Endless love ff 17

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Thank u silent readers. Lets go to story.
B:They’ve been my friends for awhile now –ever since I first got here a few years ago.”
I nodded, my eyes closed as Ammu held my hand as I kept up her pace beside her. She’d left me alone for awhile to think … probably a little too long, but it was still not enough time. I think I may have been close to a resolution. At least, I hoped so.
Today was our day off, a day where we could do whatever we wanted. So we were walking to the library where we were to meet Rachna and Akash.
I didn’t know what quite to expect, but from the looks of Rachna, she seemed nice enough. But looks could be deceptive…

Arriving at the huge frosted glass doors of the library, Ammu pushed the doors open lightly with the golden handle and revealed a grand library filled almost wall to wall with books. The only place where there weren’t book cases was in the middle of the room where many chairs and study tables were set up. I looked around in wonder, astonished. I would never run out of books, ever, here.
“Ammu!” Someone clearly whispered, though you could hear it as clearly if someone was speaking normally. Only a few people were in the library as far as I could see –I guessed not too many people wanted to spend their day off in the library.
No one objected as Rachna called to Ammu from across the room, on a cosy looking, posh green couch.

I immediately noticed the man sitting next to her. Both Rachna and Akash smiled at us as we approached.
Rachna rose as we got to the couch, and gave Ammu a big hug with a large grin on her face.
R:”It’s so nice to spend some time with you and Pragya today, Ammu.”
She stepped up to me after she was done hugging Ammu and embraced me tightly also. I hugged her back only slightly, a little bewildered since I’d never been treated like this by a stranger.

I saw Akash rise to hug Ammu also, and after Rachna was done with me, he walked over and shook my hand. I was kind of thankful for that –it might have been a little bit more awkward to hug him.
He looked at me slightly intensely all the while, but I didn’t let it bother me. We sat down, Ammu and me on a couch opposite Rachna and Akash.
B:”So, Pragz you guys haven’t been properly introduced! This is Rachna and Akash. And Rachu and Akash, this is Pragya arora.”

They both nodded and smiled at me, and I managed to smile shyly back.
R:”It’s certainly nice to meet you, Pragz. Ammu’s spoken to me only briefly about you, but you sound pretty interesting.”
I only succeeded in keeping the grimace off my face. So they’d talked about me, had they?
Ammu noticed my discomfort, and stepped in.
B:”Uhh yes… so how have you two been lately? We’ve barely had any time to catch up yet… I can’t believe we’ve left it till now! I mean, even if we don’t have the same classes we should see each other more often than this.”
Rachna’s eyes widened, and she nodded.

R:”Oh, I know what you mean Ammu.”
She and Ammu talked for awhile, while I came back in and out of awareness, and sometimes added to the conversation. It seemed Akash did the same. But when the conversation turned to the upcoming dance, I had to have my full attention on what they were saying. They were involving me a great deal.
R:”So Pragz have you got your dress yet? The last time you were in the store, only Ammu got one.”
I shook my head, and Ammu rolled her eyes dramatically.
B:”She didn’t find anything she liked. For a girl that is apparently not too picky about what she wears, she certainly had a hard time with dresses. There were tons of gorgeous dresses there!”
R:”Oh, well I think you’ll find something… I think I saw something that would look stunning on you…”Ammu quickly changed the subject, unable to contain herself. There was no hiding when Ammu was excited.
B:”I presume you have a dress already… what does it look like?”

R:”Well, it’s deep purple and is fairly loose on me… it’s sparkly.” She giggled, her eyes sparkling. I actually laughed at how idiotic she sounded, and everyone looked at me, surprised. But then as I continued laughing, they broke out in laughter too, eliminating all the tension that had been building in the minute of their silence.
“Shh!” Someone shushed us from across the room, and we immediately shut our mouths and snickered under our breath.
R:”So moving on to other topics… How are things with you and Purab?”
Ak:”Oh yes, our good old friend Reap…” Akash chuckled under his breath. I laughed too –apparently everyone knew him as Reap.
Ammu began to lie back, lounging as she put an arm around my shoulders.
B:”Things are wonderful, as always. He’s too amazing… I don’t know what I would ever do without him.”

Rachna laughed and shook her head, but did not comment. Ammu raised an eyebrow.
B:”And I see things between you and Akash are going nicely.”
She smiled and leaned over to kiss him as an answer. Ammu’s expression was cheerful.
B:”Awww I’m happy for you guys.”
R:”Thank you Ammu… I’m happy for you and Purab also.” Kathy nodded.
R:”I can’t believe it’s been almost two years now…”
Rachna came closer to Akash as she said it, and smiled at me, though the look in her eyes was more intent than anything.
R:”So Pragz, is there anyone special in your life?”

I grimaced slightly, and shook my head. I just didn’t know what to think of relationships like Ammu and Purab’s or Rachna’s and Akash’s. I was happy for them, but they actually deserved someone… I saw Ammu wink at Rachna, and Rachna gave her a look that said, ‘You are going to tell me later…’
I sighed and looked away as Ammu sat up.
B:”Well, I should be going to see my Reap of misery. I haven’t talked to him all day, and I miss him…”
Rachna and Akash nodded in understanding, and stood up. I stood up soon after that and watched as Ammu and Rachna hug. Akash actually brought me in for a short hug before Rachna claimed my arms.
R:”I’ll be seeing you two later,” She said in a stern tone. I nodded and laughed.
P:”Good bye Rachna.”
R:”Oh, call me Rachu,Pragz. It’s so much easier to say, and less serious sounding.”
I nodded as Akash and Rachna said goodbye, and then Ammu grabbed my arm and we fled the room.

Ammu giggled in delight almost all the way up the stairs.
B:”That was so much fun! I told you you’d like them… and I can already tell they like you.”
I agreed quietly, lost in thought. Well they seemed very nice…
We raced up to Purab’s dorm, and as we got closer, the more apprehensive I got. I’d remembered that Purab and Abhi shared a dorm… So would Abhi be there? And if he was, should I talk to him? Should I even look at him? Or should I escape back to my dorm now?By I didn’t need to worry for too much longer –Will appeared suddenly in the stairway. He must have heard Kathy’s thoughts and came to meet us.
She let go of my hand and ran up to him where she threw her arms around him and kissed him.
B:”Hello, my streak of misery.”
He smirked and ruffled her hair lightly.
B:”Do you need more time to think? I could hang out with Purab in his dorm for awhile.”
My eyes widened questioningly.
P:”Are you sure Ammu –it’s not trouble for you at all?”
Her smile widened and she shook her head vigorously.
B:”Oh, gosh no! Purab and me need our alone time anyway.” She laughed, her eyes gleaming.

I returned her smile, thanked her, and then left them, speeding off towards my dorm. I tried to run as fast as I could –I did not want to be held up by Nikil again. As soon as I got there, and shut the door behind me, I relaxed and leaned up against the closed door.
And as soon as I had a few seconds of peace, my mind began working again.
Had I been wrong about Abhi?
Well maybe that wasn’t the right question to ask… I knew that he’d done all those bad things. The real question was, should I stop hating him and forgive him? Because I was probably worse than him now… I don’t think he’d ever changed a child, not to mention lusted after a child’s blood.
I sighed as I fought off tears. If anything, I should be asking him for forgiveness. No –I should be begging for his forgiveness.
Suddenly there was a sharp knocking on the door and I jumped up, taken completely off guard.
N:”Pragya? pragya, are you there?”
Speak of the devil.
I gasped in surprise, and then resisted the urge of groaning. All I could think was, ‘why, why, why?’
I thought about hiding for a moment, but I think he’d heard my fairly loud intake of breath. I closed my eyes briefly before turning and opening the door quickly to reveal Nikil, with a wide bright smile on his face.
N:”Hello Pragya. I said I’d see you later, didn’t I?”
I nodded, looking away uncomfortably.
N:”So are you up to meeting some of my friends? I know I’ve only been here as long as you have, but it seems I’ve made friends quicker than you have.”
He said it sarcastically, but I tried not to glare at him nonetheless. Why was he trying so hard?

P:”Umm… I’m not really in the mood –I just met a couple of Ammu’s friends and I really don’t feel like meeting too many more people…”
N:”Oh, but it’s only a few people that you would meet. I’ve told some people about you, and they’re just dying to meet you.”
My eyes narrowed on him.
P:”I don’t know Nikil… I really just want to stay back and relax.”
N:”Oh…” His expression was crestfallen, and it pulled at my heart strings…
I sounded quietly, and nodded, reluctantly giving in. A smile spread across his face once more, and he took my hand to lead me. I didn’t care, didn’t take away or shout at him as I felt like doing –I was trying to be indifferent to everything now… although it felt so wrong to be holding his hand, let alone touching him.
Nikil led me along many hallways, but I barely paid attention as to where we were going. I was slowly but surely shutting down…
Suddenly we were in front of a door, which Nikil opened promptly to reveal four vampires lounging in two of the various couches around the room. As the door closed I looked around, astounded again at the pure vastness of the room.

My head snapped back down to look at the people relaxing on the couches.
Nikil began naming off the people who were all staring at me, some with curiosity, and one girl with long brown hair, bangs and a fairly slim face watched me with discontentment.
I ignored her, observing the others. And though Nikil told me all the people’s names, I only remembered the girl’s name who stared at me differently, Tanu Mehta. I hoped she wasn’t another Tina although I knew I could take care of myself better now. Tina’s name in my mind made me wince –I hated remembering anything, especially her– and Nikil’s hand squeezed my shoulder. My teeth ground together inconspicuously.
He brought me over to sit on another couch –a two seat couch straight across from where Tanu was sitting next to a guy. She glared at me as Nikil stretched out, putting an arm around my shoulders, almost touching me.

The other three people, two guys and one girl, were watching me with polite interest.
This talk lasted a lot longer than it had with Rachnaand Akash. I think we touched on almost every subject…

Tanu didn’t talk much, and when she did, it was resentfully. I didn’t know what her problem was, and I could only keep guessing at what it was. It seemed whenever someone had a problem with me, I never knew what it was.
As the hours flew by, I became more at ease with talking, though I still did not enjoy it. The whole time I wished I would have just hidden from him before. Why did my stupid feelings have to sway me to allow him to drag me here?
Just then I saw something that made me freeze and stare in petrified silence. Abhi had passed by the door, and for a moment, I’d made eye contact with him. This was my first time seeing him since our fight, and surprisingly I was relieved and happy to see him.
Suddenly I shot up from my seat and everybody’s eyes widened in shock.
N:”What is it Pragya?” Nikil said in surprise. He rose, and I saw Abhi’s eyes follow his every movement before she turned her head and looked at me. In that one second everything clicked –as in, I knew why Tanu had thorn in her side. Oh. She had an infatuation with Nikil and she could see how friendly he was with me. She thought I wanted to steal him away from her.

But that thought didn’t stay with me long –I had to catch up with him. For what reason, I had yet to understand.
P:”Uhh sorry, Nikil, guys… I need to be somewhere. I’ll catch up with you later,”
As soon as I spoke the later sentence I immediately kicked myself mentally. I would definitely regret that later, but at the moment I couldn’t care less.
Not waiting for their answer, I ran from the room and out into the hall. I stopped for a moment, my head shot in all different directions, trying to find where he had gone. But as I looked around, I saw the hall was absolutely deserted –a ghost town. He was no where in sight.
Turning around, I began my way back to my dorm. I didn’t know what I was thinking, or even who I was anymore.
I didn’t see him for the next week as I attended my new classes. I was becoming more and more used to everything everyday, though some things I was still not totally used to.

I couldn’t get over my guilt over the last hunt, and I had yet to figure out what to think of Abhi. Basically all anger toward him had evaporated. I was half way to the answer, I could feel it…
And thinking of hunting, my throat was burning worse than it ever had before. I’d realized this with great surprise because I didn’t grasp that it would only be a few days later that I would be thirsty again. It drove me crazy, and I almost broke down a couple times when Ammu offered to go hunting with me. But I absolutely refused to take another life –I would never ever go hunting again, even though as the days progressed I felt like I was going through withdrawal. I didn’t know the consequences of my decision yet, but I was more than willing to take the risk.
Sometimes I was taken over by the need –incapacitated, and then suddenly it would disappear, and I would not remember where I was or what I was doing for those few moments. Occasionally I would start to shake, and it felt like my throat was actually on fire at one point. I made an effort to keep this pain a secret from other people… I wouldn’t burden anyone else with my problems.

No precap.
Hai guys. So sry agn. I went to bank to change the old rupees. I spent full day in bank so i couldn’t upload it. Thank u for ur valuable comments. Hav a nice day. God bless u all with all happiness. Stay happy make and others happy.

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