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Dring…. Dring….

Anika walks towards the door hearing the doorbell ring for the second time. The previous day with AWASTHI’S wasn’t only full of emotions but even full of joy and happiness. Creating millions of new memories. For the day it’s just Shivaay and Anika at home because both AWASTHI’S and SukArv insisted on staying together so SukArv stayed back with the AWASTHI’S. Anika plans on being lazy so she ordered food in the morning for Shivaay and herself planning on spending a day together with each other. After receiving the food she walks towards the kitchen and places the food in dishes and later she places the dishes on a trolley and walks towards the pool side.


Shivaay is arranging the couch and table to make it a bit more presentable and comfortable for the morning breakfast. All he has planned for the day is to stay in be with his wife and rest for entire day as the upcoming four days would be sightseeing days, so everyone forced him to take rest and here he is.

Anika brings food and both settle down to have their breakfast.

Shivaay: Anika….

Anika: Hmm….

Shivaay: What kind of wedding do you want? I mean destination wedding, wedding in which we invite celebs or….

Anika: Umm… (placing her head on Shivaay’s shoulder) Just the way you want. Wedding that’s with family and close friends only. I just want that our family should be happy. I don’t want any pomp and show just the way you don’t want any.

Shivaay smiles and kisses her over her hair: Still, don’t you have any dreams like those typical girls. Like a royal wedding. Fountains…. Some sort of aisle or something like the boy coming on horse. I mean…

Anika taps Shivaay shoulder: Apko mai typical ladkiyon ke jaisi lagti hun. Mai na khidkitod hun. Khidkitod Anika. Apki khidkitod Anika. So mere na aise koi faltu sapne nahi hain. Aur aapse Milne se pehle toh mujhe pyaar wyaar par bharosa hi nahi tha.

Shivaay nods: Par mujhe toh tumhe apni rani banana hai.

Anika gives him a confused look while he gets up and makes her stand by holding her hand.

Shivaay, forwarding a flower to Anika:

Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga

He swirls Anika and makes her back touch his chest and hugging her he twirls her:

Ban meri mehbooba
Main tenu Taj pawa dunga (x2)

Shivaay creases Anika’s face and gives her another flower, followed by another and yet another. Anika laughs out and lightly pats her head with flowers:

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Shahjahaan main tera
Tenu Mumtaj bana dunga

Shivaay picks Anika in bridal style and twirls around with her and the winks, making Anika to scrunch her eyes. Then he throws her in pool, shocking her. She looks upto him with angry eyes and turns away showing that she isn’t talking to him. While he sings:

Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga…

Shivaay gets into the pool and moves his hand over Anika’s shoulder making her feel Goosebumps:

Badan tere di khushboo
Mainu sohn na deve ni

Shivaay makes Anika turn towards himself and kisses her forehead and cheeks:

Raatan nu uth uth ke
Socha baare tere ni (x2)

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Haan karde tu mainu
Main duniya nu hila dunga

Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga…

Shivaay plays with water and sprinkles it on Anika who is hypnotised in the mesmerising kingdom of their love. Shivaay places soft kisses over Anika’s shoulder making her blush darkest shade of red:

Ishq bulava mainu
Tere naam da aaya ni
Tere piche duniyadari
Chhad main aaya ni (x2)

Both come out of the pool, while Shivaay holds Anika close to himself. Anika pushes him back, while Shivaay looks on shocked. Anika turns around and moves her hair to one side of her shoulder and turns a bit from the other and does some dance moves.

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Dil di hai jaagir
Te tera main naa likha dunga

Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga…

Anika holds Shivaay’s hand and jumps on the couch forcing him to come up with her. She madly moves her hair up and down while jumping on the couch. Shivaay looks on shocked but starts bouncing along with her as they dance madly on the tune.

Akhiyan nu rehn de
Akhiyan de kol kol
Akhiyan nu rehn de
Akhiyan de kol kol

Aaja ni aaja sohni
Aaja mere dil de kol
Aaja ni aaja sohni
Aaja mere dil de kol

Akhiyan nu rehn de
Akhiyan de kol kol…

Shivaay jumps down the couch and gets on his knees and forwards one hand for Anika who takes his hand and then Shivaay twirls her wildly. Both twirk together to the tune.

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Shahjahaan main tera
Tenu Mumtaj bana dunga

Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga

Both join their foreheads and smile ear to ear.


Atharv: Mamu are you sure.

Vatsalya: Chillofy man. I am sure as hell.

Pankhuri: I mean do you know that trespassing is a crime Mr. Maindak.

Vatsalya: You know I should have named you scared cat instead of Panda.

Sukanya: Stop it guys. If we have decided over this then we will definitely do this.

Vatsalya sharing hi-fi with Sukanya: That’s my girl. Btw Pankh and Atharv will you both be able to climb the wall.

Atharv murmurs: Since the day I have got Suk in my life I have become a Bandar only.

Sukanya who herd him lets out a chuckle but silences herself on receiving a glare from Atharv.

Suk: Chill na bhai.

Pankhuri: Fine… Fine… What’s the plan?

Vatsalya gives her weird looks.

Pankhuri: What? Don’t tell me, you don’t have a plan.

Vatsalya: Of course, not. Woman we aren’t going to do a robbery.

Pankhuri: Oh! Right. But what we are going to do is also a crime.

Sukanya: No. That’s not a crime.

She says trying to justify Vatsalya and herself.

Atharv: Oh really, sis. Then trespassing isn’t a crime in your book.

Sukanya: Umm…. No I didn’t mean that. But look wider aspect we aren’t really harming anything.

She slightly hits Vatsalya’s elbow asking him to help.

Vatsalya nods and continues: Of course. We pose no harm. We will just get in the house. Get to the swimming pool, swim for a while and then get out of the house.

Sukanya: Yup! But first we get into a taxi and ask him to follow a random car.

Atharv sardonically: WOW!!! What a plan.

Vatsalya: Come on stop cribbing after all that’s on your bucket list Pankh….

Pankhuri being carried off-guard couldn’t really reply: Ya…. But…

Vatsalya raises his eyebrows in victory.

Sukanya: Come on…. Let’s go now.

They walk outside the house.

Vatsalya: Okay…. Come on run and find a taxi.

They nod and run to the other end of the road pulling up their hoddies.

Vatsalya on spotting a taxi shouts to stop it: Stop….

The taxi comes to a halt and four of them hop in.

All of them together pointing at a random car: Follow that car.

All look at each other in mere astonishment but compose themselves from laughing. Taxi follows the other car and they end up at a posh locality and stops. The foursome gets out of the taxi and Vatsalya quickly pays the driver and they wait for the taxi to disappear.

Pankhuri: I don’t believe it I am doing this. It is so exciting. (She jumps up and down in excitement.)

Vatsalya holding her: Chillax madam, don’t wake everyone up and then forget this, we will end up rotting in jail. By how much I know my father he will never let me out of the jail.

Pankhuri punches him for saying something about their farther and yells an ouch but quietens himself.

Atharv: If you both are done then shall we.

All of them nod.

They walk upto a really huge bungalow and check for any indication of light or people around. As it was already around mid-night nobody was really present or up.

Sukanya: Shall we climb the wall.

Vatsalya: Yup! We should. But will you be able to climb up.

Sukanya: Trust me.

Vatsalya nods and his mouth remains hanging as he sees Sukanya climbs the wall like a monkey with in less then a second. While Pankhuri was in a position that she might faint at the very moment. Where as Atharv chuckles seeing Pankhuri and Vatsalya’s reaction.

Atharv climbing up the wall: When you guys are over with the shock, hop in but try making it quick for god’s sake. I don’t want to get caught.

Vatsalya and Pankhuri nod still being in trances of shock. Next is Pankhuri who conveniently takes like five minutes that too with Vatsalaya and kids help. Finally Vatsalya gets in.

Sukanya: Let’s search for the pool.

All nod and walk towards the other side and smile on finding the pool. One by one all of them remove their shoes and hoddies and slowly enter in the water making the least amount of sound as possible. They continue to swim for about twenty minutes.

Pankhuri: WOW! This is so much fun.

Pankhuri sprinkles water on Vatsalaya and kids and they sprinkle water back at her making a good amount of noise.

The noise makes the inhabitants of the place to switch on the lights and come out to check.

Atharv: Oh no. Somebody is up let’s get out of here.

All of them get out of the pool and picking up their shoes and hoddies run towards the place they had entered from. They throw their things out of the house and jump the wall together. Picking up their things they run bare foot till the end of the alley and then sit down around the corner. They heave a sigh of relief and then look at each other and chuckle. They wear their shoes and hoddies back. When they see a man in front of them holding a torch and wearing ragged clothes. They almost shot seeing him.

Man: Calm down, guys.

They all nod.

Man: What were you all doing here?

Vatsalya: Nothing much, just going back home.

Man nods accepting their words: Good. Don’t go near that bungalow.

He says pointing towards the bungalow.

All together ask sceptically: Why?

Man: It’s haunted.

Their eyes go wide.

Vatsalya gulping in: Wh…. Wha…. What????

Man: Yes…. Years back an old fat lady died in their waiting for her son and grandchildren, now whenever she sees anybody like them around she haunts them….

All of them shout together: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………….

They run and run and run out of the sight of the house, the man, the alley and they run untill they reach the house and plop on their beds and hide themselves under a blanket after closing their room.

Vatsalaya: Ghost….

Pankhuri: Of an old lady….

Atharv: Who is in search of her child…..

Sukanya: And grandchildren….

Gumnam Hain Koi Badnam Hain Koi
Kisko Khabar Kaun Hain
Woh Anjan Hain Koi
Gumnam Hain Koi Badnam Hain Koi
Kisko Khabar Kaun Hain
Woh Anjan Hain Koi
Gumnam Hain Koi
Kisko Samaje Ham Apna
Kal Kaa Nam Hain Ek Sapna
Kisko Samaje Ham Apna
Kal Kaa Nam Hain Ek Sapna
Aaj Agar Tum Jinda Ho Toh
Kal Ke Liye Ke Liye Mala Japna
Gumnam Hain Koi Badnam Hain Koi

They all are screeching in fear as they hear horror voices and music.

Atharv makes facing hearing the song: What the hell?

Vatsalya being shocked and confused: What???

Atharv: We are in New York….

Sukanya being confused as well as irritated: So????

Atharv: Then how come Hindi Bollywood song is being played in bg.

Pankhuri: Right…

Vatsalya: What right??? From when did ghost started differentiating between Hindi and English songs….

Pankhuri hits Vatsalya with her pillow: Idiot it’s your phone.

Vatsalya makes an oops face and switches off his phone. All sigh in relief and lay down.



Anika: Who is this?

Shivaay: I have absolutely no idea. Maybe, kids. I will go and check.

Anika nods and Shivaay goes and opens the door.



He is greeted by numerous people wishing him and with all the shouting Anika too comes out and is surprised seeing THE OBEROI & MALHOTRA CLAN.

Both Shivaay and Anika are shocked, they are happy but shocked too.

Gauri: Bhaujai… Kaise ho aap?

Gauri greets Anika with a hug, who reciprocates with a smile. All greet each other and then settle down in the living room.

Shivaay: Alright I don’t mean to offend, what gets you all here.

All look at each other nervously but are cut by an anxious Manik.

Manik: Cut it man. Where are my two idiots?

Shivaay turns to him and rolls his eyes: Well the two of them….

Sukanya and Atharv together entering the house: We are home mumma and papa….

The duo rushes towards the living room, with Awasthi’s following them with a smile on their face.


Wedding bells….

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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