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Friends thank u so much for ur kind support,visibly and non-visibly…..

Sanskar’s family:
Dp – business man and strict towards others…
Ap – sweet loving and caring mom and her happiness lies over her family…
Amrith – elder son of the house, lil rude but loves his family so much…
Sanskar – second born who is very naughty, brings complaint or we can even say a prsn who drags problem into the house.. he is always saved from dp’s darshan(scolding) by Ap or amrith….
Uttara – last child and only princess of the house… bro’s cute doll….  share’s her secrets with sanskar… sanskar and uttara share a strong bond….


A view : how a boy reacts to a girl/girls

If a boy has an elder/younger sis :

1.Definitely he will know, how to treat a  
2.Even though he hates a girl but he will 
   surely help her in any situation.
3.mainly knows to apologise.

If a boy has not encountered a female in his family : (mom exception)

1. May  / may not  – treat a girl well..
2. May /may not – apologise
3.may/may not – respect her or help and sumtyms revenge takes place…


Ok lemme start…..

Last chapie -Day rolls back where swara gets insulted infront of class and reason behind is sanskar who made a mistake unknowingly…

Present :

Swara stays silent and move towards her bench while bowing her head down due to embarrassment..
Sanskar noticed swara’s every single action, he felt too guilty. He never knew his recklessness will affect someone’s self- respect.
Parth was noticing his action’s and slowly spoke” ask her sorry in private and explain her the mistake u did,may b she will forgive u”.
Sans – its not about seeking someone forgiveness parth, did u see her face?? Im feeling ashame for my recklessness…
Parth – yea i know, but !!!!
Sans – somehow i should convey her the fact and apologise her..
Parth – may b during the lunch break, try explaining her dude…
Sans – hmm….
Angel – swara??
Swara’s fresh pearls roll down her cheeks and she was wiping them before any one could catch her crying…
Angel – swara!!! Actually what happen??
Swara – nothing angel plz leave the matter…
Sans- was witnessing this and felt very bad bcz he never made a girl cry..

Author pov :
Sanskar is a boy who pulls others leg and same way he takes revenge if anyone hurts him.whether the prsn may b a boy/girl but only to an extent…
Where the boy & girl equally partcipates in revenge, he never crossess the limit while hurting others which ends up  in depression or school drop out thing…
He has a sis and he knows how to behave…
Now he is in guilt where he has landed up hurting a girl & her self respect in front of others…..
Pov ends ….

Period got over and lunch break begins…

As soon as the bell rang, swara left the class making her friends more worried and guiltness killing sanskar…
Swara ran towards washroom stood before the mirror watching her face and her facutly’s voice was echoing in her ears…
Tears rushed down her cheeks,eyes bulged due to continuous crying, her nose and cheeks turned red indicating her cry…
After 10 minutes she washed her face with water making her normal but she was not able to overcome the shame….
Somehow she managed and her friends were searching her and alas they found swara.. They  comforted her and tried changing her mind but all went in vain.. she never retorted back anything not even a single word…..
Angel – swara, atleast eat ur lunch and she fed her a spoon of rice…
Swara neglected it…
Neha – swara we will talk to mam.. u explain her…
Swara – its over leave it guys….
Friends were out of words to console swara…
“Guys i need to stay alone im going to class”, swara spoke leaving them behind..
Sanskar saw swara going to the class and he followed her quietly…
Swara rested her head on the desk, her face pointing towards window where she can gaze the nature… tears were rolling down from her eyes wetting the desk…
Ahem ahem a voice grabbed her attention, soon she wiped her tears and turned to see the person…
Sanskar felt  pain seeing her puffed face and gave a sigh….
“Are u satisfied sanskar???”, swara spoke in feeble voice…
“I promise….swara, it was not my revenge on u!!! Everything happend unintentionally, even now i feel ashame for what i did!!!! Please believe me swara”, he spoke…
Swaea -Oh its kk sanskar
Sans – swara i promise on my sis.. It was my recklessness, im extremely sorry swara. I know my words may not soothe ur pain or bring back the self- respect but i feel guilt for my act… plz forgive me swara…
Swara – hmm i forgave u sanskar…..
Sans – plz swara scold me or take out ur fustration over me but dont remain silent..
Swara gave him faint look…
Sanskar was about to speak but bell rang and students started entering the class…
Remaining day passed with swasan staying silent…..

Evening :
Students went home but sanskar was standing outside staff room…
Mam – yea sanskar what do u want??
Sanskar explained  the situation to her and she yelled on sanskar for his carelessness.. After a talk with mam and asking forgiveness from swara, he still felt guilty…
Sanskar then reached his house…

Sanskar’s house :
He remained silent and his family was questioning him but he zipped his mouth and went to his room….
He was lying on bed thinking about swara’s condition…
Door’s cracked sound made him alert and sanskar dug his  face inside the pillow….
Room was on a complete silence,
A hand brushed his shoulders and he could easily recognise the touch…. he failed to move….
“Bhai plz show me ur face y ru crying??”, uttara spoke in mild voice….
Sanskar was not able to hold on anymore and he cried hugging her…
Uttara patted his back and made him normal… so tell me now, what happened bhai???
Sanskar shared the problem with her and she gave him a smile….
Sans -Doll y ru laughing when ur bhai is in pain??
Uttara- bhai i know it was not ur mistake wholely but ur responsible for this mess.. due to ur blunder mistake u have hurted a girl’s respect…
Sans – im already in pain and ur still making it deep…
Uttara – bhai do u have her no??
Sans – no…
Uttar – ask parth bhai atleast..
Sans – he dialled parth but he gave him a  negative reply..
Uttara – ok leave it and tmrw  go apologise  her again…
After sharing his problem with uttara he felt relieved and he was lil bit okay now…

Swara’s house :

She was staying silent and ajay interrogated her,
What happen to my cat?? Toady its not meowing??
Swara – did not speak anything…
Ajay – is any one teasing u in the school or anyone hurted u??
Swara was nodding big no…
Ajay – then?? Did u fail in exam?? Dnt worry i will sign ur report card..
Swara – bhai shut ur mouth for a while and im not poor in studies like u…
Ajay – huuhhh…
Swara – actually, she explained whole incident….
Ajay – grew angry on sanskar for playing with his sis but after hearing that he apologised personally and felt guilty his anger lessened but still he was angry on sanskar and  made a decision to meet him tmrw..
Swara – bhai plz dnt create fuss in school..
Ajay – i will think about it….

Parth came first to school and found swara sitting alone in the class… he moved towards her and swara turned her face..
Parth – swara i know u will b angry on sanskar but he is repending for his act.. sorry swara both from his and my side…..
Swara – wts new drama..
Parth – swara we have tortured u and u have too done the same thing with us but we will never insult a girl’s respect…
Swara – oh…
Parth – its upto u to believe, he left to his desk..

All the students started arriving,

Period rolled on swasan and class remained silent.. bcz troublemakers are in sad mood today….

Mam – i have important announcement..
Sanskar hung his face in guilt and swara was gazing her but with shame..
Mam – yesterday i scolded swara without knowing the reason but today i heard the truth…. and the person approached me personally and felt guilt for his act… he even cancelled his marks equally to pay her loss…
Swara was literally shocked on hearing this and looked at sanskar who was looking down at the ground…
Mam – im sorry  for scolding u swara…
Swara – hmm ok mam…
Sanskar – raised his face to look at swara, whispered sorry….
Swara – just nodded her head and cant believe what he just did….
Day passed sanskar ignoring swara…

Evening :

Sanskar was waiting outside the campus bcz his doll told she will b coming to pick him…
Swara was waiting another side to catch her bro before he starts acting like  crazy man…
Swara’s eye landed on her bro…
Ajay – came running to her, cat come lets go meet the principal..
Swara – bhai stop it, that boy apologised and even mam too… he cancelled his marks equally…
Ajay – what??
Swara – s bhai…
Ajay – ok show me that person??
Swara – promise me, u wont create a fuss..
Ajay – cat promise..
She was searching sanskar and found him near a tree…. both moved towards the tree…
Sans – doll ur too late…
Uttara – bhai traffic….
Sans – ok lets go..
Uttara – so bhai !!! Did u  apologise her today??
Sans – s sisoo…
Uttar – ok good boy, she hugged him..
Swara – sanskar one minute….
Sanskar and uttara turned back…
Sanskar whispered her name…
Where as uttara was gazing sanskar’s and swara’s face…
Ajay – was shrinking his eyebrows and made a firm face….
Swara – bhai he is sanskar…
Santtara – gulped on fear…
Ajay – he moved close, how dare u to hurt my sister and raised his hand….
Swasantara – closed their eyes in fear…
But no sound….
Ajay – hugged sanskar tightly and made a giggle…
Swasanttara – was in grt shock..
Ajay – aww poor boy, sorry for making u afraid..
Swara was shooting daggers to him..
Uttara remained statue…
Ajay – shook santara to reality..
Sans – ?????
Ajay – actually i was planning to murder(complaint in school) u for  hurting my sis but later on reconsidered on hearing ur apologise and acceptance… im proud of u sanskar…. and im happiee atleast u made my cat to cry here.frim now on im in ur team..
Sans – bhai…. im sorry..
Ajay – haha its k i cn understand leave it…
Uttara – thank u so much ajay bhai… my bro was dying in guilty u made him normal..
Sans – uttaraaaa….
Swara – bhai i have doubt!!! Did u come here to insult me???
Uttara – chukled…
Ajay – noo….. cat promise…
Swara – huhhh i can see dat and she stamped the ground in anger…
Sans – laughed…..
Swara – stared at him …
Sans – remained silent…
Ajay – sanskar i thought ur all rounder in naughtiness but backing off seeing a cat..
Sans – hahaha bhai im brave & gave him a wink….
Santara – wished them bye and went to their home……
Ajay bid them bye and swara was angry on ajay since he joined on enemy team..
Next day – swara met the course teacher and spoke to her not to reduce sanskar’s marks and its not right decision…
Mam – i thought of telling u d same.. glad u took right decision..
Days passed, still the class remained silent…

Thank u for reading…..

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