Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Suman and Ranveer go for honeymoon

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Shakti comes and gives his introduction to Mittal family. Dadi says we know you. He says he came to send off his sisters for honeymoon. Bade papa tells that they have done all arrangements and car will come to take them. Nupur does their aarti and thinks about the abshagun. She asks Dadi to stop them. Sindhoora gets happy. Kalavati thinks this might be Sindhoora’s trick. Brijesh asks what you are saying. Nupur says abshagun is happening again and again. Bade Papa says how can tickets be cancelled at the last moment and kids are happy. Kalavati says she shall not have blind faith. Nupur says her heart is shaking and cries. Ranveer says if you don’t want us to go then we will not go. Sahil thinks this is the good chance to stay away from Sanjana and says we will not go. Kalavati signs Suman.

Ranveer says I know it is difficult to cancel the arrangements, but we shall obey to chachi, and says he is going to his room. Sahil also goes. Manan and Antara also goes. Sindhoora asks Suman to unpack her stuff. Suman says no…Everyone is shocked and stop wherever they are. She thinks she has to go to know Ranveer’s truth and says we will go on a honeymoon. Everyone is shocked.

Sindhoora asks Suman if she didn’t hear what decision they have taken. Suman goes to in house temple, lights diya. Sindhoora asks what she is doing. Suman says she will be doing aarti. Sindhoora asks if she is mad. Suman says whenever abshaguns happen or heart shake up being worried then we shall do aarti so that no sankat can touch them. Dadi says Suman is right, kids shall go. Nupur nods ok. Sindhoora says if anything happens. Suman says nothing will happen. She does aarti of God and asks him to bless her.

They come to the resort. Suman holds Ranveer’s hand and says you wanted us to come, so we are here, and says I promise that these will be memorable for you. Manager welcomes them with garland. Ranveer leaves Suman hand and goes. Manager asks Suman why your husband went alone. Suman says he is angry as we had a small fight. Manager says I will bring him. Suman thinks she came here to bring the truth. Ranveer asks receptionist to give another room for him. Receptionist says she will check. Manager says they don’t have extra rooms. Suman says she will fulfill his wish. He ignores her and goes. Sindhoora thinks Suman and Ranveer can’t unite. Kalavati comes there and asks what she is thinking. Sindhoora scolds her for ruining her plan and asks how she can send her bahu with Ranveer. Kalavati says she has to think about her daughters and asks about her plans. Sindhoora thinks she thinks I will tell her and says she haven’t made any plans. She asks her to go. Sindhoora thinks she won’t let her know her plans. Kalavati thinks don’t know what is her plan.

In room, Suman comes to Ranveer, holds his hand and says here, she has no responsibility and says here, she has her concentration only on him. She hugs him. Ek taara plays….Ranveer thinks what happened to Suman and says he has a headache, we will talk later. He goes near window. Suman says you are doing this intentionally so that you can tease me and asks him to tell why he is aloof with her. Manager comes and greets them and says they have planned surprises for them, and says these surprises will keep you united in 7 births. Suman says Ranveer is best at giving surprises and says he has organized surprise for me on terrace. Ranveer says he will meet Sahil and goes. Suman thinks very soon she will get the truth out of him and knows what to do.

Ranveer talks to someone on phone and asks him to stop nonsense. Suman takes the call and asks who are you and why you are troubling my husband. Ranveer takes the phone back and ends the call. Suman asks who is he? Sindhoora comes to resort in disguise of a bride.

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