Is enemity the first step of love? Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Sorry guys for the late update, I know you all are angry at me, so I’m saying Sorry whole heartedly.

Anne’s pov
“Our plan is working Chakor and Imli.” I called them, before I picked SuVaan up with the car. “Hey guys!” I said, without saying anything they sat it the car and we drove to Dehli, where the Singh empire starts. “Wow, Dehli is so beautiful. Vivaan said. “Yeah, it is!” I replied back, while I was driving, then I stopped, cause we reached the palace. “Why did you stop?” Suraj asked and I answered back: “cause this is their palace.” “Wow!” Vivaan said. “You guys can go, I will meet you later.” I said then I went.
End if her pov

Vivaan’s pov
We went in, I went to the left and Suraj went to the right, so I was walking untill I smashed into someone, I was going to fall but she saved me, she was wearing a burka, so I couldn’t see her face and the she asked me: “who are you?” “I’m Vivaan Rajwanshi and you?” “Pavitra Singh!” “So you are the princess?” “Yes and you are the prince!” “So how come, that you and your sister don’t show your faces?” “Cause we don’t want to show our faces to anyone, when the right time comes, everyone will see us!” “Can I use your bathroom?” “Why?” “Cause I need to go to the loo!” I said to her. “Yeah, sure I will show it to you.” After showing me the bathroom, she went out.
End of his pov

Imli’s(Pavitra’s) pov
“Vivaan didn’t realise, that it’s me, Imli, he thinks that I’m Pavitra, but no one know’s that she was my twinsister, who got killed as well as Ragini and Ananya by the Mahek family.” “I will take my revenge from them and Rajwanshis, I’m sorry Vivaan, but I have to use you for it!” I thought to myself, while I didn’t look, where I was walking untill someone saved me and it was Vivaan. “Are you mad?” He asked me angrilly. “No, I’m not, I’m just thinking, how to safe myself from the Mahek empire.” “Can I help you with it?” “No, you can’t!” I said to him and I left from there to my room.
End of her pov

Suraj’s pov
Vivaan and I went to other directions to see the different views of this beautiful palace, it doesn’t look like an normal castle and I love the modern style of this place, I was walking, then I saw someone was falling from the steps of the ladder, cause she was looking for something, but before she reached the floor I held her in my arms. I only could see her beautiful eyes and nothing else and I asked her: “are you allright?” “Yes, I am and thanks for saving me.” “It’s my pleasure to meet you queen Ananya!” “How do you know, that I’m the queen?” “I just guessed it!” “Your guess is right!” “Oh, sorry forgot to interduce myself I’m prince Suraj Rajwanshi.” “Nice to meet you prince Suraj.” “What brings you here to our kingdom?” “My brother and I wanted to get to know the queen and princess of the Singh empire.”
End of his pov

Chakor’s(Ananya’s) pov
I went to Imli after talking to Suraj, so I looked for her everywhere and found her in the garden, she was looking after the flowers and then I called her and I knew the Rajwanshi brothers were behind me, the she came. “Didi, why are you sweating?” “I was looking for you Pavitra!” “Oh, di I thought to water the plants!” “Did you meet our guests?” “I met prince Vivaan Rajwanshi!” “And I met prince Suraj Rajwanshi!” I said to her. “Di did you cook today?” “Why?” I asked her. “Cause I love your cooking!” She answered back. “Yes I did!” “Yippie di, love you!” “Love you too Paagal(crazy).” I said, then I went in and called everyone for lunch, they came and we started to eat.
End of her pov

ImRaj convo
“Wow, your sister cooks superb food.” Suraj said. “Yeah, she does after all she is my sister!” “Hahahahhah, you are funny princess Pavitra!” “Thank you!” “So friends!” “Ok friends!” She said and shook his hand.
End of their convo

ViKor convo
“The food is very delicious!” “Thank you!” “No thank you for inviting us for dinner!” “You guys came from a long journey, that’s the least I can do.” “The Queen of Dehli, you are very nice and it was my pleasure to meet you and your sister.” “The pleasure is mine too.” Chakor said. “So friends?” “Yes, friends!”
End of their convo

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  1. Good job, it’s quite interesting. Although I’m kind of confused about the pairings now. Anyways I’m excited for the next part.

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much Tarn, you will get to know the pairings soon?

  2. It was amazing but plzzzz try 2 update regular

    1. AMkideewani

      Thanks Magha and I’m sorry I was busy preparing for an Test and writing my other stories too??????

  3. Komaljanu

    awesome sam just loved it….

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank for loving it Komal❤️❤️❤️

  4. I love you so much colors I am the biggest fan of yours ? it?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much Asha???

  5. Liya

    OMG lol…this ff with vampires and ware wolf etc..I am having great fun in picturizing it in mind and ya I am picturizing in old time like in AC times??..old building and palace…cool dear….good going girl!

    1. Liya

      I know its in modern times but still !!

    2. AMkideewani

      Thanks Liya❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    3. I was picturizing in BC

  6. It’s Amazing…??

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much???

  7. It really great!
    Thanks for this ff!

    1. AMkideewani

      Thank you Mitha????

      1. Welcome dear!

  8. plzzzz update nest part soon ………m waiting

    1. AMkideewani

      Heya guys, I need to tell you guys something important and it’s about my story: Is enemity the first step of love? I’m going to discontinue it, cause I don’t have any inspiration or motivation in writing it and I will update it again if I have some ideas for it

    2. AMkideewani

      Thank you very much

      1. Sitara e Najam

        plzzzz write…………it is awesome ….

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