Ek Saath Rahenge Palak aur Pakhi – Introduction

Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ guys this fool thought to make a new ff. Let’s get on with the story

2 girls are seen playing. A woman 👩🏻 with black eyes(eyes are completely black) comes close to where the girls are. The girls’ parents come out and gives them 2 railway 🚃 tickets.

Kalindi(mother): Shalaka u can’t even touch our children

Raghav(father): If u dare then we’ll kill u

Shalaka(witch): U both, normal human being wants to kill me, oh no I’ll be the one to kill u.

Shalaka kills Raghav with her magic 🪄.

Shalaka: Give me my gem

Kalindi: U’ll never-

Before Kalindi could say anything Shalaka stabbed her(Kalindi). Kalindi took the dagger 🗡 nd stabbed Shalaka.

Shalaka: This isn’t the end of me.

Kalindi dies while Shalaka disappears

By now the girls had already reached the railway station. They gave the instructor the tickets and went inside. There was no space so the girls had to stand at the edge of the train. Palak(the older sister) fell down.

Palak: Pakhi!!!!!!

Pakhi: Di!!!!!

(Please note that Pakhi was 4 years old and Palak was 6)

After 16 years

A lady in a normal middle-class household is seen cooking. Her name is Suprya

Suprya: Piya, dear wake up. U need to go for college.

Piya: Ai, just 5 more minutes

(Piya calls Suprya Ai and not maa is because someone has had the rights of being called her maa)

Suprya: fine

Other side Malhotra mansion

A lady was warding of evil eye from the whole house. She went inside a room. The lady’s name is Mohini

Mohini: Rahi, Rahi wake up.

Mohini removes the blanket and sees no one.

Mohini: this girl is just too serious in life.

Let’s get onto the cast:

Sana Sayyad as Piya/older palak

Surbhi jyoti as Rahi/older Pakhi

Rakshada Tandon as Mohini Malhotra.

Suprya Shukla as Suprya Sharma

Ronit Roy as Mahesh Sharma

Kaveri Priyam as Manvi Malhotra

Jasmin Bhasin as Sakshi Sharma

Shaheed Sheikh as Sumedh Sharma

Karan Patel as Ravi Malhotra

Nakkul Mehta as Ashish Malhotra

So guys this is the introduction!!😋🤪🥰😊

  1. Wow! It’s just amazing. Kaveri Priyam and Shaheer Sheikh are there! Its just wonderful. Moreover will you please make out with Rhea Sharma and Ritvik Arora. I am so interested in reading Kaveri Priyam, Shaheer Sheikh, Rhea Sharma and Ritvik Arora in some other ff rather than YRHPK. It would ve really nice. It was just my suggestion.
    Thank You

    1. Samaila

      Hmm………why not.

  2. Radhakrishn

    Your ff is a bit like Divya-Drishti but it seems interesting. Can you please introduce the pairs.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Shalaka killing the parents was painful .sad that the sisters got separated.wow sana n sj as sisters. Are advik pearl there ?who are opposite jasmin karan Patel n nakul mehta?

    1. Samaila

      Karan Patel is the adoptive father of Rahi. Nakkul and Jasmine’s one will come.

    2. Jasminerahul

      means kp is opposite Rakshanda?

  4. Prajkta

    Amazing cast, and very excited to read the story

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