Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The goons searching Suman and Ranveer. Suman keeps her hand on her ears and says she is scared of thunderstorm. Ranveer says that’s strange. Suman says who are they and why they are after us. Ranveer says we will tell Police. Suman says they can come here, we have to leave. She hugs him hearing thunder storm. Bolna song plays….Suman faints and falls on him. He lifts her and thinks to take someone’s help. Sindhoora scolds Manan and Sahil for leaving behind Ranveer. Nupur supports her sons. Sindhoora says you should have gone back and bring him home. Bade Papa scolds Sahil for failing his responsibility. He tells that he asked Manan to call Ranveer, but Sanjana said against it. Bade Papa scolds him.

Ranveer sees a house and knocks on the door. He tells that he needs help. Woman asks him to go to Doctor. Ranveer requests her to open the door. Woman opens the door and asks him to change her clothes. Ranveer says I…Woman says yes, you said that she is your to be wife and says she will change her clothes and asks him to fill coal in the pot. She then calls him in and asks him to wipe her hairs. Ranveer wipes her hairs and prays to God to make her fine. A song plays. He takes care of her. Woman asks if they don’t have food. Ranveer says yes and asks her not to worry. Woman says she will make food for them. He dries her hairs.

Kalavati thinks about Suman and thinks my bahu is spending night with a stranger guy and I can’t do anything. She apologizes to Ravi and thinks if anyone comes to know that Ranveer and Suman are together in night then…She prays to God for antara and sanjana’s marriage.

Suman gains consciousness and asks where are we? Ranveer tells that she got unconscious. Woman comes and gives her dal to drink. Suman asks who changed my clothes. Woman says I have changed your clothes, and tells that her fiancé is very humble. Suman thanks her. Ranveer says he will make her drink dal. Suman refuses. Woman asks her to drink. Suman refuses. Ranveer asks her to drink for Veer and him. Suman looks on. Ranveer makes her drink water. Song plays again. Ranveer tells Woman that Suman has high fever. Woman says she has a desi treatment and asks him to do patti. Ranveer keeps wet cloth on her head. Woman asks him to have roti. Ranveer says he will have it once Suman’s fever lowers. Next morning, Suman wakes up and sees Ranveer sleeping while sitting holding her han. She gets teary eyes. Ek Tara plays. She thinks you have proved my thinking wrong today.

Woman tells Suman that Ranveer is such a nice guy, and tells that you might have given pearls in last birth to get him. Goons catch them and is about to stab her, but Ranveer comes in between. Suman is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gunpreet sidhu

    Ranveer and Suman make a fantastic Jodi on tv I love how ranveer is very caring and hope that she falls in love with him soon ??????????????

    1. yeah soon
      happy u commented
      keep commenting

  2. epi was good precap is too much eagerly waiting for today’s epi after today break of weekend feeling bad
    Sharaddha where r u i am used to watch ur comment here (name’s spelling could be wrong sorry for that)
    Ammu also comment on this page
    Di,Summer come back soon

  3. RanveerSuman Fan

    Please update the show as soon as possible. .Can’t wait for another to check. plzzzz

    1. happy u commented keep commenting

  4. others who read the serial also comment plz.

  5. Twinj

    Hy guys
    Can I join u all….
    Oh god the epi was daamn gud…love it…ranveer is so caring….Now suman would also fall in love very soon…
    Tooo good….

    1. no need to ask u can comment whenever and whatever u will always be welcome
      happy u commented keep it up


    Sooooo cute…
    But I hate writer, who make us wait to comment till morning…
    And lastly new promo is sooo shocking, who took pics of ranveer and suman and why they can ask help from that woman who helped them..

    1. Y don’t u update the episode as u did once already ranveer and suman pics I don’t understand
      Y they can ask help from that woman who helped them what does it mean I really don’t understand
      And may be writer had other works to do think about my suggestion


      Thanks for idea ooshi akbar.. but till the te team did not ask me to do update i can’t do it. As i am their back up option, when ever any updater is not avilable they ask me, and if I watch that show, I do update, till than I can’t do anything..

      Now accordinv to new promos, kalvati get some pictures (pictures are of suman and ranveer) & kalavati slap suman and break all relation with her and accuses her for being with ranveer whole night, and suman break relationship with ranveer. So I was saying that they would have find truth with that women who helped them.
      But no, kalavati blamed suman..

      1. Because klavati don’t wants suman to merry ranveer so she will do this all so that suman break this alliance


      I think kalavati is greedy more, so she will not easily break this relationahip else she would be again blackmailed by sanjana drama…

      1. no klavati and sanjana both wants that this relation broke sanjana because now she is engaged in the above update when klavati prays for sanju and antra she also prays that suman and ranveer relation broke wroter didn’t wrote it but i am telling u as i watch the serial


        Even I watch.. but was busy for 2-3 days so I was only reading update, so I do not have clear clarity…

        But I hope ranveer finds way to correct every thing..


        Ooshi its my suggestion only why don’t you also become register member her…
        Its only my suggestion, restcis ur wish

      4. i tried once but i can’t guide me may be i become this time

      5. Itried to be registered but they said first to check the e-mail they sent where could i watch it


        Ooshi the email id u use check there.. or if u want i shall tell u whole process


      Same email id which u used for registration.

  7. Hi everyone,i also like this serial very much.suveer Chemistry is very nice.

    1. welcome to this page happy u commented keep commenting have a nice day

  8. Hi friends and new comers happy to see here so many friends dropping comments, thank you so much, ooshi i missed the last night episode ra.

    1. just write the name of the serial with date of which u want to watch the episode and search u will find the serial of the date u want to with many websites ozee is the best other than this desiserials,desitvbox and desiepisodes will help u in my laptop i watch serial through ozee but i also used other websides in past

    1. Thanks for the link Dear

  9. I have seen another video in which Ranveer applying mehendi on Suman hand.very nice.iam giving link here.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KshazKUQMrQ

    1. thanks for the link Dear also want to watch this soon in the serial

      1. U r welcome ooshi.iam also waiting eagerly,bt I think we may have to wait till Monday.

  10. hi everyone i am new here nd comenting 4 the first time

  11. Where is 21st April 2017 written update?

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