Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranveer checks Suman’s fever and says it has come down. Suman says we shall go home, as the road might be cleared now and rain is also stopped. Ranveer agrees and takes her saree from the rope and says I will learn slowly. Suman says this is not needed. I have to return mausi ji’s clothes. Ranveer says he is thankful to mausi for letting them stay in her house. Suman says I will make tea for you both. Ranveer asks her to change first and goes to arrange taxi. Mausi ji wake up and asks where is your to be husband.

Suman says he went to get taxi. Mausi ji says I told him many times to have roti, but he was taking care of you, says you would have given pearls in charity and that’s why you got such a good husband. Suman smiles. Mausi ji prays for them. Sindhoora tells Akash that Suman is unlucky for her son. Akash asks her to forget lucky and unlucky thing. He tells her that they are engaged. Suman says they are just engaged. Akash asks her to accept Suman if she don’t want to lose her son. Sindhoora says Suman is not Ranveer’s choice, but his demand. She says she will stop him. Akash asks her to make arrangement to welcome Suman. Sindhoora says even father is singing Suman’s tone and thinks only a mum knows what is best for her son.

Ranveer thanks Mausi ji for her help and says he don’t have money, and asks her to keep his watch. Mausi ji asks them to come and meet her after their marriage. Ranveer promises her. Mausi ji blesses them. Ranveer and Suman are on the road. Suman recalls Ranveer’s care towards her and thinks she found someone after Ravi and Kalavati who is taking care of her. She thinks Niharika said right about him. Ranveer asks what happened? Why you are crying? Suman thinks for misunderstanding you. Ranveer says driver said that we will reach home in 2 hours and asks her not to cry.

Suman thinks it is very difficult for me to give Ravi’s place to you. He asks her not to cry and makes her sit. He says I think it is difficult for you to marry me, as you can’t forget your husband’s memories. He says trust me, I will never want that you forget him, and wants just small place in your life. I will love you so much that you will not need anything. He promises to stand by her in any circumstances and wipes her tears. He asks her to let him prove his love for her. He says lets go. Ek Vivah song plays. They come to the car.

Ranveer says we will reach home now. Suman asks where is the driver and says she is scared. Ranveer says if anything happens to you then I will die bachelor and I won’t let this happen. Goons come and say we will fulfill your wish. They hold Ranveer.

Ranveer beats them. Suman asks goon to leave her. Goon takes out the knife to stab her, but Ranveer coming running and holds the knife stopping him. Villagers gather there and beat the goon. Suman asks why did you save me? Ranveer jokes with her and says I can’t live life without you. Villager goes to get first aid box. Suman applies ointment on her hand. Bolna song plays. He thanks the villagers. Suman says lets go. They sit in the car. Driver drives the car. Suman asks if he is feeling pain. Ranveer says it is scared of you like me. Song plays Ek Tara. Ranveer asks did you forget something. Suman gets down the car to pray to the holy tree.

Kalavati asks Suman not to call her Maasa and breaks pot. She accuses her for spending night with a stranger.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Thnks for update…

    Update is tooo short with missing many points..

    And lastly finally suman is feeling something for ranveer.. and someone plz remind kalavati that suman is now engaged with ranveer, how can be he stranger..

    1. tell me the whole procedure


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      2. thankyou

  2. Abhi142

    How can someone be this much sweet…Falling for Ranveer more n more….His caring nature .His each words are so powerful that it increases heartbeat..Suman starts feling for Ranvi.Thats cool. Loved the way he said,.”I will die batchleor..”

  3. epi sode was too good just loved it but precap is not kalavati is ridiculous

  4. Oh God isn’t ranvir Mom is enough why kalavati is doing such nonsense I love ranvir suman chemistry

    1. no she isn’t thats why kalavti is here to do the nonsense but according to me it is called just punch/slapable deeds means one who does these these should be slapped or punched

  5. Oh God isn’t ranvir Mom is enough why kalavati is doing such nonsense I love ranvir suman chemistry

  6. Hi Shraddha, Ooshi and Friends,

    Finally Suman is starting to develop feelings for Ranveer. Why Kalavati is getting on her high horse I have no idea, especially when she readily agreed to this union for the benefit of her two daughters marrying well.

    1. although she agreed but she want their relation to be broke so may be this is the reason
      happy u commented


      Hi summer…
      How r u??

      Kalavati think of money and her daughter not of suman. For her suman is just house maid without pay and earner who can earn and make her life comfortable


        Summer only my suggestion.. why don’t u become registered member here

      2. Hi Shraddha,

        I’m good thanks. 🙂 What about you, how have you been keeping? I’m already a member but keep forgetting my password so i don’t bother signing in, i just comment. 🙂 You are right, Kalavati is very selfish, she only cares for her daughter and place a huge responsibility on Suman shoulders so that the family can improve standard of living. Loved the scene how Ranveer nursed Suman back to strength and cared for her.


      I m also fine…

      U don’t need to log out all tym.. u can use remember password and log in all tym its setting in this.. so this way u need not to log in all tym..

      Rest is ur wish

      1. Hi Shraddha,
        Okay, i shall bear that in mind and set that up. Thanks. 🙂
        Looking forward to tonights episode.

  7. Di

  8. Ammu r u a bhoot who comes for some time and then disappears sorry but it’s not good(ur behaviour not mine) sorry i know u will be veryyy.. busy but again sorry

    1. hi ooshi, hehehehe, i am not a bhoot, nice to see u commenting frequently, keep commenting and make us to commenting.thank you. nice episodes.

      1. we can’t see to less people in the society like ranveer, nice characterization i like the way that they are potraying the concept.

  9. Both sindhora n kalavati shud not b in the show. Only Suman and Tanveer shud b there. Ranveer is awesome as he loves Suman truly.

    1. if evil finish then this world will become heaven and by the way u forgot Sanjana(another future vamp)

      1. Hi Ooshi,
        Yes, I can see Sanjana scheming with Sindoora just to make Suman life miserable and difficult. I hope the family gets to learn of the truth, how Sindoora hired goons to kill Suman.

  10. Gunpreet sidhu

    Episode was great and awesome ???????? I keep falling for Ranveer more and more every day cause of his words that make me melt to the core and Suman is falling in love with him ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤and hope that they won’t take time for the confession and Ranveer is so adorable and sweet his words are so heart touching ??????????????

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