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I dedicate this chapie for my tamil souls bcz we found victory for “Jallikattu”….
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Lemme start….

Angel (swara frnd)u can imagine niti taylor….
Manik (sanskar frnd ) u cn imagine parth saamathan….

Class room :

All were busy in studying bcz mid- term test are gonna start from next week….
Swara was studying individual since she cant do combine studies….
Another side angel, neha and akshita were doing group studies….
Sanskar and parth were studying at same time helping their friends in understanding few concepts…..
Physics sir entered the class and he got shocked witnessing students busyly preparing for examz…
Where as students were ready for asking him to spare this hour to prepare for examz….
Sir – so can we start the class??
Students – sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………
Sir – s im sirrrrrr….
Sanrth(sanskar and parth) – ippahh what a comedy, i definitely laugh tmrw…
Students – sir we need this hour for preparing examz sir…
Sir – pretented like thinking…
Swagel (swara + angel) – sotta mandaiyan scene poduradha paren!! ( this bald head is creating a scene)
Sir – ok study..
Students (monologue) – due to this stupid sir half of the period got wasted huuhhh….
All started studying and sir was busy in exploring the class……
Class ends…..
Sir – all d bst for tests do well……
Students – thank u sir…
Day ends….

Monday mid- term starts…..
Students were sitting on their alloted places based on roll nos. Btwn two science student one arts student was alloted…
Swara and sanskar were placed in same bench with one prsn inbtwn…
Days passed.. during last exam while swara was writing, suddenly her pen struck and she was constanly trying to scribble but no use.. she checked the pen for presence of ink and it struck her brain that she failed to re-fill ink today.. due to tension swara started sweating and she was gaazing others for help..
Swara slowly bent towards the person next to her and gestured ” r u having extra pen??”
Person nxt to her nodded head from east to west gesturing a  big no….
Swara slowly peeped at sanskar for help and he rolled his eyes asking her what?? She gestured him and sanskar passed her a pen….
Next moment swara started writing in 4G speed not even thanking sanskar…
He stared at swara but he too started writing his test….
Last 5 minutes were left, swara was scribbling since she wasted time by asking pen…..
Bell rang and teacher plucked the answer sheet from her..
Swara was pulling the sheet,” mam one minute plz”…..
Mam was staring at her and pulled her answer sheet, leaving no way for swara to fight with her back…
Students emerged out of class with joy bcz all the papers got over…
Few were discussing answers and few were packing things to leave home early and few were crying over for the wrong answers..
Swara was waiting for angel bcz she was placed in different exam hall…
And parth was waiting for sanskar in stair case…..
Sanskar was descending down but turned back when he heard someone calling him..
Swara came towards sanskar taking elephant steps….
“Here get ur pen” swara said streaching her hand but turning her face in opposite direction….
“Huuhhhh so much attitude, doesnt even knw to say thanks”,sanskar spoke in way audible to swara…
Swara was about to speak but sanskar plucked the pen from her palm and ran down the stairs….
Swara was standing there looking at his back while angel came there to meet her…
Angel – So whats up madam??? ( naughty mind)
Swara – nothing and that arrogant fellow insulted me….
Angel – i dnt knw when u both will stop ur fights…
Swara – when he stops dat day i will end up fighting…
Angel – dat is not so near i guess, its getting late lets go…..

After few days:

Swara was sitting in front of class by streching her legs and studying something and her frnd neha was  sitting before  swara maintaing few inch distance…..
Sanskar and his gang entered the class…
Sanskar saw swara sitting and a cruel idea came up in his brain…
Sanskar was smirking at swara and his friends were standing behind him in a line and pushed him to move further….
Sanskar turned and discussed his plan ,” guys im gonna stamp on swara’s leg and u too do the same”…
Frnds – dude!!!  Leave her…
Sanskar was staring at them and parth said ok and all gave knuckle bump to eo with broad smile…..
Sanskar took few steps and was gazing swara continuosly……
“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ” a loud noise was heard…
Entire class became silent….
Swara was laughing continuosly……
Then who was shouting??? (Lets watch !!! Plz rewind backward)
Sanskar got emerged in swara where as neha who was stting in front of swara streched her legs suddenly….
As a result sanskar got skid and fell on swara’s feet followed by his faith full sheep…
Such a embarrasing situation all were below swara’s feet and swara was laughing at them continuosly and entire class was watching the epic scene with pin drop since…..
Slowly swara controlled her laughter and pulled her legs back….
Sanskar and his gang got up and walked towards their bench with their heads down…..
Class turned normal but swara, angel, neha and akshita were trying to control their laughter and swara was gazing sanskar inbetween and he was doing the same…..
Angel – swara stop laughing….
Swara – he needed this punishment..
Neha – i did not think such a tragedy would happen inbtwn her laugh…
Akshita – swara stop laughing i knw he did a mistake by interfering with u but think from his pov,” when u fell down in his feet by mistake and entire class has witnessed it and how embarrasing it would have been??”
Swara – yea i cn understand,ok i will apologise him during the lunch break..
Neha – i will accompany u…
Swara – ok…
Lunch break inside the class :
Swara and neha are about to enter the class but stopped moving further on hearing their talks…
Inside – sanskar and his gang ” cha!!! We planned to insult swara and give her pain by stamping her foot but god has reversed the plan against us”….
Swara and neha’s anger arose to peek and both left the place…

After few days :
Mam was distributing the answer sheets and was yelling at students who scored less marks…
She took a paper and called swara!!!!!
Swara got up & went infront to get her answer sheet but mam was staring at her…
Swara – mam!!!
Mam – swara if u dont know the answer then y ru wasting papers by adding them as additional sheets….
Swara – mam i wrote on all the sheets and i did not tie a blank sheet..
Mam – is it???
Swara – s mam i swear…
Mam – picked her answer sheet and showed the blank pages which were tied to her main sheet  to entire class..
Swara – mam i swear i wrote till last page mam….
Mam – then am i lying?? Or did the letters vanish away??
Swara – was thinking for a while and she remembered the past wr she borrowed pen from sanskar…
Mam – swara tell me d answer y ru quiet now??
Swara was busy staring at sanskar…
Sanskar and parth were looking at swara’s reply but got doubts y is she staring at them…
Sans – dude y is she staring at us???
Parth – not us!!! She is staring at u !!!!
Sans – pangu na ena pannen??( what did i do??)
Parth – therlaiyea ( dnt know)
Sans – was twisting pen in his fingers…
Parth – dei nalla yeosi da( think deeply)
Sans –  pen fellow down from his hand and reached the floor, he slowly bend down and remembered he gave this pen to write during the last exam.. he hissed shit….
Parth – dude what happen???
Sans – dude i gave her this pen during last exam…
Parth – r u mad?? How could u??
Sans – by mistake i gave her….
Parth –  chummavey vandhukum boomiku jingu jingu nu gudhipa, ipa ena panna poralo…. ( during normal days itself she will b waiting for chance to fight with u but ur gone today)
Sans – sethan da sekar ( im sure today i would die in her hands)
Parth – machan party kududa ( give me party dude)
Sans –  If sumone fails – party, someone wins -party & if he dies also party ah!!!
Parth – hahahaha s dude…
Sans – was gazing swara with fear….

Note :I will stop here , bcz my fingers got hurt and with so much difficulty i wrote this chapie….

Thank u for reading…..

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