Suk’s mood.
Anika: Clever move son.
Atharv raises his collar with pride and sits back on the swing.
Anika: Suk bad manners you should offer it to everyone.
Sukanya: Mom if you want to eat ice cream then go and take it from fridge but don’t use these means I am not giving you even a single spoon.
Anika gives her a hopeless look while Suk digs in her ice cream.
Shivaay: So how is Dheradun?
Sukanya: Heaven.
Atharv for confirmation: Dehradun or ice cream.
Sukanya looks at him finding logic in his question like for the first time in her entire life.
Suk: Both have no match.
Shivaay: Anika what’s up with Aditi and Krish I have seen them upset quite a number of times.
Sukanya: Adi and Krish. They miss Aryan uncle.
Shivaay: And who is he?
Sukanya: Their dad.
Anika: Actually Shivaay, Adi and Krish shifted to Dehradun five years back and since then they are our neighbours actually they live there with their nani ma.
Shivaay: I don’t know why but when I was talking to Krish a few days back I felt a little connected to him.
Anika: Let it be Shivaay even I felt like that.
Shivaay nods and both then sense that only they are speaking while the other two seemed to be silent. They look at the other two who are busy eating ice cream actually Suk is eating ice cream and to irritate Atharv she is making him eat the same but forcefully.
Anika: You aren’t ready to share it with me but making Atharv eat ice cream forcefully.
Sukanya: Fine you too have it.
Anika happily grabs the tub from Suk’s hand.
Sukanya: Okay I will go and get ready.
They nod while Atharv and Suk leave.

Anika is setting cupboard when Shivaay comes with a plate of Aloo Puri.
Shivaay: Anika.
Anika: Kya hua Shivaay?
(What happened Shivaay?)
Then she notices Aloo Puri in his hands and gets super happy.
Anika: Aloo Puri. But why all of a sudden?
She questions him coming in her investigation mood.
Shivaay nervously: Umm… Because you were angry with me.
Anika: Aww…. How cute Shivaay.
She says pulling his cheeks.
Shivaay: Aah… Anika not fair.
Anika smiles.
Anika: Btw I am quite impressed if you will make Aloo Puri for me whenever I am upset then I will get upset more frequently.
Shivaay pulls her holding her arm: You want Aloo Puri ask me I will cook it but don’t you dear ignore me or get angry with me again.
Anika understanding his emotions diverts the topic cleverly.
Anika: Okay done but please let’s eat Aloo Puri I am really hungry.
Shivaay nods and both walk to the pool side they put their feet in water and start eating Aloo Puri.
Anika: Shivaay this is yumm you have improved over years.
Shivaay: So you mean I didn’t use to make good Aloo Puri years back.
Anika: Umm… It use to be okay okay.
Shivaay: Whatever it was it was much better then your paneer butter masala.
Anika: OOOOOOOO…..
Shivaay: What OOOOOOO I am saying truth only that paneer butter masala was burnt.
Anika: Still you ate it and that to complete without giving a single spoon to anyone.
Shivaay: So it was made but my wife i had all the right to eat it.
Anika smiling shyly: Accha ji. (Really.)
Shivaay smiles looking at her and both eat aloo Puri.


O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ke kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana..

Ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
Ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
Ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
Ishq junoon hai zahmat hai (x2)

O jaana
Khoya khoya rehta hai
Dil tadap ye kehta hai
Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
O jaana.. O jaana o jaana..

The room is completely dark when Gauri enters. She searches for the switch to switch on the lights but before that only lights get on.

Om smiling at Gauri:
Meherbaan hua dil tujh ko pake,
Haar pal mai zikaar hai tera,
Gustaakhi maaf kar do,
Iss insaan ko aapna gulam man ke.

(My herat is thankful on finding you,
My every moment is dedicated to you,
Forgive me please and accept me as your servant.)

Gauri laughs hearing the last line: Aap bhi na bilkul buddhu chirote hain.
(You are a stupid man.)
Om: Please sorry.
He shows her a beautiful painting of her and she smiles seeing that and creases the painting lovingly the painting was price less and beautiful not because it was her but because it was made by him.
Gauri smilingly: Accepted.
Om forwarding his hand: May I have a pleasure of dance with my lovely lady.
Gauri smiling moves towards the balcony making a thinking face and hurriedly says “No” and runs out in the balcony.
She smiles seeing that in the balcony near the swing dinner was laid that had her favourite dal chawal.
Om coming from back: Let’s have food.
Gauri nods both sit together.
Gauri: Omkara ji.
Om: Ya.
Gauri: Aapko nahi lagta ki bade Bhaiya aur Bhabhi me abhi bhi kuch duriyaan hain.
(Don’t you think that there are distances between bade Bhaiya and Bhabhi.)
Om: Gauri they both need some time it’s not easy to mend relations and that too when you are in a situation where Anika Bhabhi and Shivaay are.
Gauri: Okay leave that. You tell me what are your plans for the exhibition.
Gauri changes the topic skilfully sensing Om’s seriousness.
Om: Well exhibition is next week madam and you are accompanying me.
Gauri: Why me?
Om: What why me? Stop your every time dramas you are coming and that’s final.
Gauri: Okay. Btw dal chawal are very yummy thank you for making them.
Om: Your most welcome. But you aren’t angry with me now. Right?
Gauri: Oh so you did all this for apology.
Om nods.
Gauri: How cute Omkara ji, you have become so intelligent staying with me.
Om: Excuse me.
Gauri ignores and continues eating her food while Om nods his head in disbelief.

Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum
Jo na keh sake tum
Jo na keh sake hum

Kehna lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan O saathiya
Kehna lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan O saathiya

Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya
Saathiya Saathiya

All the elders are sitting in the hall talking, while ShivOmRu have gone to pick up the kids together as Rudra wanted to spend sometime with his brothers for which ShivKara happily obliged. While Sahil has gone out with Varinda and Meher and Abeer have gone for some work.
At that time Ragini enters the house.

Ragini: Hello everyone.
Pinky: Hello Ragini, you come and sit.
Ragini nods and sits beside Pinky.
Pinky: Mummy ji I was thinking that we should call a priest.
Dadi: Why Pinky?
Pinky looking at Anika speaks evilly: To fix Shivaay and Ragini’s engagement date.
Anika gets shocked hearing this while Pinky smirks seeing her.
Dadi: What nonsense Pinky.
Pinky: Aare mummy ji what’s the problem one day or other they have to become of each other then why to delay it.
Janvi: Pinky stop it you know Shivaay has two kids.
Ragini: Don’t worry Janvi aunty, Shivaay and I will take their custody legally and then I will be there mother.
Anika gets angry hearing this and pulls Ragini from her seat and makes Ragini to face her: How dear you? Don’t you even think of taking my children away I will not leave you.
Gauri holds Anika: Leave her bhaujai what happens by them saying all this. Shivaay Bhaiya will never agree moreover he has promised you that nobody can snatch Atharv and Sukanya from you. Both of them just need a new topic every day to create drama they can’t see anybody living peacefully.
Pinky: O my Mata now this lower class Bariley girl will tell me how to behave.
Bhavya: If your upper class has forgotten manner then we lower class won’t mind showing you your place.

Krish from outside: Mani bhaiya I will complain about you to ma you just wait and watch.
Manik: Aacha bacchu you will complain to babes about me she won’t agree.
Sukanya hitting Manik on his head: Don’t you dear flirt with my mom.
Manik: As if you will say and I will agree.
Krish ignores them and walks in as when they start fighting they have no limits.

Dadi: All of you keep quite kids are here and don’t create a mess in front of them.

Krish enters: Ma. Look at Mani bhaiya….

He was complaining when he notices Ragini who didn’t even see his face. On seeing Ragini his happiness knew no bounds he runs to her and hugs her.

Krish: Mom. Mom when did you come here?
Ragini looks all nervous at him while rest are shocked to see this. Ragini pushes him a little and Krish feels bad but that didn’t mean anything in front of the happiness that he felt on seeing his mother after 5 long years so he just ignores that push. In the mean time rest also come in giving a disbelieving look  to Suk and Manik as they were still fighting as usually on lame topic or say no topic. Aditi on seeing Ragini stands still at her position with shock clearly written on her face. While rest look confusingly at the scene in front of them. The uneasy silence disturbs Manik and Sukanya and they shut their respective mouths concentrating on the scenario in front of them as everyone’s eyes were fixed there.

Pinky: Ragini he is your son?
Ragini nervously looks at her but soon covers up: Are no Pinky mom not at all.
Krish is taken aback by her words: What happened mom did I do anything wrong. Are you angry with me. (He asks all innocently and then looks at Aditi.) Didi see mom is here after so long.
Aditi looks at him and then Ragini with anger in her eyes.
Shivaay: But Ragini you didn’t ever tell us about your children. You said that your husband use to hit you as you couldn’t give birth to kids.

Krish didn’t understand anything while Ragini was finding words in her defence.

Aditi curtly: No wonder we never exist for her. So how does it even matter that she introduces us or not. Could never expect anything better from you Miss. Malhotra. 
(She says last line to Ragini.)
Ragini: Mind your language Aditi.
Aditi: Oh even now I need to mind my language and you are free to say what you want to. But glad to know that you remember my name Miss. Malhotra I thought in these 5 years you forgot that also.
Ragini: Just shut up you…
Aditi roars angrily: Don’t you dear.
Krish: Didi why are you talking to mom like this. She has come after so many years to meet us to surprise us.

Aditi looks at him, at one side is her brother’s innocence which she doesn’t want to be affected and on other hand is her so called name sake mother whom she hates to the core.

Aditi: Krish let it be she isn’t here for us.
Krish pulling Ragini’s hand: Mom tell di that you are here for us tell her na. Tell her that she is misunderstanding you. Mom say something.
Ragini gets irritated by him and pushes him but Anika holds him at the nick of time.
Aditi almost pouncing at Ragini: How dear you even touch my brother?
OmRu hold Aditi before she hurts Ragini.
Shivaay: OmRu take her in.
OmRu nod and take Aditi in who is reluctant but they take her forcibly. Followed by rest of the kids whom Shivaay asks to leave.
Krish who wasn’t able to understand anything but was highly upset because of his mother’s actions and his sister’s anger confused him more. He started crying being in Anika’s arms who picks him up and hugs him to pacify him.

Shivaay: Why did you lie Ragini?
Ragini: Because of these two you are questioning me Shivaay, these two are liars.
She moves forward to slap Krish who hide his face in Anika’s neck bring scared but Shivaay comes in front of the duo.
Shivaay: Don’t you dear Ragini. Right now I don’t even care about you. But don’t you dear come near my family. If you even dear touch anyone I won’t spare you.
Pinky: O my Mata Shivaay for these kids you are hurting Ragini. So what if she lied maybe she had her own reasons.
Shivaay: Please mom, I don’t care about her truth and lie right now it’s about my family and no one has right to do any harm to them.
(to Anika) take Krish in room.
Anika nods and leaves with Krish hugging her more tightly and crying harder.
Pinky: Shivaay leave all this and come and decide a date.
Shivaay glaring Ragini angrily looks at Pinky: Date for what mom.
Pinky: For your engagement with Ragini.
Shivaay looks at her unbelievably: Mom stop pretending like nothing happened here. And about engagement who said that I am interested in Ragini, she has no place in my life. Yes, once we were friends but now that’s history nothing is between us.
Ragini: But Shivaay…
Shivaay stops her showing his hand: Please excuse me my family needs me.
Saying so he leaves.

Aditi: What the hell is she doing here?
Om: Adi beta please calm down and stop thinking about her Shivaay will handle her.
Aditi: How Om uncle? We are living our life happily without even disturbing her then what is her problem why does she always comes to our life to spoil it.
Om makes Aditi sit on bed and himself kneels down in front of her and holding her hand calmly tries explaining her.
Om: First of all Baccha you shouldn’t say like this I know she is wrong but my Baccha is a good girl. Secondly, you need to be strong for Krish. Thirdly, if you don’t want to talk to her or see her then don’t do no one will ask you to talk to her, no one will force you for anything. But please now stop showing your anger and if you are hurt then burst out your pain. Say whatever you want to nobody will say anything to you.
Aditi looks at him as he explains her lovingly and nods her head calming herself down. Rudra brings a glass of water and offers it to Aditi but she nods in no, Om takes the glass and makes Aditi drink the water. She chokes with emotions, the love and care shown by Om is so overwhelming that in an instant it touches Aditi’s heart after drinking water her eyes tear up.
Rudra: Aare Adi don’t cry, see if you will cry then how will I drink protein shake.
Om hits his head: Shut up duffer. You are a cry baby not my Baccha she is very brave and strong.
Aditi smiles seeing the duo. Both the brothers pull her in a hug.
Om: It’s okay Baccha.
Aditi: I am missing papa.
Om: You want to talk to him.
Aditi nods. Om  gives her his mobile and she dials the number and calls but the call doesn’t connects as phone is switched off. Her face becomes dull as she isn’t able to talk to her papa. It’s then when Shivaay enters.
Shivaay caring Aditi’s hair: How are you Aditi?
Aditi gloomily nods in okay.
Shivaay signals OmRu.
Om: She wants to talk to her papa but the phone is switched off.
Shivaay nods and sits beside Aditi.
Shivaay: Aditi papa might be busy or stuck somewhere he will call you as soon as he sees your missed call.
Aditi nods: Vo…
Shivaay: Ya say.
Aditi: Miss. Malhotra.

Om looks at her and the way she addressed Ragini reminds him of his and Tej’s relation, undoubtedly he could understand her pain and grief that’s the reason he and she shared such a unique bond.

Shivaay: Don’t worry beta we all are here for you she won’t say anything to you guys.
Aditi nods: And Krish.
Shivaay: He is with Anika she will take care of him.
Aditi sarcastically: How funny is it the one who should love us doesn’t even considers us and the one who has no relation with us loves us more then anything in the world.
Shivaay cares her back: It’s okay beta don’t worry things will surely sort out.
Aditi: No uncle they won’t because things are sorted when people on both the side want to sort them out but she will never feel bad for her deeds and I will never let her harm my family.
Shivaay: Hye that’s like my brave girl. Now just stop crying (he says rubbing her tears off) and be like my brave girl.
Aditi hugs him crying  even harder. Shivaay consoles her by rubbing her back.
Shivaay: It’s okay beta.
Aditi nods in no and in-between her sobs says: I am sorry for all the mess.

Shivaay pulls her on his lap and rubbing her tears says: Don’t you dear say that. And I don’t like my daughter’s crying they are much more brave then my sons.
Aditi finally smiles as Shivaay addresses her as his daughter and she hugs him while he pats her head to calm her down. On other hand both OmRu smile seeing the duo.
Shivaay: Okay Aditi now you change then we all will have lunch as you kids haven’t eaten anything since long you might be hungry.
Aditi nods.
Shivaay: So go and get changed.
Aditi: Okay baba.
Shivaay looks at her.
Aditi with a plane smile: Can I call you baba, you always remind me of my papa.
Shivaay nods happily and kisses her forehead and putting her down leaves the room with OmRu so that she can change.

Shivaay: Om I will go and check on Krish and Anika, where are other kids?
Om nods.
Rudra: Bhaiya don’t worry Chulbul Bhabhi and Bhavya have asked them to change and freshen up.
Om: Okay Shivaay you go to Bhabhi and we catch you three on the dinning table. If you want any help just call me up.
Shivaay nods.

Sukanya: How would be Aditi and Krish?
Gauri: Oh god Suk you have asked the same question 100 time in last 5 minutes. Bade bhaiya will take care don’t worry.
Manik throws his bag on the bed: That Nagini has spoilt our lives first babes and now Krish and Adi.
Sukanya: I won’t leave that Nagini once she meets me separately I swear on god that would be the worst day in her life.
Manik: If she messes with anyone again I will break her neck and roast her over coal. And after making her barbecue I will throw it.
Sukanya: What’s the need to make her barbecue just throw her like this only.

Gauri and Bhavya look at each other as they were listening to Sukanya and Manik’s blabbering since the time they have come as both were worried for Krish and Adi but Gauri and Bhavya didn’t allow them to go out.

Gauri being hell irritated: You both go and meet them only.
Sukanya getting up: Thanks choti ma.
Both rush out of the room.
Sukanya: Krish.
Manik: Aditi.
Both nod, Sukanya goes to Aditi and Manik to Krish.

Anika is pacing in the room to and fro with Krish in her arms his loud wails have turned into silent sobs and Anika’s many efforts failed to calm him down and he wasn’t even leaving Anika for a second he just keeps clinging to her as tightly as possible and keeps crying.
Shivaay enters the room and Anika mouths “Aditi” Shivaay ensures her that Aditi is okay and asks about Krish to which she nods in no.
Shivaay moves towards Anika and Krish and lightly pats Krish’s back but he doesn’t look at him.
Shivaay: Krish it’s me. Look at me please.
Krish nods in no and hugs Anika even tighter, to which Anika gives a helpless and sad look to Shivaay but he ensures her by blinking his eyes and moves at back so that he can face Krish.
Shivaay: Oh my boy is crying. You are toh superman how can you cry.
Krish makes a sad face but doesn’t reply.
Shivaay: Are Krish tell me what do you want to eat you were really hungry. I will make what you want.
Krish: I am not hungry.
Shivaay: That’s not fair Krish you told me when we were coming back that you are hungry and you want to eat sooooo much food. Now come on tell me what do you want to eat.
Anika sits on bed and makes Krish sit on her lap.
Anika: Krish you will eat pizza that’s your favourite right. Shivaay you make pizza, today Krish will eat his favourite pizza.
Shivaay nods: Okay I will make it but Krish will have to help me for that. Krish you will help me na.
Krish just hugs Anika and both ShivIka sigh seeing each other helplessly.

Knock… Knock…

ShivIka look at the door and find Manik there who pointing Krish asks about him and both nod in no, he asks for the permission to enter and the duo nod in agreement.

Manik: Krish yaar this is not fair you are complaining to my babes about me. But babes it wasn’t my mistake it’s Krish’s fault.
Krish looks at him narrowing his eyes as he completely forgot about their fight. Anika who notices this play along.
Anika pulling Manik’s ear: What did you do Mani?
Manik: What babes Krish didn’t tell you? (Anika nods in no and Mani sighs dramatically) Thank god.
It’s then when Krish remembers the school incident where by mistake Manik broke his bottle and this triggers him.
Krish: But I didn’t forget ma Mani bhaiya broke my bottle.
Shivaay: That was a mistake.
Manik: Ya babes.
Anika: Shut up two of you my son won’t lie to me . You both are lying and you two will get punishment also.
She says holding both Shivaay and Manik’s ear.
Krish: Yes ma punish them.
Anika: Okay, both of you do 20 sit ups tight now.
Shivaay & Manik: What?
Anika: Start it or I will increase the number. Come on. And Krish you start the counting and make sure they don’t cheat.
Krish nods and asks both of the to start. Being left with no option both start their sit ups making puppy face.

Krish: 1….2….3….4…………10………..15…….20…..

Krish claps his hand as their punishment gets completed while three of the rest sigh in relief seeing Krish back to normal. But what worried them was Ragini if she would be if she will be down even now then for sure Krish and Aditi’s mood will again spoil but putting all the thoughts to a halt they decide to go to dinning table.

They all walk out when they hear loud laughter from a room on the same floor. The laughter catches their attention so they go to the room only to find Sukanya and Aditi doing pillow fight and laughing loudly as the feathers from the pillow blow in air.

Anika: Hye bhagwan (Oh god!) what’s going on girls.
Sukanya gets up from bed and holding Anika’s hand starts rotating with her.
Anika: Have you lost it Sukanya what are you doing?
Sukanya: Dance mom, dance.
Anika: Leave me.
Sukanya nods and leaves Anika and again hops on the bed with Aditi who is already busy in throwing the feathers upwards.
Shivaay: Girls it’s time for lunch.
Aditi: Baba…
Saying so she throws feathers on Shivaay who makes an innocent face towards an angry Anika.
Anika: Get your daughters down I am leaving. Come on Krish and Mani.
Both follow her while Shivaay is left behind with Aditi and Sukanya to deal with them and get them down.



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