ENTWINED BY FAITH.. PART 35.. By Shivika22kapoor

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Hye!!! Buddies…. This is Shivika back after a really long time.

Firstly, a big THANK YOU….. For such a heart warming response in the previous update and all the people out there who think I have forgotten them, may I punch you guys…. Seriously, peeps I haven’t forgotten anyone of you it’s just that I got highly occupied with my exams….


Peeps! I am sorry to the ones who want me to continue from where Amore di left because I can’t as I don’t know what she had planned because she had changed the track according to her convince.

Okay guys you may find first few parts a little boring as I am picking up the story from where I left and Amore di has written this part but as I can’t afford to skip for the continuation. Please manage but I promise to make the forthcoming parts more exciting.

Any form of request or suggestion please drop in the comments box and only give me a dm if it’s really urgent then do inform me in the comments section so that I check my private message box as I often don’t open it owing to the windows phone where in the wattpad app the message box is barely accessible so if there is some urgent message I shall use some other phone.

Please….. Please…. Do comment as I really need a boost of motivation which I shall get only from your guys comments.
Thank you for your support till date…

@PART 35…


Sukanya adorably looks around the room as she fixes a few pictures on her picture wall, these were latest pictures of her with her family from the day she has come to Mumbai. This is her new own room and the love with which her father has decorated it for her and maintained it since 15 years makes her heart swell. She quickly ends sticking the pictures on the wall and clumsily picks up her bag and throws it on the bed.
Sukanya holding the teddy bear that Manik gifted her: Hye! Zee… (teddy bear’s name) you know there is so much to pack but I don’t want to leave.
She hugs her Zee and then looks at her travel bag with annoyance and tucking her hair behind her ear starts throwing her clothes in her bag, soon she gets vexed with the idea of leaving her family and going to Dehradun so she leaves her room and walks to the pool side as a door from her room opened at the pool side. She dips her feet in the pool and hugging Zee sits their itself.
Shivaay who was passing by notices her and goes and sits beside her. He places his hand around her shoulder as she places her face on his chest.
Shivaay: Umm…. Unwilling to go back.
Sukanya nods in agreement.
Shivaay: Come on Baccha, it’s just a matter of one month, give your exams well and then there will be no need to go anywhere.
Sukanya: It’s easy for you to say, but I can’t leave all of you again, after so many years I have got my family and now you are asking me to leave. You always hear mumma…. I hate you.
She says turning to other side being annoyed with Shivaay as he agreed with Anika to let them end their exams in Dehradun.
Shivaay chuckles hearing her and then with serious voice he asks: So you really think it will be easy for me.
Sukanya looks at him and huffs in disagreement giving in as she knows it’s equally difficult.
Shivaay: Doll, your exams are important or I would have never sent my daughter away.
Sukanya: I am hating these exams so much for the very first time.
Shivaay smiles and caring her hair asks affectionately: What’s disturbing you Baccha?
Sukanya: Papa, I am…. I….
She cups her face with her palm as few tears drop down her eyes, Shivaay hugs her and rubs her back.
Shivaay: Shh…. Calm down, don’t worry this time nobody can separate us, nobody means nobody.
Sukanya: How can you be so sure…
Shivaay: Trust me doll, this separation is only for a month and nothing much. We shall talk everyday, I promise you.
Sukanya nods half heartedly as Shivaay hugs her and tries cajoling her.
Shivaay: You know doll, I have missed a huge part of your life but this time I won’t let anybody come between us.
Sukanya: Liar…. You have let these exams come between us.
Shivaay chuckles at her reply as well as her cute puppy face and kisses her forehead.
Shivaay: Trust me…. Can you?
Sukanya hugging him: Don’t ask silly questions papa. I will miss you.
Shivaay: I won’t let you miss me as we will talk alot and rest of the time you will be occupied with your studies. Just quickly give these exams so that you come back here soon.
Sukanya nods in affirmation.
Shivaay: Now come on, it’s nearly time and seeing your room I don’t think so you have packed well.
Sukanya giggle and both leave to her room so that she ends up stuffing her bags.

Anika enters Atharv’s room only to find him lost in his own world she cares his hair with motherly affection and he looks at her.
Anika: What are you thinking Athu?
Atharv hugs her waist: Don’t go ma, please.
Anika smiles and creases his hair: Look at me Athu.
Atharv raises his face and turns towards her.
Anika wipes his tears: Athu, you are my strength and my strength shouldn’t cry like this.
Atharv cuts her: Mumma….
Anika: Shh… Listen Athu, even I don’t want to go leaving you Baccha, but there are two reasons for me to go. One is known to all of you very well but I will tell you the other one too, promise me you will neither tell this to anybody nor disobey me.
Atharv nods being confused.
Anika sits besides him and continues: Athu, after all the mess created few days back your Pinky dadi really needs some time to get over everything….
Atharv cuts her and says with stern voice: She isn’t my dadi.
Anika: Athu, don’t talk like your papa. I know you are angry at her and your anger is justified also but relations aren’t broken like this Athu, it takes an entire life to build relations and they can’t be broken just by you saying that. I know you are angry with her and I won’t stop you from doing what you want but remember one thing Baccha, don’t end up doing something in your anger that you will regret for it through out your life.
Atharv looks at her and on seeing sternness and genuineness on her face he nods, he nods with a smile, it is like a dream come true for him. He has always wished to have his mother by his side to love him with all her heart, to praise him at his achievements, to motivate him at his downfalls and to scold him when he goes wrong and today she is scolding him and this scolding of a mother also fells so sweet to him that he smiled at her.
Anika: Athu, why are you smiling now.
Atharv hugs her: I missed you ma, nobody ever scolded me like this. Only when choti ma use to be with me then she use to scold me whenever I use to do something wrong but accept that never.
Anika’s eyes tear up but she fights back her tears and kisses Atharv’s forehead: Great, you have amazing skills to make your mom stop you from scolding.
Both chuckle looking at each other.
Anika: Accha now listen to me Athu, you will not taunt or say anything wrong to your Pinky Dadi. Promise me.
She says forwarding her pinky finger although Atharv’s mind shouted to say no his heart became adamant at hearing to his mom so he agreed and promised her.
Atharv: Did Pinky Dadi ask you to leave.
Anika smiles and nods in disagreement: No Athu, she didn’t all I think is we all need a little time, a little time to come over with this disaster of our life. Aryan too needs time and these exams are good enough an excuse for all of us to once bid a final goodbye to our previous life’s and move on with changes. We all shall mentally prepare ourselves.
Atharv innocently: But I don’t need time, I want to be with all of you.
Anika smiles: Me too. But many others need time and it’s just a matter of one month, it shall fly away at jet’s speed and you won’t even realise that.
Atharv nods.
As soon as they end with their topic they hear a voice calling for them as the time to bid a temporary good bye had arrived.
Atharv: Are you sure.
Anika nods with watery eyes and hugs him, kisses his forehead and takes him down along with her.
Shivaay and Sukanya were already waiting for them, Sukanya, Aditi and Krish were exchanging greetings with everyone as all the kids were crying and they promised them to stay in contact and they shall reunite soon. Anika too greets everyone followed by Aryan, Abeer, Meher and Manik.
Aryan touches dadi’s feet while dadi hugs him: Aryan, take care of yourself and kids and come back soon.
Aryan nods: Don’t worry dadi.
Aditi hugging Om: Chote papa, I don’t want to leave. I have never been with my family but I want to be with all of you.
Om wiping her tears: Hye Adu, don’t cry Baccha and where are you going just to Dehradun and that to only for exams, after a month you will be back that’s all. Just relax and don’t cry. I can’t see my baby crying please.
Aditi wipes her tears as Om kisses her forehead and spells “That’s my girl.”
Sukanya entangles her hand with Atharv’s and both become reluctant at leaving each other while Gauri and Bhavya were highly reluctant at leaving Anika, Anika hugs both of them and then OmRu followed by the kids. As she approaches Shivaay both of their eyes showed many emotions they had love in them, faith, pain, smile and alot more. Shivaay envelops his arms around her back and kisses her forehead.
Shivaay: Take care.
Anika nods: You too.
Shivaay: Come on Suk, it’s time to go Baccha.
Sukanya nods in disagreement while Atharv tightens his hold on her hand.
Atharv: Papa…. Please….
Shivaay: Atharv, she will be back soon. Come on now don’t see off them with your clown like face, smile.
Atharv: Papa it’s not funny.
Sukanya hugs him as he reciprocates the hug even more tightly both leave the hug.
Sukanya to Om: Om papa, please convince mumma papa na…
Om hugs her and kisses her forehead: Suk, give your exams well and then nobody will stop you from doing anything and that’s my promise. Please Baccha, don’t go being upset. At least smile once.
Sukanya nods in no and looks at Rudra who hugs her.
Rudra: Suk I too don’t want you to go but your atyachari baap has become hitler now a days.
Shivaay looks being astounded at him while Sukanya finally laughs out hearing him and hugs him.
Sukanya: I will miss you Rudy pa.
Rudra: Me too.
Shivaay: Come on now, stop this or you will miss your flight.

All nod. Om looks at Shivaay and signals him towards Aryan for which Shivaay nods in agreement. Three of the brothers walk to Aryan and Shivaay places his hand on Aryan’s shoulder, Aryan looks up. The amount of affection in eyes of four of the brothers is so intense that the words aren’t needed to express what their heart feels, four of them just hug each other without saying anything. There silence in itself is enough ensuring. As they release the hug all of them walk to the car. Aditi and Krish hug Shivaay as both were annoyed with him as he too had agreed to send them off but now none of them could bear leaving the other at least not by upsetting each other.
Aditi: I will miss you baba.
Krish: Me too.
Shivaay smiles and kisses both of them: Me three. But give your exams well and then come back soon as fast as possible. Promise.
Both nod. After few more minutes of greetings they all leave towards the airport and board their flight back.

It has been one full week and exams are knocking all the kids and parents out of their wits. While the scenario isn’t only that it even includes all kids being highly upset with ShivOmRu, Rudra found it really unreasonable of others to drag him with his brothers although he wasn’t at fault, but the brothers “one for all and all for one rule” can at times get you in mess too.
Presently, Shivaay has been given duty to help Advik for his maths exam but poor Shivaay is even busy pondering over how to calm down all the kids.
Shivaay: This is pathetic.
Advik being irked shuts his book and glares Shivaay who murmurs a silent sorry.
Shivaay: Please help me Adu…
Advik breaths out: There is only one way.
Shivaay: Say…
Advik: Surprise…
Shivaay being confused: What surprise???
Advik: Go and surprise badi ma, Suk di, Aditi, Krish and everyone. Go with Atharv bhaiya as rest of us are hooked up with exams but he is free. Just go and surprise them. Everyone will forgive you.
Shivaay: Are you sure.
Advik: 110%.
Shivaay happily hugs him as both fall on the bed only, on which they were previously sitting.
Advik: Urr… Bade papa…. Questions….
Shivaay: Oh ya. Let’s do them first or if Gauri came in she won’t spare either of us.
Advik chuckles and nods seeing Shivaay scared.

Atharv is working on laptop when Shivaay enters, the click of door distracts Atharv and gazing at the intruder he makes an annoyed face and gets back to his laptop, making Shivaay chuckle at his angry son. He goes and sits besides Atharv who without paying any heed concentrates on his work.
Shivaay: Mr. Angry bird, stop wasting your time in useless things and go pack your bags.
Atharv: Why am I going to hell?
Shivaay: Umm…. Well people call it heaven but if you want to call it hell it’s your choice.
Atharv looks at Shivaay from periphery of his eyes and seeing the smug expression turns to Shivaay giving his undivided attention to him and asks raising his single brow: What do you mean?
Shivaay sitting back comfortably: DEHRADUN….
Atharv in shocked state re-questions: What? Are you serious.
Shivaay nods and Atharv hugs him: You are best papa….
Shivaay: Okay…. Now pack your bags so that we leave tomorrow morning.
Atharv: Why not right now?
Shivaay: Idiot, tomorrow is Suk, Mani, Aditi and Krish’s first exam if we go right away they will get distracted and you too need time to pack your bags. And ya one more thing.
Atharv: Carry on.
Shivaay: Don’t tell this to anyone this is a surprise.
Atharv: Oh…. You are so restless to meet mom….. Not bad papa….
He says winking at Shivaay who looks on shocked and before he could do anything Atharv runs away making him laugh.
Shivaay: Idiot…..
Of course….
He smiles and leaves the room.


Keep smiling,
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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