#Enmity to Love #Riansh #5 Riddhima discloses hers and Aryan’s story in front of Kunal

Hey guys..I have received a wonderful response for the last episode for which I am very very happy. Now , I will write more beautifully..Thanks all for supporting and reading my ff. 

Episode begins with..,

They all are heading towards VR Mansion. 

Then , Kunal asks Riddhima,”Ridz , Where is Aryan ? You haven’t talked about him for a few days..” 

Riddhima remains quiet. 

Vansh : He broke with her . 

Kunal : Really ? 

Riddhima nods. 

Kunal : What happened ? 

Vansh smirks. 

Vansh : I also asked her but she didn’t tell me..

Kunal : You both are enemies that’s why she didn’t tell you..

Vansh : Maybe..

Kunal : Riddhima..Tell naa…

Riddhima : Bhai please…

Kunal : Riddhima , if you won’t , I will tell mom . 

He smirks. 

Riddhima : Blackmailing…

Vansh and Kunal give each other hi-fi .

Riddhima : Accha , I am telling..But promise me you won’t tell anybody else. 

Kunal : Promise..

Vansh : Me too..

Riddhima : OK…A few days earlier ..Me and Aryan were sitting with each other at his house  , holding hands. We both were talking about something..

Kunal : What were you talking about ? 

Riddhima : Sorry , can’t tell now,May I continue ? 

Kunal : Ya ..

Riddhima : Then , I  left for home. I was on my way to home..Then I realised , I forgot my watch there..I turned the car and went to his home. I saw the door opened ..I entered inside and saw a girl with Aryan ..I was very angry ..I went back home , packed all the gifts given by Aryan and then again went to his house. I threw the gifts on them . Aryan felt sorry but I didn’t forgive him. I took my watch and came home. If I wouldn’t have forgotten my  watch I wouldn’t be able to know his truth ..

She starts sobbing. 

Kunal : Riddhima don’t cry …Listen..Forget that and live a new life..

Riddhima : I tried but I think I need someone..

Kunal : We will together look for that guy ..

Riddhima : Thanks bhai !

Vansh : If your emotional drama is over , then VR Mansion came..

Kunal : Hm..

They all get down from the car and enter VR Mansion. Siya comes. 

Siya : Riddhima, what about our class ? 

Riddhima : I will start your treatment in about 30 mins..

Siya : Ok..(pause , she notices Kunal ) Hey Kunal , you are back…Riddhima , he is Bhai’s best friend..Kunal .

Riddhima , Vansh and Kunal start laughing..

(Siya is unaware of the fact that Kunal is Riddhima’s brother)

Siya : Will you tell me ? 

Vansh : If you will introduce any sister to his brother..Then we will laugh only..

Siya : What !? (looks at Riddhima ) Seriously ? 

Riddhima nods. 

Siya : I wonder if Bhai and Riddhima are enemies, and Bhai and Kunal are friends..Kunal is Riddhima’s brother..What’s this going on ? 

Vansh looks at Kunal , Kunal gestures Vansh not to tell . 

Vansh : Siya , I am thirsty, same as Kunal and Riddhima are..Please give us some water.

Siya goes to bring water. They all sit on the sofa. 

Riddhima : Thank god ! Vansh didn’t answer..

Vansh : You should thank me..

Riddhima : Never.

Vansh : Hey..

Siya brings water..They drink it.

Siya : Bhai..How much do you love me ? 

Vansh : That much ..I hate Riddhima..

Siya , Vansh and Kunal laugh. Riddhima pinches Vansh and Kunal . 

Siya : Bhai..

Vansh : What work do you have ? 

Siya : I and Ishani want to play Truth and Dare..

Vansh : OK..Let’s play.

Kunal : Me too..Coming..(to Riddhima) You won’t come ? 

Riddhima : No ..

Kunal : Pakka ? 

Riddhima : Ya 

Kunal tickles her. She agrees. 

They go into the room to play. 

Ishani : If this side of the bottle comes that person will dare/ answer the questions..And if that comes then that person will choose what to give dare/ or what questions..We will do it only 2 times..Then , game over..Next day..Got it ? 

Everyone nods. 

Ishani rotates the bottle. It lands on Kunal and Siya..Kunal has to give dare/ or to ask ..and Siya has to do that/answer..

Kunal : Siya , you choose ? 

Siya : Truth ..

Kunal : 2 questions..Ques 1 : Siya can you walk ? 

Siya : Obviously not..And why are you doubting me ? 

Kunal : I saw a movie in which a girl was like you but she was acting as if she can’t walk but she could..

Siya : I am not like her..

Kunal : Seriously ? 

Siya : Ypp

Kunal : 2nd..Do you have a boyfriend ? 

Siya  : Umm….mmm..

Kunal : Means yes..

Siya : No..

Kunal : Truth ? 

Siya : I don’t have a boyfriend..

Kunal : Vansh, record her statement..

They all laugh..

Ishani spins the bottle that now lands on Riddhima and Ishani . 

Ishani has to ask/give a dare , Riddhima has to answer/ do it..

Ishani : Riddhima , you choose ? 

Riddhima thought,”If I chose dare and they gave me something I couldn’t do..Then..”

Ishani waves hand..

Riddhima : Truth..

Ishani : Ques 1 : What is the reason behind your and Vansh bhai’s enemy..

Riddhima looks at Vansh..

Riddhima : Hey..Ishani I told you dare..

Ishani : No..I will ask from bhai…(to Vansh) Bhai , what did she choose ? 

Vansh : Dare..

Ishani (to Kunal) : Kunal bhai , you tell the truth…

Kunal : Riddhima told dare only..

Ishani : Ughh..Siya..

Vansh interrupts : Be quick..

Ishani whispers to Riddhima. 

Riddhima :This is too much ! I won’t ..

Ishani : Hey..You can’t..

Riddhima : Uff..

Kunal : Will you tell us what is  the dare ? 

Ishani : Riddhima can’t say no , never etc..etc..till tomorrow..

( Dare credit to : RiyaVaghani and Seanna ..Thank you so much both of you) 

Siya : Ishani , you have a great mind..
Ishani : Hnaa..

Riddhima receives a call . 

Riddhima : Excuse me ! 

She goes. They all plan to irritate Riddhima as she can’t say no ,not etc..etc..

Riddhima comes. 

Riddhima : Siya , shall we begin ? 

Siya : Yes..

Siya and Riddhima go to Siya’s room .Riddhima teaches Siya some exercises. After 45 mins , Kunal knocks. Riddhima goes . 

Riddhima : Yes..

Kunal : Riddhima , now let’s have snacks..

Riddhima : Ok..

They all gather in the hall. 

Ishani : Riddhima , we have heard that  you make very delicious Paneer Tikka..Can you make it now ?

Riddhima : N…

Siya (interrupts) : Dare..

Riddhima : Hhh!! Ok..

She goes to make Paneer Tikka. After a few minutes, she is done..She brings it and serves it to all . 

Vansh : Riddhima ..You forgot to bring green chutney 

Riddhima  brings it and gives. 

Vansh : Riddhima , coffee ? 

Riddhima : Going ! 

Kunal : Wait..I prefer not to put sugar

Vansh : But I put.

Ishani : I don’t put..

Siya : I put.

Riddhima : Ok..

She goes. 

In the kitchen ,

Riddhima : You all will trouble me..Now see. 

She was to make 5 cups (including her)  of coffee. She only makes 4 cups (not for her) and puts 5 spoons of sugar in that..And then she makes separate 1 cup coffee for herself.She then goes to serve it and..

To be continued..


Read the next episode , one secret will be  revealed..

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