Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sindhoora asks Sonali to ask her if she needs anything. Sonali thanks her and says she is not missing her mum when she is with her. Kalavati thinks I won’t let your planning, plotting work against my daughters. Ranveer asks Suman why did you stop her. Suman tells that once she was your friend and when she is apologizing, we shall forgive her. She says she has saved Ranveer’s life and did favor on her. She says she trust Ranveer and don’t care if she stays here. Ranveer says she can go to any length to fulfill her motive. Suman says nothing will happen. Nupur says she is a shani and can show her effect. Suman says we don’t need to worry as I know that they will win. Dadi says you are a good bahu, good mum and good wife, and also good human. Ranveer smiles looking at her. Suman smiles looking at him. Ek tara ek tara.

Nupur coughs. Ranveer says I will go and see Sahil and Manan. Suman says I will go to my room. Kalavati sees Sindhoora and Sonali’s recording and laughs. She says you are looking beautiful and says even Bindu failed infront of you. Sindhoora asks how dare you. Kalavati asks her not to worry and says she will show recording to everyone. Sindhoora asks what do you want? Kalavati tells her if any hurdles come between Antara and Sanjana’s marriage then she will make the family see this video. Sindhoora thinks to cut her feathers.

Guest come and asks about Kalavati. Kalavati comes and asks why did you come late? Guest says you didn’t call me for haldi. Kalavati asks her to sit. Sindhoora’s friend comes and asks about her family gossip. Sindhoora says I will tell you later. She asks her to sit. Aaliya says with this LS woman. Kalavati gets irked. Sindhoora says we will sit on cradle. Sindhoora signs Sonali. Sonali goes to Veer and Suman.

Bade Papa tells Dadi that he wants her suggestion and says he wants bachelor’s party for their sons. Ranveer says we don’t celebrate bachelor’s party. Bade Papa says we will have this time. Nupur says there shall be bachelorette party for the girls. Sanjana says it will be fun. Dadi says yes, why shall guys have all the fun. Sindhoora says she is feeling unwell and wants to take rest. Sonali asks Sindhoora to join them. Veer says it shall be theme party. Antara says alien’s theme, sanjana says horror theme, Dadi says 70’s theme. Brijesh teases Nupur. They make arrangement for the party.

Brijesh and Akash come to the party. Ranveer, Manan and Sahil come dressed as Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Suman hears Sonali talking to someone and says she knows that she is not Sanjana. She says she knows what to do and will make Ranveer hers in today’s party. Suman thinks everyone was saying right and she came to make Ranveer hers. I have to stop her before she does anything. Ranveer tells that party is boring with girls. Sahil says yes. Sanjana gets happy and praises Veer. Veer says I am smart, but never felt proud. Sanjana tells that they shall not know that we are excited to see them. Ranveer says he wants to meet Suman. Suman thinks who is helping Sonali and thinks I did a big mistake by stopping you here, but will not let you succeed.

Sonali tells Sindhoora that she has a full proof plan to trap Ranveer. Blackmailer calls Sindhoora and tells that he has a proof to stop Ranveer and Suman’s marriage which he will give in the party.

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