Endless love ff 16

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Hai guys i am so sry i was so tried due to travel so sry thanx for ur support and comments thank u silent reader.
We drove for hours. I don’t know why we chose to go somewhere so far… I wanted blood right now. My eyes widened in horror at myself. How could I think that? What was wrong with me?

Yash sat in the back seat with as Purab drove and Ammu sat beside him in the passenger seat. Purab was also a speed demon, and I enjoyed the ride tremendously.
I kept throwing glances at Yash, and after awhile he may have noticed, but obviously didn’t care. It appeared he stared, absent minded, out the car window. But I could see he was very upset about something, and it was bothering me. He shouldn’t be going with us somewhere if there was some kind of problem. I was almost shaking with anticipation as we parked in an alleyway next to the harbour. Gangtokwas beautiful, lit up at night.(it is my imagination i donot know abt the place)

We all got out of the car and looked at each other. Ammu watched me apprehensively as I drew in a deep breath, taking in all the scents. It sent off a frenzy of instincts, and it was hard to keep myself where I was standing.
Y:”I’ll take Pragya; teach her a few things… You and Purab can go.”
Ammu looked at me worriedly through the misty night. The night was cold enough that you could see people’s breath shrouding the air, but our breath couldn’t be seen. The air we breathed out was as cold as it had been when it had entered our lungs. I looked back at her confidently.
P:”Don’t worry Ammu –I’ll be fine.”
Purab wrapped his arm around her shoulders and began to guide her away. She looked back at me and Yash the whole time, an extremely concerned and agitated look in her eyes. I forced myself to look away from her to the depressed Yash who stood close beside me.
Y:”Umm… well I guess we should begin looking for humans… Try not to leave my side, and keep your senses mainly focused in the alley ways.”
I nodded briskly, and we began walking casually. I took deep breaths through my nose, trying to catch a delectable substance I still had yet to improve. It was official –the bloodlust, the monster had take over my mind and pushed my morals way back in my head. I barely heard myself crying out in the back of my mind to stop the madness. I was now primal –primitive and ruthless. All I thought about was the warm, sweet liquid rolling down my throat…
I noticed Yash staring at me with a pained look in his eyes. I turned my head to look at him, my concern for him reining over my impulses for the moment. He sighed and looked away.
P:”What is it Yash?” He looked down.
Y:”I’m just anxious and worried…”
I cracked a smile and laughed at that. He looked at me, his expression surprised.
P:” It is so apparent I think anyone could figure that out.” He smiled only slightly.
My eyes urged him to go on in his story. He took the hint, and looked to the ground.
Y:”Well, I have a human fiancée I left behind a few months ago to come to the school, on orders to help out. I have only been here a few months, and I was told I should plan on staying a whole year here. But I can’t take it anymore. I need to be with her. She could be in so much danger right now… I’d mixed her up with all this vampire crap and now she might be killed because of me.”
I followed his story with a little shock and a lot of interest.
Y:”I need to leave –to get out of here. But if I do that then I might be chased, and get her into even more trouble. I don’t know what I can do.”
Why did the council have to be so commanding and oppressive? We weren’t living in an era of tyranny, or so I’d thought…
I looked at Yash with concern.
P:”I think you should leave and go to her Yash. Just disappear –change your name, whatever it takes to live in peace. Move across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Do whatever it takes, because life for you may last forever, but hers in limited. Protect her, until or if you change her.”
He gazed at me with admiration, trust, and concern.

Y:””Thank you Pragya. You’ve given me something to hope for.”
I nodded, and I think if I had been human my cheeks would be a flaming red. I realized also that the talk had calmed me, and I was myself, having momentarily forgotten my lust. But I knew that wouldn’t last forever. I wouldn’t give myself ten minutes.
We walked around some more, and each minute Yash looked more and more worried and concerned. It seemed my consolation had only worked for a few moments. We climbed up a fire escape onto an apartment building. Every window we passed, seeing a human sleeping and smelling that ever so sweet fragrance, made the thing inside me crave and tear me up even more, but I restrained. I wouldn’t attack someone until Yash told me it was all right.
Once we were on the roof top, and had looked over the alleys and city a few times, he looked at me with remorse. I looked as the breeze blew through our hair. I’m sure it would have been brisk, but I couldn’t feel a thing. It certainly looked like a cool night.

Y:”I’m going to check something out. I’ll be back in a moment.”
I watched as he jumped off the roof, and landed on the next with precision. He did this a few more times till he was finally to far away for me to see.
I sighed, and went to the edge of the building where I climbed onto the ledge and dangled my legs over. This would have been terrifying at any other moment, but I was too lost in thought.

But, all of a sudden, a laughter caught my attention from down below me. My head whipped down to see a small girl with long chocolate brown hair and bangs, her chubby, rosy cheeks most noticeable to me. She was standing between two smiling adults, one female one male, holding their hands. But they didn’t interest me. The little girl did. Suddenly I felt all sense of morality and emotions vanish. I needed –wanted the girl’s blood.
I jumped off the building and landed, just metres away from them. Somehow I knew that I would not break anything if I jumped off, though the thought never crossed my mind.
They stopped dead, their faces not showing any of the happiness that had once been there. Their faces drained of blood in shock, making them turn the colour of a ghost… all but the little girl’s face –her cheeks remained that delicious red colour. Her eyes appraised me with more interest and confidence than terror, unlike her parent’s horrified eyes.
But that didn’t matter. Nothing but draining that girl dry mattered to me.
I made a move, going for the parents first. I would take out the stronger mortals first. The woman screamed as I launched myself at what I presumed to be her husband, and continued screaming as she saw me basically rip his throat apart, drinking feverishly that delectable life giving liquid. His body went limp almost instantly, and I supported him as I fed. I drank enough so that his heart stopped, and the venom on my teeth wouldn’t circulate through his system and change him. I dropped him. I lunged at the woman next, covering against the wall with the little girl off safely to the side, standing with wide eyes watching the scene.
I pushed her head to the side so her elegant, fair neck was exposed. Then my head spiked down and I drank even more fervently from her. She had a different essence, and though the man’s blood had tasted luscious, the woman’s was even more so. I finished her off the same as I had with the man, and then turned to the little girl. I didn’t pause, didn’t show remorse as I dove at her throat.
I bit her, but almost immediately I backed away, my eyes wide, blood soaked mouth and lips hanging wide open. What had I done? I started to shake violently. I’d just taken two people’s lives unremorsefully. How could I have done that? And the whole reason I did that was because I wanted the little girl’s blood –a little girl, probably no older than six!– and in the process I took two other people’s lives. Was I going to be consumed by the sadistic beast inside me for the rest of my life?
I collapsed in a pool of blood that I had made… that.
The little girl started shaking and making sounds of distress. I knew she would be feeling the pain of my venom starting to slowly burn through her system.
This was my entire fault. I was a monster. I had taken two lives, had ruined a child’s life. I couldn’t do anything though I wanted to put her out of her misery. I would not dam her to a life of sucking blood to live.
I saw her tiny form crawling over to me all of a sudden. Her petite hand reached out to me.
“Help…” She said in a small, innocent voice. I started dry sobbing.
“Help me… it burns. Make it stop…” Her voice was strained, and it broke my heart. No…
“Pragya!” Ammu screamed. I heard from down the alley, and then the sound of three people running. Two of them stopped a few metres away from me. The other one approached me at lightning speed.
I felt hands touch my face, and I attempted to make my eyes focus on who was holding me.

“Pragya…” Someone whispered. I knew immediately whose voice it was. Abhi.
I really lost it then. I began to cry hysterically, unable to contain myself. Abhi pulled me up off the ground a bit and let me bury my face in his chest as he held me.
Through my cloudy tears, I saw Ammu and Purab surround the girl. She was rolling on the ground in absolute agony now, screaming and twitching. Purab picked her up, so she was standing, and then knelt down. His teeth shot down onto the wound that I had previously made. They were going to kill her. I began crying even harder at the thought of that.
He actually pulled me up off the ground now, and then we were standing, our arms wrapped tightly around each other, my face buried in his chest as I basically wept all my new blood away.
We stood there for what seemed like hours to me, though it was probably only a half an hour.

He tried to murmur things, and stroke my hair to calm me down. But it seemed the tear flow wouldn’t stop, and I gripped onto him hard.
After awhile I calmed down some, and I lifted my head from his shirt to look around me. All that was left was the blood. All the bodies were gone, including the girl’s, whose blood I had lusted over like an animal. Ammu and Purab must have gotten the bodies out of here awhile ago. More tears rolled down my cheeks as I thought of that.
He reached out and turned my chin so he could look me in the eye. I flinched violently, and he looked at me with extreme agitation and concern.
A:”Shh… no more crying, you’re going to lose all your blood.”
P:”Who cares anyway? I’m a monster. I should lose all my blood… I should be dead. I just took three lives without mercy –Is that supposed to be how I live the rest of my life?”
He looked at me with sad, pained eyes.
A:”It’s only bad the first time. Some people, even if they’ve forgotten have the same reaction as you. It will pass as time goes on…”
My eyes narrowed on him. The words of a killer. My anger at him now brought back my forgotten anger with him. I shook my head.
P:”I shouldn’t be living right now. You should’ve left me to die on the road before… it would be an adequate death for me now.”
He shook his head, eye wide and full of what looked like grief and despair.
But it was too late. I had pushed him away and the look on his eyes as I ran off in the opposite direction was almost heart breaking. But it couldn’t affect me. I was half way between numbness, anger, and desolation. But all of a sudden, as I was running around a corner into another alley, I was pinned to the wet, red brick wall.
My eyes focused quickly to see Abhi, his green eyes hard and dismal, looking almost like emeralds now. He held me down by my arms which were out beside my head. My back was tight up against the wall.
I glared at him and began to thrash about, trying to get out of his grasp. Why wouldn’t he just let me run off, and do whatever the heck I wanted to do with myself? He shouldn’t care if say, I tried to jump off a bridge. I’d already hurt him enough, I could tell. I didn’t believe I had the right to live anymore –I didn’t really believe I had the right to live in the first place.
It almost worked, his hands started slipping, but then he suddenly came forward and pressed himself up against me so I was trapped between him and the wall, unable to move. Even though he was unbelievably thin, and he didn’t look that strong through his light shirt, I still couldn’t worm my way out. My eyes closed tightly in an attempt to stop crying in frustration.
He moved one of his hands from the wall to my face to wipe an escaped icy tear away.
A:”Everything’s okay Pragya. Just calm down…”
P:”No! No, no, no, no…”
I felt him tremble before he suddenly backed away and with his arm, swept my legs from under me and gathered me up in his arms. My eyes widened in shock as he ran through the alleys, until we reached a black Audi that I recognized as his car.
He opened the door swiftly and placed me on the grey leather seats. He did up my seatbelt before I could, and then in no time at all he was in the driver’s seat, seatbelt on and starting the car.
I watched him for awhile, not sure what to think anymore. I knew I was still angrier than ever… but I certainly didn’t feel like it right now. I didn’t know what to think, what to feel… So I would just let time be the judge.
I just stared out the window for awhile, thoughts swirling around my head, trying to make sense of things –until a few questions came to mind. It may not be the most appropriate time to ask, but I had an urge to know.

His head turned slightly, acknowledging me, and encouraging me to proceed. I took a deep breath before I asked him.
P:”How and why are you here? And where did Yash go?”
A:”Yash is a good old friend of mine –we go pretty far back. He phoned me and asked me to step in for him so he could go to her –Aarti. I agreed… and here I am now.”
No emotion could be heard in his voice, or seen on his face as he spoke. I felt a little nervous at that, even though I was decidedly happy for Yash on making his decision to go to his fiancée, and nodded before looking back out the window. I really did not know what I should think. I certainly had a lot to think about.
It was silent for the rest of the drive back. He would throw glances at me every once in awhile. But other than that we had no contact even though we were only not even a metre away from each other, trapped in the car for hours.
We finally arrived at the school again and back down in the underground parking lot. He had already opened my door before I could open it myself, and then as I got out I saw him standing stalk straight, looking down at the floor.
I stood and watched him for a moment, still holding the car door open. I bit my lip. His head came back up after a few moments, looking a little confused on why I hadn’t moved. I shook my head, clearing it, and shut the door lightly. I didn’t have a clue on what was getting into me now. There were a lot of things I didn’t know that I had to figure out and understand.

When I walked past him was when he started to walk after me, and then we were both in the elevator and on our way up to the main floor. I was particularly glad for some reason that they had no elevator music –I might have burst out laughing, because of how odd it would be to have elevator music in a vampire school.
When we arrived on the main floor, and headed to the foot of the stair way, we just looked at each other. Apparently, neither of us knew what to say.
But when he finally sighed, and looked at me before he left me alone, I felt pained. It was guilt, but rather… remorse. My hands ran roughly through my hair as I began to ascend the stairs at a human pace. I needed just a few more moments to myself –to think about things without the slightest distraction. And even though Abhi and I had not talked during the whole car ride, he had been a huge distraction. Somehow, I realized, I never was able to get him off my mind no matter what the case may be. I closed my eyes as I reached the top of the stairs. I had another few flights to go, but what do you know, someone had to show up and distract me in my critical thinking time.
Nikil ran up beside me, not needing to call my name since he’d already caught up with me. He began to climb the stairs with me, and I attempted going at a faster pace now.
N:”Good morning Pragya! How was your night?”
My jaw tensed slightly as I muttered to him, “It was just super-duper…”
I saw a brilliant smile cross his face.
N:”Have you been hunting? You look livelier now.”

My eyes narrowed. That was just fantastic. It only took two human’s lives to make myself look good. That was great. I didn’t answer him, only kept climbing up one step at a time. I didn’t know why I just didn’t leave, and try to find a way to make up for what I’d done now. But I just couldn’t for some reason… Something was keeping me here, a pull of some sort. I didn’t think it was anything bad… Rather, it was something good.
N:”Where are you going? I was hoping that you could come meet some people… some friends of mine. It doesn’t look like you hang out with too many people besides Bulbul and Abhi.”
He said both their names irritatingly and I think I almost turned and ripped his throat out. It shouldn’t matter to him who I hung around with… in fact; none of my life should be his business. But I was too polite to tell him off… yet. I had a feeling I was going to explode on him soon if he didn’t shut up.
He kept chattering away at me for a few more minutes until I was at the foot of my door. I hadn’t answered too many of his questions, hoping he would take the hint and leave me alone. But my little problem was soon vanquished because Ammu opened the door as soon as I was in front of the door.
Nikil afraid immediately at the sight of her. I sent her a look of pleading and desperation, which she caught right away. Her eyes narrowed on him.
B:”Good morning Nikil.”
Her voice was rough, and it almost brought a smile to my lips as I saw him uncomfortably. Way to go Ammu.The bouncy pop princess could also scare off of people when she wanted to. It was a good weapon she had. Just by looking at her on any other occasion, you would never say she was frightening –but rather, the opposite.
N:”Umm… well I’d better get going Pragya… I’ll see you later.”

And then he quickly vanished in front of my eyes. Ammu pulled me in, and shut the door quickly before she wrapped her arms securely around me and literally almost squeezed me to death. I hugged just as hard back, burying my head in her hair and trying to hold back tears as I filled my eyes up.
B:”Oh my gosh, Pragz, you had Purab and me so worried… Are you okay now?”
I nodded only slightly in response before she let go and brought me over to the couch once more. As we sat down, she eyes me with concern in her eyes, and I remembered how much I disliked being pitied or worried so much over.
B:”Do you need to talk about anything? Because, you know, I’m here whenever you need to talk. I know that must have been just plain awful for you.” I nodded, and looked away.
P:”I don’t think I want to talk about anything just yet. I still need to sort through things in my head, then I’ll be ready to talk if need be. I’m used to figuring out my own problems.”
She nodded, completely understanding and I sighed, relieved.
P:”Thank you for being so patient with me Ammu. I don’t know how I would make it.” She smiled brightly and nodded.
B:”So do you want me to leave you alone to think for now?”
I gave her a look, and she nodded her head as a response, beamed at me, and crossed the room to leave. But right before she exited, she had something to tell me.
B:”Oh, Pragz? Thinking along the lines of Nikil’s idea, I have a couple friends who would like to meet you sometime. It’s Rachna –the girl you met already before in the store, and her mate Akash.Would you be willing to meet them soon –after you’re done thinking things over?” Oh great –she’d heard our conversation.

I bit my lip slightly, and looked away for a brief minute. Well, I had to get these types of things over and done with soon anyway, didn’t I? I couldn’t go through life here without having to be social and meet new people… after all; I had a friend now that had a lot more friends. I was bound to be introduced to them anyway… I exhaled fairly heavily before I nodded a yes. Ammu clappedand continued.
B:”Oh you’ll love them Pragz, I know you will. I have to go tell them now… Okay, good luck. I know everything will turn out for the better.”
Her voice was a little more down to earth than it had been a second earlier. I chuckled darkly.
Precap:I ran from the room and out into the hall. I stopped for a moment, my head shot in all different directions, trying to find where he had gone. But as I looked around, I saw the hall was absolutely deserted

Surbhi di,awesome ff akka.
sry guys other writers all ur ffs also so awesome i love to read it. u r so sweet guys. love u all. Have a nice day. God bless u all with all happiness. Stay happy and make others happy.

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