We are engaged (Part 13)

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Here we go.

Upto now nandini after fighting with manik being tired rested for sometime & next day she experienced special treatment by maidens & also came to know that manik has a brother.

“Oh no, you didn’t just. ..i mean really? ” Sunny said.

“Ya what’s the problem in that? ” i asked her.

“Nothing i didn’t know that there was people that takes only 20 mins to. ….”

“No time we have to hurry. ” Vinnie said.

They quickly took my hand to set me down infront of the mirror. I looked different instead of just black hair my hair looks shiny & is so soft. I even looked more relaxed than usual. I felt like it was magic that washed over me making me beautiful in just a second. It was hard to believe that the girl was me.

These maids didn’t even have the time to look at me in mirror. They just worked and worked and worked still talking. I didn’t even listen to them about what they are saying this time. I was just staring at mirror who is becoming more and more beautiful by each second. They helped me put on a light dress which is not too fancy. Then they helped me put on my makeup.

“You are done” exclaimed vani.

“Oh, thank you. I never – how can I thank you?” I asked.

“Oh its nothing. I could do this everyday.”said vani.

“Oh no. We have 10 more minutes left.” Exclaimed vinnie.

“I have got the shoe ” exclaimed sunny.

“High heels? ” I asked. They nodded.

“No i can’t. I can’t walk on high heels. ”

“I will try to find another pair ok.”sunny ran to room. I can’t walk on high heels but i tried and ended up by twisting my ankle.

She ran back with a pair of flats. “Here” I quickly slipped it on & went to dining room.

Everyone was waiting for me.

“Sorry for the delay ” I said looking at Mr and Mrs Malhotra.

“It’s ok” manik said and my eyes drifted over to meet his. I stared at him & he got up & helped me to my seat. I felt weird. I felt i never belong to here. My eyes drifted over everyone.

“Everything is ready to eat ” said Mrs Malhotra. She snapped her fingers & all of the maidens came in with trays of food in their hands & placed down. They were beautifully arranged & my mouth watered a little. I realised how hungry i was & my memories of this afternoon were forgotten.

“Nandini, darling , welcome yourself to eat. You didn’t even touch the food yet & 2 mins have passed.” Said Mrs Malhotra. I nodded.

“Is not your kind of appetite? ” Mr Malhotra asked.

“No no no it is. I just don’t know what to eat first. Everything seems so delicious. ” I said.

Everyone laughed.

“Just get everything you like. You have to eat something before taking medicine ” Mr Malhotra said & i started eating.

“Oh, darling we forgot to tell you. Manik’s brother is coming after 3 days. His name is jay. ” said Mrs Malhotra. I looked at her.

“Ya he is coming to stay for a few days right?” Manik asked. Mr Malhotra nodded.

We talked about jay & his girlfriend. By the time dinner was over i was extremely tired.

“Don’t forget to take your medicine ” Mr Malhotra said as he went upstairs.

I went to the kitchen to get a cup of water before taking the medicine.

“How was it? ” Manik asked me in the kitchen.

“Great just little tired.” I said. “Now get out of my way. I want to sleep. ” I dragged my feet which hurt like crazy & force my eyes open.

“Need help?” Manik asked and chuckled at me.

“Hey stop laughing at me. I am extremely tired. ” i said slapping him on hands.

“Fine just tell me one thing how do i look?” He asked while climbing up the stairs. I turned at him & looked at him top to toe he was still wake & seems fresh.

“They need to improve a lot who ever picked your clothes. ” i said.

“Really? ” he asked as if it was an unexpected answer. I really didn’t meant what I said but i didn’t care.

I opened the door & threw myself on the bed. I could hear manik undress. But i didn’t dare to open my eyes. But when i feel the bed sink a little my eyes flew open.

“What are you doing here? ” I asked facing him.

“Going to sleep on the bed” he whispered .

“No you can’t. You can’t sleep on the bed.” I said.

“What?” He said.

“You can’t sleep on the bed with me. ” i said shifted myself to corner of the bed.

“Then where will i sleep” asked manik.

“On the sofa” I said.

“No way. I will never sleep on sofa not in a million years. ” he said.

“Well sleep on the floor then” i said.

“Never” he said.

“We can’t sleep together. I have never slept with someone & will never in future too.”

“Well i can’t sleep on the floor or on sofa” he said.

“Fine then. I am moving to another room.” I said & got up. I grabbed a pillow when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” manik said.

“What’s going on here?”asked Mrs Malhotra in a quiet voice.

“Nothing everything is fine. We are getting ready to sleep” manik said.

“Why is there a pillow in your hand nandini ?” She asked me.

“Oh, i was planning to sleep on sofa ” i said.

“Sofa?” She asked with disbelief.


“Manik how can you let her do that? ”

“I was the one who planned it. I am feeling uncomfortable” I said quickly & manik looked at me.

Mrs Malhotra chuckled “nandini you both are engaged. You will get used to it. Just sleep together for one night and I am sure you will get over it. ”

I didn’t say anything.

“Now sleep together & nandini do you need maidens to help you take off the dress? Asked Mrs Malhotra.

I quickly shook my head & blushed.

“Ok then good night ” she said & went off.

I changed my dress & got into bed. A few minutes later manik laid down next to me. I moved as far as i can to get away from him. I clutched the blanket in my hand & my heart started beating fast.

“You really feel this nervous about me next to you right?” He asked in a husky voice & i jumped a little. He is so close to me that i can feel his hot breath on me.

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