In the end all I really want to hear is….I love you (epilogue)

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Guys by mistake last part was posted as – part 43 ….. It’s part 4 …. I hope there is no confusion regarding it ….

N many of you didn’t want me to end this but guys I don’t like draging it
But don’t worry I already started with my new ss ” a beautiful distraction ” …. You guys can read it ….
Here is the link …

N sorry if I hurt someone through this …

Thank you all for your support throughout …

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N many of you thought that dhruv birthday was just a excuse by sanskar ……….. But there is a twist …. There is more store in story tell me after reading it ???

So let’s start ,
A fresh morning
With new hopes n surprises ….
Here stood our swara in front of college gate waiting for someone impatiently ….
Swara – where is this sanskar let him come i’ll kill him …. No no how can i kill him ….. I’ll not talk to him for full day …. But then how can i remain without talking to him ….. She pouts ….
But soon her lips curve in a smile seeing her sanskar coming towards him with a breath taking smile on his face ….
She was about to run towards him n engulf him in a bone cruising hug but stood seeing something or specifically someone ….
Sanskar comes near her

Sanskar – hi swara
Swara – hmmm … Hey
But her concentration was on the person standing beside him
Sanskar notice her
Sanskar – swara she is naina (he said pointing to the girl beside him )
Swara frowns listening him
Swara – who naina ?
Sanskar – actually we met yesterday in dhruv party so ….

Naina completed his sentence
Naina – so we became friends ….. Saying this she wraps her hand around sanskar arms ….
Sanskar felt uncomfortable from her touch …. He struggles to remove her hands but her grup was tight ….
While swara was looking at there hands angrily

Naina smiles looking at sanskar j then turns towards Swara …
Naina – can you please excuse us now ….
She drags sanskar from there ….
Swara looks at there retreating back boiling in anger
Swara – huh how dare she drag my sanskar away from me …. ??

When she felt a tap on her shoulder
She turns around n her temperature roars more looking at the person
Swara – how dare you touch me rajat ??
Rajat casually – just chill baby ….. But looks like your hero found new heroin for himself ….. He said looking in the direction from where sanskar n naina just now went
Swara glared him angrily n went from there ….. Leaving rajat behind who was smirking
Rajat – ouch laila majhnu ke beech me kata ab maza ayega ….. He laughs evilly

Swara comes to class
That smile which always used to be on her face is missing ….
She enters inside when her already pale face turn more pale seeing sanskar n naina sitting together , talking to each other happily …..
She sighs n goes to sit on last bench sanskar notice her when she pass by him he calls her
Sanskar – Swara ….
She turns back
He smiles looking at her but she sadly looks at him n turns her face ….
He was about calling her again but to his bad luck class starts ….
After class Swara was about to move out when sanskar blocks her way
Swara give him ‘ what look
Sanskar frowns – are you ignoring me
Swara shook her head sideways
Sanskar frowns get more deep
Sanskar – then why are you not speaking anything …. How much I know you can’t live without speaking

Swara glares him angrily …..
Sanskar felt irritated with her behaviour
He was about saying something when his phone starts ringing ….
He looks at caller id n smiles
Swara who looks at him smiling peeps in his mobile

She makes face looking at it ….
Sanskar picks the call n starts talking
Swara thinks – stupid idiot duffer here I’m angry on him n instead of apologising to me he is talking to that nano (naina) …. I hate him ….. She pouts …
Sanskar looks back at swara after ending the call
Sanskar – Swara I’ll meet you soon I have a important work right now ……
He leaves from there hurriedly

Swara pouts more giving some silent curses to him …..
Swara comes in canteen as she was feeling damn hungry
She orders for her n now scans whole canteen to see if there is some empty place for her to sit …..
But her eyes caught by some sight
She crushes the glass of cold drink which was in her right hand
Swara angrily with a tint of jealousy – so this was his important work ….. Meeting this nano ( naina ) ….
She keeps the tray on counter with thud n leaves from there stamping her foot on ground …..
Swara came running to backyard of college n sat on a chair …..
Tears unknowingly starts to flow from her eyes
Swara – why is it hurting ….. I know I can’t always keep him to myself but it hurts ….. It hurts seeing him giving importance to someone else ……
She hides her face in her palm …..

After few min her phone starts to ring …..
First she ignores it but the person keeps on calling her …..
She angrily looks at caller id n picks it up Swara – look sanskar I don’t want to talk right now so dont disturb me ….
Without listening to other side she ends the call …..
After few sec it again starts ringing …..
She gets irked n picks up the call without seeing the caller id
Swara shouts – I told you na I don’t want to talk to you so stop irritating me …..
Person – ary ary hold on shona
Swara bites her tongue – laksh

Laksh – not laksh it’s lucky senorita
Swara – lucky yaar please
Laksh – what happened you are sounding low
Swara – I’ll tell you when we meet ….. But you tell me why you called is there something important …..
Laksh – oh I forgot to tell you ….. Actually dad (Swara father) called me ….. He was asking about you ….
Swara – hmmm…
Laksh – what hmmm….. Go meet him he is missing you it’s first time you stayed away from them na so they are worried for you …..

Swara thinks something
Swara – ok lucky you book tickets …..
Laksh – are you sure ….
Swara – yup n I want to meet you
Laksh – ary why are you being so formal just order me yaar …. N moreover itni beautiful ladki bulaye aur mai na auoo aisa ho nahi sakta (so much beautiful girl call me n i’ll not come this is not possible)….
Swara smiles a bit listening him

Swara – pagal ….
She ends the call …..
Swara monologue – I can tell lucky about sanskar he has solution for all my problems ….
She moves from there …..
Swara was going through corridor lost in her thoughts ….
But she came back in senses by hearing a romantic tune ….
She looks around
Swara confusingly – from where this sound is coming …..
She looks towards auditorium ….

Swara – let’s check
She moves to Audi n slightly opens the door n peeps in ….
She was spellbound seeing the whole Audi decorated with flowers balloons light …. Not just flowers but different colors of roses …. Balloons were of her favourite color red ….
She was just lost in the decoration n looking at it like ‘ awe ….
She heard some songs from corner …..
She looks in that direction …..
N was froze to ground seeing the scene in front of her ….. Tears made there way from her eyes ….
She stumbles back but holds the door for her support ….
She again looks in that direction ……
Swara whispers – how can they ….
She ran from there not able to control anymore ….

Laksh was waiting for Swara in his parlor he was again n again seeing his watch …
Laksh – uff where is she now ….
He tried calling her but her phone was switched off ….
Laksh – she never keeps her phone switched off ….. Is she fine …. No no laksh think positive …..
His trance was broken by door opening sound
He looks up n sighs in relife seeing Swara standing there
Before he could ask her anything she came to him running n jumps on him …………. Hugging him tightly ….

Laksh stumbles back with this unexpected force but then composes himself ….
He looks at swara who was breathing heavily with each sec her grips becomes tight ….
Without asking anything he was just stroking her back to calm her down
After few min when he found her relaxed he broken the hug n made her drink water
Laksh calmly – what happened shona

Swara – lucky he …. He …. She starts to sob ….
Laksh immediately cups her face n wipes her tears
Laksh – shona please don’t cry ….. N what he
Swara hugs him again ….. He also wraps his hand around her shoulder productively (guys don’t kill me for this just read further than remove your slippers for throwing till then let them rest in peace )

Swara sobbing – laksh he doesn’t love me
Laksh back gets straighten immediately listening love word
Laksh – who shona ?
Swara – sanskar ….
Laksh frowns listening her
Laksh thinks – how is this possible …..

Swara looks at him still hugging him
Swara – won’t you speak something
Laksh – oh ha tell me how you came to know this
Swara explains him all the things how he is ignoring her n about Sanskar n naina ..
Swara – n today in Audi I saw ….
Laksh curiously – you saw
Swara – I saw them hugging each other

When few more tears comes out from her beautiful eyes …..
Laksh wipes all her tears n tries calming her down
Laksh – shona I think you misunderstood them I mean they were just hugging …..
Swara angrily – what do you mean by just hugging
Laksh sighs looking at her
Laksh – what do you want Me to do
Swara – nothing just give this letter sanskar n I’m going
Laksh widens his eyes
Laksh – going where
Swara hits him on his shoulder
Swara – ary buddhu to papa

Laksh – ok ok you go pack your bags I’ll come after some time …..
Swara – why
Laksh – you just go na yaar …. You ask so many questions …..
He pushes her to exit …..
As soon as Swara left laksh face turns serious
Laksh – Swara loves that sanskar ….. I need to do something ( again guys don’t jump to any conclusion read further )
He calls someone
Laksh – hello sanskar …. I want to meet you NOW

Sanskar – what happened something serious
Laksh – I’ll tell you when we meet
Sanskar – but I’m in college right now
Laksh – fine I’m coming
He cuts the call n hurriedly left from there
In college
Both sanlak were standing in parking lot
Sanskar – what happened laksh you called me suddenly is everything alright
Laksh handed him the letter which Swara gave him without saying anything sanskar confusingly looks at it
Sanskar – what is it laksh
Laksh – why don’t you see it on your own

Sanskar takes the letter n starts reading it
Dear sanskar,
I’m so happy for you ….. Finally you got everything which you deserve …. I just hope for your happiness n I promise I will never come between you both ….. But before going I want to tell you what is there in my heart …… I don’t know how to explain so directly coming to the point I LOVE YOU SANSKAR ….. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ….. I’m sorry if I hurt you but it’s truth sanskar I love you …… N I don’t want to be hurdle in your life so I’m leaving sanskar hope you get everything in your life …..
I love you
Yours n will be only your


The letter slips from his hand
He looks at laksh in shock
Sanskar – laksh tell me it’s all false how can Swara ….. How can she leave me n go ….. HOW CAN SHE
laksh looks at sanskar smiling
Sanskar holds his shoulders n jerks him
Sanskar – why are you smiling ….. How can you do this ….. Why didn’t you stop her
Laksh smiled – I’m happy for you both …. Finally you both realised your love now go before it’s too late ….. Go n stop her buddy ….. Only you can do that …..
Sanskar – you tell me where is she
Laksh – she might be at airport waiting for her flight …. Go fast ….. N here take my bike ….
He hands over keys to sanskar …..

Sanskar takes keys from him n was about to move but laksh stops him
Laksh – or ha don’t get jealous of me ….. Swara is like my sister ….. He winks at sanskar
Sanskar smiles looking at him n left from there …..
Till sanskar reaches airport let’s have some fun
Laksh was about to move but he spots rajat standing there
He thinks something n goes towards him laksh – rajat
Rajat looks at him confusingly
Rajat – do I know you

Laksh smiles – how can you know me when we never met
Rajat – what
Laksh – anyways I came here to say thanks to you
Rajat – for what

Laksh – ary because of you n your that half girlfriend (kavira) only our laila majhnu fell in love so thank you toh banta hai ….. By the way why don’t you start a laila majhnu milvao bureau I am 100% sure it will get superhit
Rajat fumes in anger
Laksh went from there smirking at him
Sanskar reaches airport
He starts searching Swara madly ….
That’s when he found her sitting in chair waiting for her flight …..
He was about to move to her but stops seeing something
He smiles …..
Here Swara was waiting for flight …..

She was thinking about her sanskar …..
When her chain of thoughts were broken by a melodious voice …..
She looks around n found a group of people standing at a distance …..
Without her knowledge her legs automatically starts moving in that direction …..
She reaches in front making her way from the group of people ….
N is shock to see


Sanskar sitting on chair playing guitar
Sanskar smiles seeing her while she was too shock to reply him back
Sanskar starts singing ( song – faili thi siya raatein from agent vinod)

Faili thi siyah raatein aaya tu subah leke
Bewajah si zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke

(Both remembers there first meet how seniors were raging sanskar n Swara reaches him)

Khoya tha samandaron mein tanha safina mera
Sahilon pe aaya hai tu jaane kis tarah leke

(Sanskar remembers how Swara stood for him ….. How she always helped him ….. How she made him laugh )

He kept the guitar aside …. N came towards swara ….. He held her hands softly …… N looks in her eyes while singing the lines conveying his feeling

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta

All claps for them
Swara looks down feeling shy
Sanskar smiles looking at her
Both came out of airport holding each other hands …..
Sanskar took Swara to parking I made her stand in front of him ….
Sanskar – what was that letter Swara
Swara looks down ….
Sanskar comes close to her
Sanskar – tell na ….

(Ab kya hai kehna humko hai rehna
Jannatein bhulaa ke teri baahon mein panaah leke)

Swara feels like heat rushing to her cheeks …..
Sanskar slowly hold her hand in his n intertwined there fingers
Sanskar softly – speak Swara was it so easy for you to go leaving me behind ….
Swara looks at him ….. N nods in no
Tears threatening to flow from her eyes

(Faili thi siyaah raatein aaya tu subah leke
Bewajah si zindagi mein jeene ki wajah leke )

He held her face carefully between his calms
Sanskar slowly – what happened swara I asked you to speak …. Not these tears …..
He wipes her tears before they can reach her chin …..

(Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujh pe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya)

He nuzzles his nose in her cheeks standing dead close to her …..
Sanskar whispers – bolo Swara
Swara stammers – sa….ns….kar
He blows air near her ear sending shiver down her spine
Sanskar – I’m listening Swara

(Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila)

Swara held his collar tightly in her fist to hold her knees which is getting weak by his every actions …
Swara – sanskar please ……
Sanskar kisses on her cheeks senseously sanskar – please what Swara ….

(Ruthi hui khwaaishon se , Thodi si sulah leke
Aaya tu khamoshiyon mein , Baaton ki jirah leke)

Swara – sanskar leave me ….
Sanskar looks in her eyes n smiles …..
He hugs her tightly nuzzling his face in her neck
Sanskar – that is the only thing I can’t do

(Khoya tha samandaron mein , Tanah safina mera
Sahilon pe aaya hai tu , Jaane kis tarah leke)

Swara hugs him back even more tightly than his …..
Sanskar smiles grew more big sensing it
Swara – I’m sorry sanskar but I thought ….
She couldn’t compete her sentence as sanskar breaks the hug n keeps his finger on her lips
Sanskar – leave it ….. I know everything
Swara removed his finger
Swara – how
Sanskar – laksh told me
Swara eyes free wide listening him
Sanskar just smiled n hugs her again

(Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta)

Sanskar whispers in her ear – I love you too Swara …..
Swara stood there numb
Sanskar felt her grip loose so he breaks the hug n looks at her confused
Swara – how you n na….. But she stops n looks down
Sanskar cups her face n makes her look at him
Sanskar – me n naina are just friends
Swara – but I saw you both …..

Sanskar – Swara she was helping me in proposing you
Swara looks at him shock
Sanskar – yup I decide to propose you n as she was a girl I took her help but you have very wrong timing …. If you would have waited there more na this all misunderstanding might have not happened
Swara pouts – soory …..
Sanskar pecks her pout
Swara ???
Sanskar ? i still didnt get my answer ….

Swara cheeks instantly turns deep red
Sanskar grins widely seeing his effect on her
Sanskar – swara i am waiting
Swara in one go – i love you sanskar

She hides herself in his chest
Sanskar closes his eyes feeling her
He wraps his hands around her lovingly
Sanskar – i love you too Swara …..

The end ….
Picture khatam paisa hazam hua ya nahi ye toh app log bataoo ….

Hope you all liked the twist …..
Fingers crossed …..

N guys one more thing …..
In beautiful distraction prologue
By mistake one forth of the intro is not posted so today when i’ll post its first part i’ll clear it first ….

Take care
Love you all
Thank you

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