Are you enjoying the London track in YHM?

Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has got a new twist on it’s London track.

Raman takes Ishitha to London as a surprise for her. They enjoy in London, while Raman slowly regains his memory.

Meanwhile, Adi and Romi also head towards London to enjoy, leaving their wives behind.

However, Aliya (Adi’s wife) and Mihika (Romi’s wife) come to know about this from Shagun. So, Aliya decides to visit London with Shagun to catch Adi, while Mihika stays in Bhalla house to take care of Pihu.

Ultimately Raman, Ishitha, Adi, Romi, Aliya and Shagun meet each other in London along with Roshini, who works as a tourist guide there.

Throughout the London trip, Ishitha meets a mysterious woman, who wears a black jacket covering her face and is revealed to be a spirit following Ishitha.

Mihika is warned by Bhavna about the evil spirit following Ishitha , but she fails to inform her.

Unfortunately Ishitha gets possessed by the spirit, adding more twists to the drama.

So, are you enjoying the London track in YHM? Share your opinions below.

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  2. Riana

    Pari i was to give dislike but sadly i gave like !!…?
    Its absolutely a disgusting and wackyyy trackkk !!…
    I am absolutely hating this show now…Why always ishita had to suffer !!…Utter nonsense ! ????

    1. Priyu

      It’s ok Riana di. No problem ?

  3. Yaar mujhe lagaa ki star plus andh vishwa se related koi bhi cheez nahi dikhati i know ki diya aur baati hum,koi laut ke aaya hai, mein aisa andh vishwa track aaya tha but I never thought yhm aisi track leke aayegi.this kind of superstition tracks was encouraged by sony tv,zee tv and colors but not star plus.
    Ab isske baad punar janam track leke aaoge kya iss show mein.

  4. Star Plus have ruined this light hearted serial filmed in London by constant warnings of of This programme is a work of fiction and has no basis in reality . Star India and the channel does not endorse , encourage or support blind belief.

    Is your audience that stupid ???!!!
    Seriously this is not necessary and makes a fool out of the intelligence of your audience.
    There is no need to put this kind of message, you are insulting the intelligence of your audience.

    1. Roopal u don’t know what happened before.this kind of issue arised before too I don’t remember what channel it is.for showing this kind of superstitions on the channel, that channel got almost banned by some people who didn’t like this kind of superstitions in the serial. Because of that issue all channels started to give this kind of constant instructions before one show starts or in between when there is superstitions act or any kind of act like abusing women or any kind which can make audiences angry for showing that act like abusing women or any kind on the channel.
      They are doing for a purposes not to fool audiences.

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