We are engaged (Part 12)

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Here we go

Nandu came to know about her truth being werewolf & faced some weird consequences with the maidens in manik’s house.

Nandini is feeling relaxed by their massage & she wants to know their names.

“Hey girls i really like your work but can i know your names? ”

“I am vani. I am your makeup artist. ” said the one working with my hair.

“I am sunny. I am your dress preparer. ” said the maid that complained about the outfit.

“I am vinnie. I am your personal spa worker. ” said the one massaging my shoulders.

“I am bethal. I am your massager & personal clothes designer. ” said the one massaging my arms, hands and fingers.

Again they started giggling. These girls could probably talk all day long. At some point of conversation , I would catch a few words.

“Oh my god, jay would be coming over in few days. Well that is what I have heard. ” said sunny.

“Who is jay? ” I asked them.

“Oh, he is manik’s brother but he went out on some work. ” said sunny.

“I heard that he found his girl.” Vani said.

“Where did he met her?” Bethnal asked her.

“Well, he met her at work. She is new to the work place & he was her tour guide. That must be so romantic. ” said vani dreamily.

“I heard that they make – out on the first day. ” Vani said & every one giggled.

“Is she human?” Vinnie asked. I frowned, i felt like it was an insult that they are separating human & werewolf.

“Oh i heard that she is a human. ” said vani.

“What the king and queen doing about it? ” asked sunny.

“Well they tried tl convince jay to break up with her. But he doesn’t agree with it.” Vani said.

I was listening to their whole conversation maybe i can learn something about their family.

“That’s bad” said vinnie.

“Ya i know. ” said vani, “the king is trying to invent something to change her into a werewolf.”

I gasped.

Every one stopped & looked at me.

“Really? ??” I asked. “That was a pretty big thing to do & she doesn’t know that werewolves exits in the world. ”

“Ya we know but jay love her enough to marry her. And in the world of werewolf it is forbidden for werewolves to marry human. ” Bethnal said, “so that’s the only way for them to be together. ”

My eyes widen.

“Don’t worry. Mr Malhotra could take care of everything. He is expert in inventing medicines.” Bethnal said.

“Inventing? ?” I asked.

“Yes Mr Malhotra is a scientist. He always invents a medicine like this. ” Vinnie said.

“I also heard that girl’s ancestors are werewolves but parents are not. ” vani started saying.

Sunny quickly glanced at her watch & gasped.

“Oh no. We have to hurry. The dinner is almost starting. We only have one and a half hour to get ready.” Sunny exclaimed.

“We don’t need to hurry. We have plenty of time left.” I said “it take only 20 mins to dress. ”

Every one stopped & they gasped like i said the worst thing in whole world.

“What” i said “i do”.

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