Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani makes Rivaaj and Premlatha taste their own medicine

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Premlatha burning the compromised poisonous chemical incence sticks mistakenly and faints. Rivaaj holds her and makes her sit. He blows the agarbatti and faints himself. Rani taking care of Raghav and recalls hearing their plan. Rani recalls hearing Premlatha taking the agarbatti from Rivaaj’s hand and telling that’s he will give him good news when he returns. She recalls changing the agarbatti and says old Rani went quietly from here, but this Rani will not bear anything wrong. Premlatha tells Rivaaj that they can’t tell what is happening with them, else they will be exposed. Rivaaj says I will vomit the food. Dadi comes and says your punishment is over and asks them to sit. Rivaaj asks what is the matter? Dadi says Janki wants us to play a game which will make

vibration in Raghav’s mind. Janki laughs and explains about the game. She says if you do the thing which I tell you, then you can eat from these things else you won’t. Rivaaj looks at the food items and says I will go to sleep. Dadi asks him to sit quietly. Janki says I never badmouthed about other. Everyone start eating. Janki asks Dadi to say. Dadi says I never steal Prasad from the temple. Rivaaj says there is no improvement in Raghav’s brain. Dadi says she is enjoying the game and will play. Rivaaj and Premlatha run to their rooms. Rani thinks to expose them. Later Rivaaj knocks on Rani’s room. Rani as janki who is he?

Rivaaj says he is Rivaaj. Rani applies make up and thinks what to do with the wig. Rivaaj pushes the door and gets inside. He sees her with towel on her head and asks who takes bath in night. She says she takes bath twice. Rivaaj says I want to talk to you and tells that the salary which she gets might be less, and tells that she will get double salary. He says I want Raghav not to recover. Rani says you want me to take bribe and says if Dadi knows this. Rivaaj says no. She says I will not be peaceful killing a patient and says she doesn’t know what is his problem with his brother and asks him to go. She pushes him out of the room. Rivaaj thinks I will not leave this nurse.

In the morning, Rani talks to Raghav and says she called a good doctor for his consultation and says I miss you, and wants to do same masti like before. She makes faces to make him react and hugs him. She says I miss you a lot, get well soon again. Rukmani comes there. Rani/Janki calls her Di, how are you? Rukmani gets emotional and says her sister also used to call her Di. She calls Rani. Rani thinks her phone will ring and makes the phone silent. Raghav makes his fingers move. Rani tells Rukmani and asks her to bring a ball for him, and says she will play a game with him. Rukmani gets the ball. Rivaaj asks if she wants to play children’s game. Rukmani says Raghav had movement in his fingers so Janki asked to bring some balls to play game with him. Rivaaj gets upset and throws one of the ball. Premlatha asks who did this? Rivaaj says your son mistakenly and tells that it is enough. He says pack your bags nurse, you will leave by evening. He calls Pappu and Bhanu and asks them to reach home.

Everyone comes to lawn to play game. Rivaaj also comes to play. Janki says you are big like rakshas and will not play with Raghav, he might get hurt. Rivaaj says I am his brother. Dadi says she is concerned for Raghav and says if Premlatha had made Raghav eat nutritious food then he would have been strong like you. Rivaaj sits down. Janki makes Raghav’s wheelchair move as they play ball. Dadi asks her to be careful. Rivaaj gets up. Janki throws ball on his head. Dadi asks him to sit quietly. Rukmani throws the ball and it hits Janki’s head. Janki, Rani try to set her wig.

Precap: Dadi asks Janki to go and says she can’t tolerate any mistake in Raghav’s matter and asks her to go. Raghav opens his eyes and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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