Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suman asks Sanjana about the snips which she was talking about. Sanjana tells that she was talking to her friend about her engagement pics. Antara asks her to show pics. Sanjana asks her to get ready for mehendi. Suman gives dress to Sanjana and says she will make Antara ready. Antara asks her to get ready. Suman says I am not going to Mittal Nivas. Ranveer tells Manan that Suman refused for marriage. Manan asks what happened? Ranveer tells him everything about the photos and what kalavati had said and Suman refusal. Manan asks did you tell anyone. Ranveer says he told to just Sindhoora and asks him not to tell anyone as he don’t want Sahil and his marriages to stop.

Kalavati comes with her daughters. Ranveer says Suman didn’t come. Manan says I will talk to her. Ranveer says Suman will not come and I have supported her, she will not come. Just then he sees Suman coming there with Veer. He thinks Suman refused for marriage then why did she come here suddenly. Manan asks him to talk to her. Veer comes and hugs Ranveer . Ranveer asks him to call him dad. Veer says no, as dadi refused. Ranveer asks him to call him dad when being alone with him, and says it is a secret. Kalavati asks where is Sindhoora. Bade Bhabhi says she will call her. Kalavati says she will search her Veer goes to his friends.

Sanjana thinks where is her hero. She sees Sahil and asks how are you? He says alive in kicking. He says he is alive and wants to kick her. Sanjana says it can’t be possible in this birth. Dadi prays for their jodis. Badi Bhabhi asks Ranveer about the arrangements. He says mind blowing. Akash asks Ranveer and Suman to dance well. Ranveer thinks Suman has an injured leg and thinks to refuse dancing. He tells that he has pain in his feet. Manan asks Suman to come and says he will come following you. Kalavati asks Suman to dance. Sahil says we can’t dance without Ranveer, so lets drop this idea of dancing. Suman says she will dance. Antara says your foot is injured. Suman says she is fine and can’t leave the chance to dance in her sister in laws’ marriages. Ranveer says if you are insisting, I will also dance and fulfill your wish.

Dance teacher turns and asks who is the couple? Antara says all of us are getting married. He says mass marriage, I shall charge more. Choreographer tells that he will teach dance to Sahil and Sanjana first. Ranveer tells Suman that he wants to talk to her and asks how did you change your decision.

She recalls her conversation with Antara and tells that Kalavati have killed her alive, doubting on her character and says she will not marry. Antara says she agreed to his saying. Suman says she don’t trust her and says how to prove that I am pure. She says there is one way to win her trust and give agni pariksha. She goes out of house and keeps the wood. Antara stops her. Suman says I am ready to get burn, but can’t bear Maasa’s hatred. She throws kerosene and is about to throw match stick. Antara shouts and goes inside to call everyone. Suman throws the fire on the wood and is about to step on it, but Kalavati comes and slaps her. She asks what she wants to do now, after ruining their respect.

Suman tells her that she is hurt as her God don’t trust her, and says I learnt from you and have accepted all your sayings as you get happiness in it. She says you have fixed my alliance with Ranveer without my consent and I agreed. I went to Kul devi temple and realized that Ranveer is a nice guy who have saved me twice. She says I have accepted him thinking him as your blessing, but you did my last rites after I return. She asks why did you end your relation with me. Kalavati forgives her.

Ranveer and Suman dances happily. Sindhoora threatens Kalavati. Kalavati threatens to expose her.

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  1. Please complete the update soon.

  2. Please let Suman and Ranveer marry without anymore obstacles and let the truth expose Sanjana and Sindoora. At least with Sindoora she is openly about her feelings towards Suman, whilst Sanjana, you’ll get stabbed in the back and you will still be wondering ‘how, who and why?’

  3. in this serial not a common point which is in other serials as that only women has to findout who is villain and who is putting barriers but here i think ranveer would find out that who is plotting agianst suman and him to be not get marry.

  4. I just love the way that Ranveer takes care of suman all of the time and respects her feelings. they are so cute together and can’t seem to stop saying since I get to see their sweet moments together onscreen and hate kalavati and sindoora both are so annoying

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