Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manan asks Ranveer to send his location and says we will come there. Ranveer says if you come here then you will be stuck, I am happy that you have reached home safely. Veer takes the call and talks to Suman. He asks when you will return and says he is missing her. Suman says I will reach by morning and asks him to be a good boy. Veer says ok. Ranveer calls Sindhoora then. Sindhoora thinks contract killer called and asks if the work is done. Ranveer asks what work? Sindhoora is shocked. She asks where are you? Ranveer says they are stuck. Sindhoora asks if Suman is fine. Ranveer says yes and tells about the accident which blocked the way. He says only helicopter can come and take us. Sindhoora asks them to take care.

Ranveer asks Suman to come. Sindhoora thinks even destiny is with her and that’s why they are stuck. She thinks Ranveer will come in the morning, but don’t know what will happen with Suman. Ranveer brings tea and samosa and asks her to eat. Suman says until when we will sit here. Ranveer says we have to end the problems slowly and says today’s big problem is that we are hungry. Suman refuses to eat. Ranveer says if you don’t eat then I will also not eat. He asks her to eat atleast for him. Suman eats samosa and asks him to eat.

Suman asks him why did he choose her when he could get any beautiful girl of his status. Ranveer says he liked a girl but that relationship couldn’t work. He asks if you are jealous. Suman says no. Ranveer says that was my past and you are my present and says you have all the qualities which I search in my life partner. He says he is attached to his family and was scared that his wife will break the house, but when he met her, he thought he will never get a better life partner than her. He asks her to smile. Suman coughs and says she needs water.

Ranveer goes to get it. Goons come there. Suman is shocked. Goon says what happened? Why did you refuse to come with us, we would have gotten some money if I agree. Suman says I don’t want to come and asks them to help others. She goes and collides with Ranveer. Ranveer makes her drink water. Suman doesn’t tell him about goons following them. Ranveer enquires about the lodge and comes there. There was nothing there. Ranveer says there was no lodge here, and says lets go. He turns and sees goons standing. He says you people are here?

Goon says we will go to Indore after locking this bird. Ranveer says we will go to our way and you can go to yours. Goon asks him to let her go with them and holds her hand. Ranveer holds his hand and asks him to leave her hand. He beats the goons. Goon holds Ranveer. Suman shouts Ranveer. Goon says you will be killed and then this girl. He pushes Suman and is about to stab Ranveer, but Suman hits stone on his head at right time. He falls down. Suman asks if he will die. Ranveer asks her to leave him and come. They run. The goon asks his men to follow Suman.

Everyone at home is worried about Ranveer. Sindhoora says they are in no network area. Bhai Saheb says we shall go and bring him. Sahil and Manan come back and tell that Ranveer is stuck because of accident. Suman asks Ranveer to continue running. Goons follow them and think to kill both. Ranveer and Suman hides. Suman feels pain and tells Ranveer that she can’t walk more. Ranveer ties handkerchief on her injured feet. Goon says we will kill them and bury. He says they will search shelter somehow.

Kalavati prays that Sanju and Antara shall marry without any hurdles. Later Suman wakes up in someone’s house and asks Ranveer who changed her clothes.

Update Credit to: MA

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