#Enmity to Love #Riansh #37 In India (Last episode)

Riddhima : Vansh, enough for now, sleep..

Vansh : As you say queen..

Riddhima smiles . They both sleep..

After 5 months,

Two babies crying are heard . One boy and one girl. Vansh and Riddhima both come running .

Vansh : What happened my dear Vari ? (picks the baby girl in his arms)

Riddhima : And Riddhish you ? Why are you crying ?? (pics the baby boy in her arms)

Then, they both make Vari and Riddhish quiet..

Riddhima : Vansh, pack up bags…

Vansh : Why is it always me ?

Riddhima : Don’t remember the day before our 2nd wedding ?

Vansh : Still..

Riddhima : Think or..

Vansh : I am going..

Riddhima giggles. They both pack their bags and four of them reach India.

In India :

XYZ Cafe..

Uma, Arohi , Deep , Anand, Ishani , Kunal and Siya reach the cafe. ( Ishani – Kunal are married and have one child Ishnal )They meet each other.

Uma : Arohi, how come you all here ?

Arohi : Riddhima called us and you ?

Uma : Vansh called us..

The waiter comes and shows them their seat .They all sit, Vansh and Riddhima come carrying their babies and have put their arms in each other’s. Their family members are surprised seeing them like this. They move to them.

Arohi : Riddhima, this vermillion ? Nuptial chain ?

Riddhima : Mom , a wife wears these types of things only, see Ishani, Uma mom , you yourself..

Uma : Mom ?

Vansh : Ofcourse, your daughter-in-law will call you mom only..

Deep : What is this ?

Siya : Please explain to us..

They both explain.

Ishani : Oh wow…But why didn’t you tell us ?

Kunal :Right..

Riddhima : We told now..actually we weren’t to tell you..but still..

They both laugh. Uma holds Vari in her hands and Deep holds Riddhish .

Arohi : Anand, say something..I also want to pick up them..

Anand : Have patience..

Then, Arohi- Anand pick them..

Ishani : So , you are going back to London ?

Vansh : Who said ?

Ishani : You are staying here ?

Vansh : Who said ?

Riddhima : Me…

Vansh : Ok then..

Ishani : Bhai, you agreed to her..

Riddhima : Because..I kept a condition to marry him if he will agree to me..

Vansh : Don’t lie..

Riddhima : Seriously ? I am lying ? Then , this baby ?

Vansh : O please Riddhima…

Arohi : One more child ?

Riddhima nods and blushes.

Vansh : Riddhima in these months,you have killed me 989 times..

Siya : What ??

Riddhima : Shut up Vansh..Don’t tease me..

Vansh : As you say, sweetheart..

Siya : Sweetheart ?

Vansh : Siya don’t tease her, only I have that right, right sweetheart ?

Riddhima : Yeah..

They both smile.

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