We are engaged (Part 6)

Hello guys shruti is here. Welcome to my beautiful thriller story on manan. I hope u are liking my ff. Lets start.

Upto now

Manik comes to console nandini who is feeling bad that her fixed her marriage without her permission & not even informed her. She showed all her anger on him.

“Why do you care a*sh*le ? ” i said to him.

He froze but snapped back to reality.

“Because i. …we are engaged & going to get married soon. ” He smirked & gently brushed his index finger under my chin.

I slapped his finger away.

“Dnt dare to touch me, a*sh*le. ” i said & sent him dagger looks, but only his smirk got bigger.

I am going to hate him so much i thought.

“Move i want to swing” i commended.

“I don’t obey commends” he said trying to be a wise guy.

“Then learn how to” i said & started swinging. I kicked him several times & he moved every time. He eventually gave up & sat on the swing next to me.

There was silent for a moment & i feel peace.

Finally, I am away from the problem i thought & took a deep breath.

When i started to feel really bored i got up & went back to home. While going home i looked back & saw that he was following me.

I looked ahead & stopped. He comes beside me.

“What do u want?” I asked him.

“I don’t need anything ” he said.

“Then stop following me, stalker. ” i said to him.

“I have to make sure u are okay ” he said.

“Atleast don’t follow me like my tail. I want to go home ALONE. Do you know the meaning of ALONE? Or should I explain you. U can come after i went ok”. I shouted at him & didn’t wait for his answer & leaved to my house.

I walked up to the house but i stopped outside & i could hear their conversation.

“Yes…” i heard my father said.

“It will be better if they live together. What do u say?” A woman’s voice said. I guess it was manik’s mom.

“Maybe you are right” my mom agreed sadly.

“We have to focus them to get as close to each other as soon as possible. ..”

I couldn’t take it anymore & i opened the door & their conversation stopped. They stared at me.

” I am sorry nandu now…” my mom said.

“I know i hear you guys. You want me to go. I am going to go now. You want me to do something that I never wanted. I understand mom & dad.” I said bitterly, looking at manik, behind me.

“Nandu beta i…” mom started.

“I don’t want to hear it. Mom, you know i wanted to be a single for the rest of my life. I told you that. ..that i don’t want to marry anyone. I have told you y are u forcing me now? ” i asked her.

She responded but i didn’t have the heart to listen. I went to my room & locked the door & cried in silence.

Someone knocked the door & i screamed “go away. I don’t want to see anyone ” & threw down all the things in my room. I don’t care if it is my mom or dad or maybe the guest or even manik.

I sat there & cried for maybe an hour or it seems to be an hour. I grabbed my suitcase, i know that they were still down there. I could here there voice.

There was no point talking to them. They have planned everything & they will not change no matter what happens.

I opened suitcase & threw everything in & i didn’t care how messy it was. When every thing was packed i locked door & fall asleep on my bed.

The next time I woke up & i was in plane.

“Why i was in plane?” I asked.

I looked next to me & saw manik. I looked otherside nobody was there just me & manik.

“Good. You are awake. ” manik said suddenly causing me to jump.

“Why i am in plane?” I asked.

“Because you are moving to my house ” he explained.

“Wasn’t i in my room? ” i asked.

“Your mother has the key so she unlocked the door & I CARRIED YOU TO THE PLANE “. He said that last part louder & smirked. I rolled my eyes.

Thats it for today. Thanq guys. Please comment.

  1. Lovely update dear. . .For what up to Manik parents n Nandu parents…N wen u wil break d suspense yar…Eagerly waiting for nxt update.

    1. Shrukar

      I am sorry for making u wait ashwini but its important & i will reveal it soon. Thanks for your love dear ?

  2. Inu

    Superb epi. Awesome. That last part was so mast.

  3. raji-tamil magal

    i wish u to reveal the truth quick as possible.. but the supense u maintain in ur ff na tats really interesting.. and plzz update regularly ma plzzz… i hav no patience…. eagerly waiting for nxt episode…update soon plzzz

    1. Shrukar

      Thanks raji & sure i will update soon. ?

  4. Please update the flash back soon. I have been dying to read it. The suspence is killing me shruthi. And about the ff its fab but not more than you.

    1. Shrukar

      That was so sweet dia thanks for the comment & compliment too. Yes i will reveal truth soon. ?

  5. Nice suspense…

    1. Shrukar

      Thanks tanu ☺

  6. I loved the last part most. … it seemed so romantic. … the way of ur description was really nice. …pls update soon. … don’t make us wait so long… take care ?

    1. Shrukar

      I am so sorry for the late luna & i will update soon thanq. ?

  7. If possible please update regularly. ??????

    1. Shrukar

      Sure mithila thanq ☺

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